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Do you have Sleep Paralysis: The Old Hag Syndrome Explained

Is the old hag responsible for your sleep problems?

Is the old hag responsible for your sleep problems?

Have You Been Bewitched?

Sleep Paralysis is a condition in which a person is unable to move. He or she senses the presence of an entity just before falling asleep or just after waking up.

The problem with sleep paralysis is that many people do not understand and don't want to believe that they have this condition. Instead what they do believe is that they are being abducted by aliens or being possessed by an evil spirit. This is how it got the name "Old Hag Syndrome". But is there really an old witch doing this.

For years, this sleep disorder was not understood by science and there is a lot which still needs to be explained. But one thing is clear; this Old Hag Syndrome has nothing to do with an old hag or witch. It is just sleep paralysis.

Take a look at these statements and find out if you have ever experienced an episode of sleep paralysis.

Has this ever happened to you?

You have just hit the pillow. And you find yourself unable to move.

You wake up and find yourself unable to move.

You try to scream, but as hard as you may try, the best you can maybe do is murmur a little.

You try very hard to move your arms and legs. Even after trying your best, you are not able to move any part of your body. Or the best you are able to do is wiggle your toes or fingers.

Why Does This Happen?

If you think the old witch has put a spell on you and has you totally under her control, you are absolutely wrong.

Inability to move is the main symptom of sleep paralysis.

Here’s what happens. As most of us know, we dream during the deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. During this stage, the brain turns off most of its body’s muscle function. This is done to prevent a person from actually acting out his/her dreams.

This way dreams remain dreams and don’t become actions. This is called muscular atonia. It basically means that the body becomes temporarily paralyzed.

However, sometimes when we wake up during REM sleep, the brain does not come out of the dream state. This is what leads to sleep paralysis. So the person is conscious but is unable to move. Beiieve me, it’s not because the old hag has cast a spell on you.

Have you experienced these symptoms?

As you find yourself unable to move, you experience some or all of these strange sensations:

You feel the presence of something or someone who is closely watching or monitoring you.

You see a shadow or a black and cloudy entity floating near you or hovering above you.

You are unable to breathe and you feel as if someone or something is trying to choke you.

You feel a pressure on your chest. It feels like someone has put a very heavy thing on your chest or as if someone is sitting on your chest.

You feel as if someone is trying to pin you to your bed. As if a strong force is trying to hold you down.

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You feel as if someone is trying to drag you out of your bed. You are floating in the air. Or you are having an out-of-body experience.

Why does it happen?

So, you really think that the old witch is responsible for making you float in the air? Please don't because here is what actually happens.

If you have had any of these experiences, it just means that you are having hallucinations. These hallucinations are known as hypnagogic and hypnopompic.

As mentioned before, sleep paralysis occurs when your brain is still in a dream state. You are conscious but unable to move. So you are in a half-asleep and half-awake state.

You wake up and you find yourself unable to move. Since you are unable to move, a sense of fear and anxiety takes over you. This is, of course, quite obvious considering that you feel that you have lost all control over your body. The natural reaction of the brain, which is still dreaming, is to panic.

Combined with your past beliefs and the brain’s dreaming state, this sense of impending danger takes the form of hallucinations. In reality, there is nothing there. No witch and no demon. So, you still think that it was witch which was sitting on your chest?

Sleeping on your back can make you experience the old hag syndrome

Sleeping on your back can make you experience the old hag syndrome

How to get rid of the old hag syndrome

So what should you do if you have had these episodes of sleep paralysis? If they occur way too often, they may be associated with disorders such as narcolepsy in which the individual suffers from excessive daytime sleepiness.

If these are isolated episodes, then there isn’t much to worry about. A regular sleeping schedule, getting around 8 hours of sleep, and keeping your stress under control will help. Also most of these episodes occur when the person is lying flat on his/her back. So sleep on your side.

Whether it’s a constant occurrence or an isolated episode, it is always a good idea to consult your physician about your sleep paralysis. A good physician who understands this phenomenon will be able to give you good advice and much needed assurance.

Remember, whatever others may tell you, there is no demon or witch trying to possess you. It's just simply sleep paralysis. Your sleep paralysis episodes are going to be worse, if you believe the old hag story. Also remember, that an episode may seem to last for hours, but in reality it actually only lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes.

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Share your Experiences on the Old Hag Syndrome

Johne915 on May 09, 2014:

Over the course of the initial period, they began to flrm group identities. cakefededbee

TilHanzo on January 28, 2014:

Hi there, does any parent have any tips about the best method to get their baby to sleep all night?

I have read various websites with suggestions but I am still finding it very hard.


Roohi Khan (author) from India on January 02, 2013:

Hi Ellie,

What you have experienced is definitely sleep paralysis. You feel you are awake and you feel there is something that is choking you or just hanging around in the room. Just avoid sleeping on your back, control your stress, exercise and avoid eating 2 hours before going to sleep. Basically, stay healthy and you should be fine.

Ellie on January 01, 2013:

I had my first experience with this a week ago. Only thing is that I know I wasn't sleeping because I was awaken to the feeling of being choked. I couldn't see any type of figure, but I knew something bad was holding me down and choking me. When I tried to scream some unseen entity grabbed my face and starting screaming directly into it. That caused pain starting in my head and radiating throughout my entire body. I have since had two more similar experiences.

martinnitsim on July 27, 2012:

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and some info , they have a deal on at the mo ,tell them martin n told you to ring

Holly on June 28, 2012:

Has anyone seen the movie the fourth kind? This may sound dumb but in that movie they have footage of actual events that sound a lot like what you guys are experiencing I would put a tape recorder in your room to record your next incident.

Roohi Khan (author) from India on May 30, 2012:

Thanks thoughthole for stopping by. Your comments are indeed appreciated. I am sure your suggestion will be quite helpful to the others who have commented here. This is especially since you have actually experienced these episodes.

For everyone who stops by please do read this article on sleep paralysis as well.

thoughthole from Utah on May 25, 2012:

Roohi Kahn, I checked your article out as promised, very thorough, nice work. I read many comments, but there are oh so many I did not read them all. I hope that some of the commenters may find this helpful, as I found it helpful in my case. During a Paralysis episode though verbal speech is out of the question the ability to project intention through thought is still well in tact, instead of struggling merely say in your mind with intention "What you are looking for is not found here, you are not welcome". As I said in my own hub on the subject I am not sold on any particular theory but personal intention is a powerful thing no matter what the root cause of the phenomenon may be. I have had the best results by using this technique. I am hoping that maybe some prior commenters might see this, you got nothing to loose by trying.

Ruth on May 17, 2012:

I really am quite annoyed at the theory most professionals have about what happens during a sleep paralysis episode. It makes no sense to someone who actually has experienced this phenomena. You are awake because you feel, hear and see. You are 100% conscious except for the fact you cannot move. So that means there are more senses working and proving you are awake than not. Professionals wake up and listen to the people the experience is one of evil and demonic!!

Mattgalm on May 16, 2012:

I had all the same symptoms of the above, besides the floating part. This creepy black thing just moving fast all around me whispering shit in my ear. I tried to tell it to fuck off but it wouldn't. I was freaked out at first and then it sat on my chest. Then I must have over came my fear and I wanted to have sex with it. then it left..but I heard voices after that. Being completely paralyzed still..

TK on May 15, 2012:

this has happend to me so many times only on one occasion i gave up and i had an outer body experiance i then told my mum who then told my grandad who claimed to have been in the spirit world he then told me what iam able to to is a gift not a curse he then went on to explaining the world we live in has many spirits good ones and bad ones at constant battle with each other the good ones can see the ones who can travel outer body and will attempte to make us aware of what we can do but the bad ones will try to scare us from useing them something about how we pose a threat to them and oh yea all u poepple out there who has this ability u might wanna do sum research about your family tree couse my grandad did black magic he was in a whole load of fucked up shit my dob is 14/12/1985 iam 26 years old and its still happening to me for a while it stoped but 2 days ago it started up again when i started missing my mother who has passed away that night i felt a presence in my room i was watching a movie on my laptop wen i heard my blackberry move and straight away i new i was not alone around 5:30 maybe 6 am it happend the feeling

HookooEkoo on May 15, 2012:

I used to be able to travel out of body when I was younger. It started one night when I was around five or six. I awoke to what looked to me like a demonic torso pulling...well, pulling me out of me by hands. There was another figure with the one pulling on me looking down on me from behind the main one. Being very frightened I tried to scream but no sound would come out. When I came to the realization and the understanding that I was now half way out of what I knew was my sleeping body I fought back. I went back into my body and got up to try and wake my brother in the bunk above mine but something was keeping me from waking him. So I ran for the door to try and get to my parents room across the hall. When I got to the open door and tried to go through it I was stopped, it felt like a combination of quicksand on the floor and running through jello. I knew who was stopping me from leaving and I turned around to see the two figures looking at me from the head of my bed. The one who was pulling me out of my body had his arm stretched towards me seemingly using some sort of power to slow me down. I can't remember how I got through the door but I did and went straight to my parents bed. Of course they reassured me it was a bad dream and we went to bed. They didn't close their door and the door to my room was still open, I saw the two figures come out of my room and stop at the door to my parents room. I heard noise of some kind, can't remember if it was words or just odd sound but I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

This is how I was opened to the OOBE but it is far from how I learned to do it at will. I believe now that those figures were from a place that can affect our reality. If they had not attempted to abduct me from my human body, for what reason they had, I believe that part of my brain/soul or whatever makes us able to travel out of body would not have been switched on.

After that I was able to "travel" at will but not without great fear. You see I used to have lucid dreams of being paralyzed and being bitten all over my body. The sensation was so frightening I would have to wake my self. This would happen only when I tried to sleep on my back with my arms at my sides. This went on for almost two years...same thing all the time. One night I decided that I was to old to be scared anymore so I suffered through the biting to see what would happen. The ability to travel out of body is what happened. The biting sensation and the feeling of impending doom was my immature mind trying to rationalize what was actually going on.

So this doesn't turn into a novel I will say that the ability has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. Some where out there is an ex-girlfriend who can attest to an experiment I did. I had her write down whatever she wanted on a pad of paper in another room while I stayed in the bedroom. She then came and sat next to me while I traveled to the other room and read the message she wrote me. When I got back to my body I sat up and said "porkchops", she gasped, hit me and then told me to go to hell. I walked into the other room, grabbed the note pad and gave it her. She was upset I tricked her, I was happy because the note said "what do you want for dinner?"

That was the last time I traveled out of body, I had just turned twenty. I don't know if I forgot how or what but I have tried many times since then and no luck. I am now thirty four and I think my time is out for anymore OOBE's.

Roohi Khan (author) from India on May 14, 2012:

Hey Gabriella,

It does not have to get worse every time. The more scared you are, the worse it will get, yes. The more you are prepared for it and know exactly how you should get out of it, the easier it will get.

As mentioned in the article, just put all your efforts into moving your fingers or toes and in screaming as loudly as possible. It should do the trick.

It is scary, I know. Just don't let the fear get out of control. That's all.

Asking someone to sleep with you is a good idea. If they do notice you acting strangely while asleep, they should just wake you up. It would be over. Having someone around is also a great comfort. So, that in itself may help reduce the episodes.

All the best!

Gabriella on May 14, 2012:

hi i am a 15 years old and i have experienced this 3 times in the past two months. The first night it happened it happened right after i laid down to fall asleep. I could not move an inch and i could not breathe. I was able to break the thing that was holding me down but then it came back and happened again that same night.Then it happened about 2 nights ago and i had just laid down and all of a sudden i could not more or breathe. I felt my phone on my ear and i heard my mom talking to me. This whole time i was aware of what was happening and knew it was night time and my phone was on my dresser and this "thing" was happening again. In this sleep paralysis i heard my mom loud and clear in my ear as if i was on the phone with her but i could not speak. She told me she was as my Nanas house and shed be home soon so go unlock the back door and my auntie anna was in the back round and she was like is she alright. Then i heard a loud hair dryer and i felt like i was moving really fast like fast forwarding and then i was able to break the force and 2 second after i called my sister and made her sleep with me. I am scared to sleep now i honestly felt like i was going to die because i am unable to breathe. Does anyone know if every time you go through one of these sleep paralysis does it worsen?

Brandy on May 13, 2012:

I have been having these episodes since about the age of 7 or 8 and I'm 34 now. I've noticed people here saying that it only happens when they are sleeping on their back. Well I'm a stomach sleeper and I always have been. I sleep with my arms under me and my face pretty much pressed into the pillow. It is terrifying to wake up and not be able to move when your face is in the pillow. Your first instinct is to panic which doesn't help matters at all. When I was younger and it first started to happen I told my mom who is a Jehovah's Witness. She told me it was demons and to just call Jehovah's name and they would go away. Well that use to work immediately. Now it doesn't. Last night every time I tried to fall asleep it would happen. I tried calling for Jehovah and praying repeatedly but nothing would work. I sleep with a mask on because I'm sensitive to light when I'm sleeping. Well I definitely saw a hooded figure. I couldn't see a face or hair, but it was a cloudy, hooded figure. I was trying to scream and say help so that my partner would hear me but that didn't work. I also thought that my partner was looking at me but didn't want to wake me. When I was finally able to move I took my mask off and nothing was there. My partner was also facing the wall sleeping not facing me. When I am in SP I feel as if something/someone is holding me down. I don't feel actual hands on me, just something holding me down. The hallucinations are terrible. I was so scared and frustrated every time I would try to fall asleep and experience this that the first thing I did when I woke up was to google it. I don't know why I've never googled it before but I'm glad I did this morning. SP explains everything for me except seeing the hooded figure. I feel so much better now that I have more information about SP. I've also learned some new ways to cope while I'm having an episode. So thank you Roohi Khan.

Roohi Khan (author) from India on May 12, 2012:

Thanks Glenn and Dimza!

Glad to see that the article makes sense to not just a few but many people in the world who experience sleep paralysis. And no, it isn't demons or witches.

Dimza-DJ on May 12, 2012:

HAHAHAHAHA i get this sooo often and i never knew what it was until last year when i heard doctor karl explain the symptoms on jjj radio. i never once thought it was something trying to enter me, or something spiritual etc cos when you're dead, YOU ARE FUCKING DEAD! but what i did know is that if i stayed up for too long or endulged into too many chemicals over a weekend i knew science would hold the answer as it always does.

now i get sleep paralysis even when awake in the middle of the day while im talking to people. i feel it coming on and i twitch and jump my way out of it. just get yourself more sleep. i would stay awake for 5-7 days at a time which explains why i was getting it whilst at work and shit. such a simple answer. stop the spiritual bullshit cos them just like god... just another of your imaginary friends!

Glenn on May 12, 2012:

There's nothing paranormal or demonic at work here. The explanation at the top is accurate. The fact ur scared and in a semi dream state explains why u see bad things. Ur mind can't produce what u can't imagine. If I read of black smoke and hags then that's what ur gonna see when u think that's what happening. Much like religion or aliens, people ignore the rational explanation with evidence and just jump to "demons did it" and they must call god to help. It's only cus u believe god can help that it seems to work. Believing anything could help u and would have the same effect as its all mental control. Its just fear combined with a dream state and things uve read or believe that make u see these things. And seeing it strengthens that belief thus a vicious cycle tht makes u less likely to believe the truth.

Gemma on May 11, 2012:

Kevin the vile smell you speak of seems to be food related so could be the release of gases from your bowel. This may explain why it can also be noticed by others. The smell could be the cause of what puts you in a half awake and half sleep state? I think you have nothing to worry about.

Mehran on May 11, 2012:

At least I know what it is!! I cant breath, whole body shakes then cant move. Also hear voices....Kevin are you sure you haven't messed yourself??

jennifer l on May 11, 2012:

this is my first and only experience with sleep paralysis. i have read most of your stories, but not the super long ones (im tired lol) .. anyway heres mine: i left my fan on in my room and i dreamt papers were flying everywhere and that a spirit was trying to enter my body. i was unable to move or speak but i saw everything. apparently i was spinning. i couldnt tell if it was real or not. i yelled gods name and it stopped and i awoke. i thought i had slept under the covers but i awoke above the covers and halfway off the bed with my hair and bangs messed up(prob because the fan blowing). i am freaked out and def not going back to sleep tonight. but if this were real wouldn't my papers be all on the floor and not in order? our body does strange things when we are asleep and i know some friends of mine who do talk in their sleep. i do believe that this is sleep paralysis, but like you guys discussed why does it have to be demonic? maybe that is the first thing that comes to mind but we have all woken up from it unharmed. and i read someone had bruises ? well i sometimes hit my arm on my nightstand while sleeping lol. and bruises can come from doing things like that. im just not going back to sleep because its scary eitherway.

hhudson on May 10, 2012:

i have had these expieriences since i was 9 years old, i am now 16 and these happen on a regular basis.

i consistently have someone or something holding me down by my neck almost like they're trying to stop me talking, i feel someone/thing holding my legs arms, and chest down.

i hear clearly whispers in my ear by more than what it sounds like 3 people, whispering to me " i will kill you" or "i want to kill you" whenever i try to defend myself in this experience. whenever i hear them words i can feel and see my body being shaken by black figures.

i do recall being inappropriately touched on several occasions and sometimes waking in nothing but underwear. when i look for the clothes i fell asleep in, they're no where to be seen for at least a month and will suddenly appear.

it started off just one figure i could see in my bedroom through these traumatic events but now for the past 6-12 months it's been 2-4 black figures, all standing around my bed almost like they're performing a ritual.

it's almost fortnightly that i have someone who i believe is my great great grandfather visit me in my sleep- when i have OBE'S.

i can see everything in my room, move around and i can feel the spirit touch my leg like they're rubbing it better. they then stand at the head of my bed and watch me as i lay there.

this is all very scary as whenever i wake from these i can feel presences in my bedroom and i call out to someone in my house such as my mum, but i can't.

i also have bruises over my body from where i felt like i was held down.

it's very traumatic and it makes it all a little bearable that others suffer from these experiences too.

Biniam G on May 08, 2012:

I am A tax preparer and i was staying At a company house with other co-workers from the states. i came home after a long day at the office. it was about 9pm. i laid down in a pull out bed sofa, that was placed in the dinning room area and my co-worker Zach was laying down in the living room sofa. i was reading the book "the secret" just before it happend to me i was repeating a phrase from the book over and over again. " i am the master of my mind" . i put the book down and laid on my back, i never closed my eyes, all of the sudden i feel pressure on my whole body, i can not move nor breath. im screaming at the top of my loungs, i feel blackness all around me, in the middle of that i was thinking maybe me chanting "i am the master of my mind" made the devil pay me a vist, then some black creature is hovering over me. i scream my co-workers name zach! numerous times. im thinking why is he not responding to me when im screaming help! then i finaly snap out of it gasping for air like i was being drowned/or choked. I tell zach yoo you didnt hear me scream your name?! he said No! i told hime exactly what happend and he said, no theres no demons, you just need to adjust your sleep scheduale during tax season, and that i was hullusinating. i didnt think that was the case becuase, i never went to sleep this happend while i was wide awake. i belived its becuase i was feeling greatly about what i was learning about myself from the book. i was thinking that demons are sent out to thoes who are realizing there minds potentials and using them for good instead of evil. i havent told any of my friends about what i think about this situation so please, i would like to hear any responses from you have expierenced this. thank you

Shayna on May 07, 2012:

I have had this happen to me on 5/6/2012 and once about three years ago. The first time it occurred it was me waking up from my sleep and I felt like I couldn't get up forcing myself for about 10 seconds. Then the last time it took place, I heard my beads move in my hallway and no one was there then I was already wide awake then I felt a force pushing me down couldn't move any extremities, couldn't speak out loud and my my eye lids was able to barely stay open! I kid you not, this lasted about 15 seconds. I knew off top it was a spirit then I started to feel well, all of the signs may be sleep paralysis. Just the night before I was watching a segment on tv on spirits attacking people, then the next morning it happens to me, ironic! So that's why at first I thought it was a spirit.

My question is if it is a spirit or whatever, would it be from a loved one passing, a random spirit or could it be someone wishing evil spirits on you? Because I really don't know...

Roohi Khan (author) from India on May 06, 2012:

Hi OT,

It seems to me that you need to consult a sleep specialist for your problems. He or she would be the best person to guide you.

In the meanwhile, you should also take steps to manage your stress levels and the fact that you are just not getting enough sleep.

It is quite a vicious cycle. You go through an episode of sleep paralysis, you don't sleep after that, you are tired and exhausted because you did not get enough sleep, you probably end up not performing at your best levels throughout the day, you get frustrated because you were not able to accomplish things, you go to bed frustrated and stressed out, you increase the chances of nightmares and sleep paralysis episodes.

Try practising some relaxation exercises just before you go to sleep. Meditate for about 30 minutes (just keep your attention on your breath) in the morning.

You should also try changing the time you go to bed. See if it helps. Expecting that you will wake up at 3 am will make you wake up at that time. So, just try changing your sleep timings a little.

Also, get a physical check-up done to rule out any physical problems such as hypertension.

Hope this helps.

OT on May 06, 2012:

I am 23 and have a disturbing history of suffering from sleep paralysis - it used to occur several times a night, on a nightly basis, when I was 13-19 but in becoming an adult it has since become less frequent. I have had countless nightmares preceding sleep paralysis and have experienced a few supernatural encounters in the process. Over the years I learnt to switch on the radio after finally being able to 'break free' every night and found that more often than not the paralysis did not set in a second time - whether or not because the music was soothing or I felt less alone I am not sure. In general, however, my sleep pattern was horrible - to the point that paralysis was natural and expected every night. When my family got a dog around the time I was 18 his presence on my bed helped eased things quite a bit; while it was still a nightly occurrence at that time, my dog never failed to make me feel more fearless unless I was out doing things teenagers do and came home only in the morning.

At 20 I went abroad to pursue my studies and now shuttle between 2 countries, of which the time difference is 1 hour. While sleep paralysis is no longer as big a problem as it used to be, in the past 2 years I have had periods whereby for months I will wake at +/- 3am, regardless of the time I went to bed and my level of exhaustion. Whether I am in my home country or in the country where my school is based, I am awoken around the same time. As of now I have been waking up at 3 every night and am starting to become annoyed all over again for I always remain sleepless till 7, which then prevents me of actually acquiring proper rest for I either have classes or things to do in a few hours. My history of sleeplessness has naturally been nothing but highly disruptive.

Despite having been brought up in a Christian family I am far from religious but definitely still hold God somewhere in my heart. I don't know if this decade-long battle with sleep has been a result of him trying to tell me something (though I don't suppose God would disturb a teenager nightly when she has school the next day, and for years at that), of the devil and his contemptible attacks (of which I don't understand why because I'm sure he's rather delighted that my way of life hasn't exactly been godly), or simply of a disorder in my body system.

While there are many nights in which I stay up till dawn, after all this time I just would like a restful sleep whenever I do go to bed early. I hope that in elaborating on the history of my sleep someone will be able to provide insight on what has been happening to me these past years and what I can do to stop waking at 3am, especially since I can never go back to bed. Thanks very much

Samantha on May 03, 2012:

That would be really good for me to read if you do. I have thought about warning people before but i dont want to be seen as a 'crazy woman' lol. A few of my friends who have been aware of dreams i have had before they actally happened make light of it by asking me to dream what the lottery numbers are lol, if only eh! I googled my 'symptoms' last night whilst trying to stay awake after it happened. Glad i did now too. Its made me feel better and not so alone with the whole thing.

Samantha on May 03, 2012:

Whatever it is i definitely feel relieved that it is happening to many other people and not just me. I now have a name for it too. I am definately going to think of it as just sleep paralysis now. That gives a good explanation and an easy feeling about it all.

Roohi Khan (author) from India on May 03, 2012:

Hey Samantha,

Please don't be afraid of your premonitions. You are not to blame if they do come true. Maybe if you can try to make good use of these premonition dreams, for example, warning someone of the impending danger, it may help you feel more empowered about these.

In fact, you have given me an interesting idea. I may just do a little bit of research and come up with an article on premonitions as soon as I get the time.

All the best!

Samantha on May 03, 2012:

Last night i was lying on my stomach and i was aware that i had put my hand out to the side of me and up flat on the pillow. As i did it i had a bad feeling and felt exposed and knew i needed to get my hand into the covers then straight away the black shadow came towards my hand as i was looking at it and i couldnt move my hand. I tried to fight to move harder than i ever have before and tried to use mind over matter and it didnt last as long, i managed to shout "fuck off" then it stopped but as soon as i felt myself falling asleep i felt it happen again istantly so i forced myself awake and got up. When i was walking out of the bedroom i heard a man whisper one word. I knew what the word was at the time but couldnt remember after. Ive never heard a mans voice before. Only a little girl whispering sometimes. Thankfully other than the dark shadow i have never seen anything else which has scared me. I woke up once the night before i got married and saw my grandad (who had passed away) sitting right beside me. I rubbed my eyes and tried to check if i was definitely awake and he was still there, his face was quite close to mine. I didnt feel scared though, just very calm. Then he went. I was quite shocked at how calm i did feel. Im not saying that he was actually there though. The mind can play tricks so who knows.

Samantha on May 03, 2012:

Thankyou Roohi. I did go through quite a tough time purchasing this house, it was long & drawn out & very stressful and its never felt like home like my old house did so maybe that explains it. I am hoping there is a scientific explanation for it because the alternative leaves me consumed with fear. I have had many premonition dreams and i tell ppl most of what i dream and they are equally shocked and taken aback when some come true. And as its usually bad things i then feel guilty & think i must be partly to blame somehow. I would rather it not happen at all. I would never dream of going to see fortune tellers or spiritualists & mediums. The thought of that makes me have a really uneasy panic feeling and always has done for some reason. But if there is a 'spirit world' then i dont want to even acknowledge it ever so next time i the sleep paralysis happens i am going to keep it in my head that its just me waking up before my brain has given me back muscle control & hopefully i wont feel as frightened.

Brad on May 03, 2012:

I'm 17, and I've had this experience a few times, all of them have been different, My mother suffers an extreme case and has one almost every night. I still remember the first time i ever had it, I "woke" to the smashing and banging of the door and window down stairs, as if someone was desperately trying to get inside the house, the banging stops, I'm paralyzed except I could move my eyes, and from my bed I can see the top of the stairs, i saw a shadow race up the stairs, it made a loud buzzing noise, I had no idea what was happening, and I thought, "this must be a dream" I tried to force myself awake before feeling like something was sitting on my chest, but all i saw was a blury shadow right near my face, the next thing to happen was by far the scariest, the weight on my chest lifted, and I look towards my door, to see a figure standing there, I thought it could be my dad trying to wake me to see what was happening, maybe I was screaming and he came to see what was going on. But my eyes focused on the being, and it was like a flmaing skeleton from memory, and it was pointing at me, i managed a whimpy scream and the next thing i knew the creature was gone and I had regained movment and was awake. I slept on my back that night, so I think that plays a big part in it, i now only sleep on my side, and have only had one experience since then, and it was like i was floating in the back of a car.

Roohi Khan (author) from India on May 02, 2012:

Hey, Samantha, sometimes a change of residence can be stressful and something that you may not be happy about.

So, when one episode happens, you may just associate it with your current residence and then it keeps on happening again and again.

You may be having premonition dreams. Consulting a psychologist and sharing your dreams and fears with him or her may be helpful.

All the best!

Samantha on May 02, 2012:

This has just happened to me :-( it happens a lot & has done for years so i can relate to most of what everyone has said. I also have dreams that come true too. Not pleasant ones either. Its usually to do with death. As much as i would really love to believe it is down to sleep paralysis, i find it odd that it only happened to me once in my life until i moved to the house i live in now, that was just over 2 years ago & ever since i have had this happen at least twice a week. The black shadow, the feeling of being squashed/held not being able to make a sound or move, it really frightens me. If it was medical, why did it happen just once until i moved into this house, surely a medical

Condition? Too scared to go back to sleep now :-( i heard a man whisper during tonights episode too :-/ i hate it happening :-(

Rich on May 02, 2012:

I have had sleep paralysis for the past 10 or so years but I'm worried since my experiences have become more and more intense and unexplainable.

They started off simply with me being paralyzed but very much aware of the noises around me. My natural reaction has always been one of fear but I have rationalized it in my head and always try to force my leg or arm off the bed to snap the cycle.

However, since moving houses I have experienced some very terrifying moments. Only last night I felt that I was being pinned down and opened my eyes to see a clothed arm pin my arms down together (whilst on my side) and another push my head into the matress. Before this occurred I was also aware of my bedside drawer being open and shut several times and items being moved and knocked in my room.

The most terrifying experience of my life however was some months ago. I "woke" up in a state of paralysis to the sound of knocking at the foot of my bed. Then I felt the duvet by my feet being slowly pulled. I opened my eyes and as if noticing my awareness to this the duvet (which was under me at the time) was swept off the bed, taking me with it. Terrified I shut my eyes and got back into bed with my duvet only for the same thing to happen again just 10 second later. What made this so unexplainable is the fact that I was central to my bed, facing to my right hand side and yet I was pulled from this central position backwards to the floor, removing any possibility that I just fell out of bed.

These experiences have made me think there is a quite mischievous entity either at this house or that is following me. What scares me most is that it seems quite malicious. It thrives off scaring me. My worst fear is that this entity is following me irrespective of where I live and that the attacks are getting more and more severe.

If anyone has any experiences related to my story, any advice or any notions then please contact me at

Simona on April 28, 2012:

Thanks everybody for sharing your stories, I been having this problems for years, had one last night. I'm feel better after researching it, and there more people out here, with the same situation. "It's sleep disorder " the crazy shit I was thinkin. Lol!!!!!!!

Jay T on April 28, 2012:

Just had my second one, the first time I was being held down and chocked. This time although I couldn't move or talk, I could breath. I did hear something in my recently deceased grandfathers voice saying either dad or dead.

sam on April 26, 2012:

well i had this experiance i woke up but wasnt awake? if that makes sence i could only just have my eyes open anywayz i had a dream my girlfriend rang me crying saying she had a bad dream but it was like a guy putting on her voice and after a bit of it crying i wake up or wateva and i see this black shadow not touching me or anything just hovering ontop of me with its hand out like its draining me or something and i usualy sleep on my stomach with a blanket over my head and usualy wake up in the same position but it was like i was flipped over was very wierd but good experiance at the same time... i remember having them as a kid

EXPERIENCED on April 24, 2012:

BOTTOM LINE HERE IS YOUR INCORRECT ABOUT SOME THINGS.and it's not a medical or mentally tripping out issue I "guess" its safe to say its hallucinations just like you could say everything is a hologram!truth? i have too much reason, to believe that the "ENTITY" that hovers over you and looks like an old person is YOU!

with women,its an old lady, with guys it's an old man. i couldn't tell if it was abraham lincoln, jesus, or just some old guy.i realized it was me, coming back into my body via forehead area( pineal gland) i have had many experiences like this. when i got the nerve to open my eyes and was able to stare at my own soul for about 5 minutes which seemed like forever just becuase it was so amazing. i was not "in shock" anymore after the first minute. i was very logical with myself, went through an entire "checklist" if you will, of ways to make sure i was in a relaxed, awake, state. then i concentrated on moving my fingers, when i was able to make that happen, i was instantly able to move my arms enough to grab the blankets and cover my face for about 30 seconds until i jumped up and said to myself.. WOW. how many people are in THAT state of mind when going through this experience. sometimes when entering back into your body you wake up before the process is finished..that's all. its eerie..but harmless. more of something that you should actually enjoy and THAT will open your mind. some of you might even see your silver cord if you wake early enough ha! i wanted to keep this short,but some stuff you said are incorrect..and sleeping on your side is bad advice..i believe you should sleep on your back and you have a much better chance at astral travel. its natural..ever seen someone laid to rest on their side? that just LOOKS uncomfortable.heck,

Anton de Waal on April 24, 2012:

First of all I'm not spiritual.

But I just saw a pentagram in my sleep, although I can't say it was a dream because it felt completely different. It was like a vision, where the upside down pentagram became more and more detailed, where after I 'stopped' breathing and felt like I had to struggle for air and panicked for a short period.

Roohi Khan (author) from India on April 23, 2012:

Hi James,

Just goes to show that if you want it end, it will end.

If you decide to stay helpless, it will keep on troubling you.

So, the idea is to do something about it and not consider oneself helpless against it.

Do read my article on learned helplessness here:

It may give you further insights.

james on April 23, 2012:

I had sufferd from sleeo paralysis for years ahjd always have verry viveid dreams and night terrorrs. _ also rem evry dream evry night. I am also a verry spirtual person and cannot provide a scintiffwic gexplanatio forw evry account. What i can say is once i reseawrched what s p is and whatt the syptoms are i have neever had it happin again. Yewt i still to this day wont sleep flat oj my backu. I appoligize for the spelloing in this paraqgraph im typing onu my new trablet and it takes tooto long to go bacrk and fix using a touch screen. Mayy its just me but tuis will be the laset titme u wtight wih this pos tabylet

Roohi Khan (author) from India on April 21, 2012:

Hi Mat H.

You really don't need to be afraid.

As mentioned in the article, just try to scream or move. Put all your energy into doing these two things and the nightmare will end.

It may also be worthwhile to ask yourself what this woman represents for you. There must be something or someone which has been troubling you or maybe some feelings that you have suppressed? Something that is making you feel that you are no good at all?

If it continues for more than two weeks, consider going to a therapist who may be able to help you.

Just don't be afraid. You are not alone. You are not abnormal. You are experiencing something that many people around the world have already experienced and will continue experiencing.

Take care.

Mat H. on April 21, 2012:

For the last three days i have been experiencing this. Im in a pleasant dream then. The same woman shows up and she begins to argue with and curse at me it soon becomes assualt. I awaken from this nightmare but before i can leave my bed, her voice fills my head telling me im not going anywhere suddenly im pinned down. Today i noticed a shadow on the wall closest to me. Yesterday and the day before it was a tall shadowy entity with no distinguishing features on the other side of the room. I haven't experienced these things since i was a child. I dont even remember "it" being so close to me... Should I be afraid?

Toni on April 20, 2012:


Thank you. I am dealing with a lot more then usual so I suppose I have been pretty stressed. I believe that you are probably right a little bit of Sunshine and excersise will hopefully do the trick. Thank you for the advice.

Roohi Khan (author) from India on April 20, 2012:

Hi Toni,

It is the movement that helped you stop the sleep paralysis episode.

Just make sure to either move or scream whenever you get these episodes, you will be fine.

If you are under a lot of stress or depressed, please consult a doctor and take steps such as exercising and relaxation exercises to help you control the stress and depression.

Toni on April 20, 2012:

After just awaking from yet another episode I realized this one was different in a few ways. I was laying on my stomach I had taking a ambien and when I awoke with pressure is my chest gasping for air I thought I was having a seizure the way my mouth would let me make anything but gasp and my fist balled tightly I pulled myself to the edge of bed I believe because I heard my hand not felt but heard my hand hit my metal night stand. I was reaching thinking I needed to call 911 even if I couldn't speak they would come. Suddenly the paralysis gone I can move. I was very confused and oddly felt famished I needed to eat something. Is this from the ambien or just another night terror as I usually refer to them as considering I've felt the demon on my chest, the animal breathing my last drops of air out of my lungs, waking up in tears ect. But I was always on my back. I'm sorry for all of you whom experience these things. I guess I find a bit of comfort I'm not alone in this

Roohi Khan (author) from India on April 20, 2012:

Hi Francisco,

Just the fact that you woke up immediately after you let out that moan means that you can end it if you want to end it.

It is definitely a scary thing but it is not out of your control.

Don't be too scared, just be prepared. You can stop this. As mentioned in the article above, avoid sleeping on your back.

Whenever it happens, just try to wake yourself up. Wiggle your toes or fingers. Try to scream. Do anything that will wake you up. Once you do wake up, it will be all over.

Before going to bed, just pray to God and take the above steps to end these episodes when they happen.

Please do tell your parents about this. A visit to a doctor may help put your mind at ease.

Remember, if you begin thinking that this is a demon or a witch, it will become more difficult for you.

Francisco on April 20, 2012:

Hi um I'm. 15! And I just had this happen at 3:45 and it's 4:29 I'm preety freaked out in scared just trying this I feel a big of comfort hearing my neighbors conversate well I only experienced this like 3 times the first time it was as if God wanted to take me up to heaven but I was saying in my mind please I can't I want to go just not now! And I can't remember the other one but I some what recall it. And just not too long ago I geared like a dog whistle and then it happen I was on my back side and I had my arms over my head and feet positioned straight I felt like something was trying to possess me I tried yelling fir my dad since I have my door open for that same reason since my last episode and all that happen was kind of a little moan and after it just stopped im scared to go to sleep and not planning too I need way more info in this and advice I'm way too young for this please help.

Stronggirl on April 19, 2012:

Guys your dealing with a demon called jathom he is the one responsible for attacking people during their naps.

Solution: memorize verses of Quran bible or Torah and read them in ur mind while the attack.

But if it tryes to communicate and start showing it self then it's not the same demon it is another type of demon with another intention all intentions are bad they have the ability to harm and transform into a member of your family


Make sure ur clean specially after sex take a shower and never go to bed unless u say your prayers.

Quran has the most powerful vers that protect u either all day or night called the thrown verse it is in the baqarah in the Quran if you play an mp3 of it or read it demons will run away and leave for 3 days cause it will gard ur place for 3 days with angels some verses of the Quran can burn them a live extremely powerful it is their worst fear

Demon r very weak but very tricky and evil they mostly live in ur bathroom or any sink they also like the cornesrs of ur place u can add salt in every corner to kick them out and always say in the name of god befor poring hot water in the sink to worn them so u won't harm them or they harm you.

When having sex or master... Make sure u take a shower to prevent ur body from being venerable.

Say ur prayers before bed times.

Demon are organized they all have jobs and all to distroy our life. Some target married couples to seek divorce. Some tries to prevent u from being close to god. Others enjoy ur suffering and fights with others. Some would try any thing to force you to kill ur self so u end up in hell.

And other type of demon are not really demon they are Jin they have different religions mind their oun business but if u mess with them or hurt them they try to attack you. Demons have all forms some r divers others fly some take forms of animals like black cats or snake or dogs others take humn form and they mostly live in abanded places or top of mountains or valleys , desert and some live on every roof of a house they r harmless unless .,,, and mostly they love dirty stinky places like bathrooms and cemetries

Every spirit u communicate in life with are demons never human the only time u can communicate with a human spirit is when ur sleeping in ur dreams and they r harmless

Further question

My email is

God protect u from any harm

anabella thorne on April 19, 2012:

Yea i know it sleep paralysis. This happen to me all the time. But before i read more into it i was petrafied of demons. This happened to my brother like a couple weeks ago. He said he was dreamin while this happened .but during that dream he turned his head quickly and that woke him up. So hes thinking a demon is bothering him. I dont think so cuz thats happened a million times to me in a regular dream. Ok with some stories some might have a demon problem but alt of times it is sleep paralysis, cuz it does strange things. To those who have demons use Jehovah's name.

D on April 18, 2012:

It has been happening to be for 6 years, since I was 14, now I'm 20.Throughout this years, different variations of hallucinations have occurred. But the worst one is when I feel some creature trying to take over my body and in order for me to kinda protect myself I need to have sex with that creature It's scary.

B on April 18, 2012:

I know this is what i have. I use to think it was demons or a wit h when i was younger. Now im 30the qand i have it almost every night for a mknth it go away for couple months then come back. Im crying because im tired of the restless body, sleep problems. I even hurt all over sometimes. Im happy in life have the normal stress. But im happy this is starting to be to often im getting help. Go to tge doctors friday. I even thought i had a seizure my eyes closed and i felt a vibration went to er they say my heart rate to low. So im not letting this kill me. It becomes stressful and stress is not good on the heart ir body. I truely wish you all the best because this is stressful.

Toxicreapa on April 14, 2012:

Its happened to me with the vacuum noise and intense only 12 years old.I do not have it anymore thank stopped when i got closer to god.this is no sleep paralysis.this is a demon trying to take over.i had a dream i walked in my kitchen and it was daytime.i tryed to talk but couldnt.i bent over and some man screamed "IM GOING TO GIVE YOU A SHOOOOT!!"then everything blacked out and i vibrated intensively and heard a vacuum noise for about 5 creeped me out!i woke up and stayed awake and went back to sleep.oh by the way this happened to me when i was 5 years 5 old. i went back to sleep.i saw the devil!he had black horns sticking out of his head and he was bleeding from there.he was a black man i kid you not!he had the body of a horse-like shape and had the deepest and horrible laugh he came fast as lightning toward me then i said 'i love you god help me!!"i woke up and felt so much better.i was baptised and never had an experience like that again.its evil peeople trust me god is the answer.:)

mario on April 14, 2012:

the last time this happened to me it was 9 months ago. when I paralysed I saw a black shodow that entered into my chest and was moving inside my body brutally and heard demons scream inside me. when the demons left i started moving again and couldnt sleep all night

Violet on April 13, 2012:

I had this yesterday and I'm only 11. I woke up at 7:00am then went back to sleep I woke back up at 12:00 and I heard my bedroom door move I tried to move and I couldn't it felt like something was holding me down to my bed. I was to afraid to open my eyes so I just sat there I tried to scream for my mom but I couldn't this went on for about 10 sec and when it stopped I ran downstairs I didn't tell my mom bcuz I was afraid I first told my sister and she said to pray to god. It was very scary I hope it doesn't happen again

Roohi Khan (author) from India on April 11, 2012:

Hi Britt,

Please read the article. You probably experienced sleep paralysis.

Britt on April 10, 2012:

So I don't know if what I had was this or what.

I was laying flat on my back and I could not move. I felt a tingling sensation in my body,

I tried to scream but I could not talk. I tried to bang on the wall to my sister's room but couldn't.

When I finally could move I felt tingly still.

Can anyone explain this to me?

cara on April 10, 2012:

last week, twice its happened where i was feeling like im being pulled out of my bed.. and on my calf i kinda feel where someone would have pressed their thumb.. last night it happened where i moved about a quarter down my bed, but in the same position.. and tonight too.. ive never felt the whole chest pain thing nor have i seen anything. about 5 months ago i used to wake up at exactly 3am every morning.. so i started sleeping with the light on. im starting to think im gonna do it again. i can't sleep afterwards and go through my day of work and driving school tomorrow.. im contemplating asking my doc for sleep meds so if it does happen i dont know it ..

this happened to me tonight around 3:45-4am. it really scares me ..

if anyone knows anything more or any related story or something, PLEASE email me, id like to connect with someone about this..

nelmar on April 09, 2012:

I have experienced sleep paralysis once in my life. I overheard a family friend describing it to my parents once when I was young, so I was aware of what was happening. I saw no ghosts, demons or hags. However, it was the single most terrifying thing I have experienced in my life. I was lying next to my wife who was reading a book. I was screaming and screaming and trying to move any part of me, to get away, escape, run, but I was trapped and fixed and could not control my body. I was scared to sleep for a few weeks in case it happened again. I'm glad it never has.

I have experienced lucid dreaming nightmares before and this was infinitely worse because it was real, and I knew it.

If people want to accredit this experience to supernatural phenomena, that's up to them. I won't argue because if it works for you it works for you. I stand by the REM awakening in a dream state with muscle disassociation theory; it fits the symptoms.

That doesn't make it any less terrifying...

Constantin on April 08, 2012:

The ,,all experince the same hallucinations(ghosts,shadows,demons) so sleep paralysis must be paranormal,, argument is complete bullshit.When you can`t move and panic in the SP your brain brings to life your fears.If you are a christian the fear is represented by the demons(that idea is stong after years of christian education) and the subconscious will create the nightmare scenario.Prayng was taught to be the solution in some situations so when they pray the hallucinations disapear because they feel strong,helped by God and not afraid anymore.when i was little i was afraid to sleep alone in the dark but when i swiched my lamp on all my irrational fears dissapeared,think about this thing.Ghosts are frightening for all the people,you see movies with ghosts,you hear stories,after that this new fear will form in your mind.The thing i want to say is that these common hallucinations are the deep fears of your mind because of the negative influence you recieve every day,and people have some fears in comon.SP is not paranormal.

PS:I do not think is something wrong with the christians,i am one.Allways when i sleep on my back i have nightmares.

Megan on April 07, 2012:

Yup, I have this from time to time. It's just exactly what the article says it is. Super terrifying and feels real, but it's just us in a half-awake, half-asleep state.

I have never seen a person sitting on me or anything, the most I get is the inability to move and the sense that someone/something is there, watching me, or approaching me. Terrifying.

I could hear slow footsteps and "know" something is coming towards me (because it's coming from inside our own brains, you know. exactly like how we "know" things in our dreams).

and i just plain don't believe anybody who says there were dark figures and other people can verify and blah blah blah. if that were the case you wouldn't live in your own houses anymore and you'd probably check yourself into a mental institution. if you honestly saw something of pure evil that was VERIFIED to be truly there, i'm pretty sure you'd be making a bigger deal out of it than you are. but you're either lying or a part of you knows/suspects that it was just something to do with sleep. that's my opinion, there's no need to go on scaring people with things like this.

IKR... on April 07, 2012:

As like many of you here, I had it happened to me lot of times. It started when I was 12, I'm 24 now. I would hear strange voices, like deep sounds, like vacuum like noise. I will start hearing foot steps coming towards me and doors closing and opening. A shape of a man or dark being stands over me and then start to attack me. Couldn't move an inch nor make a sound come out. This is a scary place to be and I doubt if any medical problems have something to do with this, this is supernatural and there or things here that we thought that don't exist, really does exist.

laketta on April 07, 2012:

This isn't no sleep paralysis, this is something that goes bump in the night. I had this happen to me a couple of nights ago. Long story short, I was on my side in bed, and that's when I couldn't move, didn't felt like I was choking or anything except that I couldn't move. First it set on the edge of my bed, then it crawled up behin d me and pressed against my back so hard. I tried fighting it off but when I did it seemed to have got stronger. It then started to pick with me like, scratching me, kicking me, I tried to yell but nothing came, then I start praying in the name of Jesus and that's when it seemed to get mad and even bite me, then it stopped. I jump up in panic and could feel where it had attacked me at. This was nothing but a demon, no sleep paralysis had nothing to do with this.

Roohi Khan (author) from India on April 07, 2012:

I wrote this hub for the sole purpose of giving a different point of view to what many people believe to be a paranormal experience.

Just reading the above experiences indicates that there are many people around the world who experience sleep paralysis.

Now, it is upto the individual whether they want to call it as the "old hag" trying to kill them or "sleep paralysis".

My only request to people who are bent on believing it as something paranormal is to at least think of it differently. Why? Simply, because just believing it to be paranormal and accepting that there is nothing you can do about it is only going to make it worse for you.

It's kind of a learned helplessness. You may want to read this article that I wrote on this concept right here:

If you accept that you are helpless to do something, the experiences are only going to get worse and worse.

So, instead of making them worse, do yourself a favor and look for ways to get out of an episode when it does occur.

Keep in mind that the article is my opinion, just like everyone here has their own opinion.

Thank You!

Polish on April 07, 2012:

One thing that differs in my experiences from all the ones I've read here is that I've never felt like I can't breathe( but now that I said that watch it happen t me next time :) ) but instead it always starts off with me starting to feel my body start to vibrate and the whole room buzzing. That's when I know it's starting. And most of the time it feels as if something is trying to pull me out of my body. The last time this happened, I just let myself leave my body but I made a concious decision that I was in control and I was actually able to move around freely but only after I had left my body. All the other times before, I fought like hell to not let it pull me out of my body because I was so scared where it might take me and that I may never return. Has anyone had that feeling before. If so feel free to email me. My address is in my first posting a few days ago. I would love to talk to more people that have had these experiences and share my same thoughts on the subject that it's not as simple as sleep paralysis.

Polish on April 07, 2012:

One thing that differs in my experiences from all the ones I've read here is that I've never felt like I can't breathe( but now that I said that watch it happen t me next time :) ) but instead it always starts off with me starting to feel my body start to vibrate and the whole room buzzing. That's when I know it's starting. And most of the time it feels as if something is trying to pull me out of my body. The last time this happened, I just let myself leave my body but I made a concious decision that I was in control and I was actually able to move around freely but only after I had left my body. All the other times before, I fought like hell to not let it pull me out of my body because I was so scared where it might take me and that I may never return. Has anyone had that feeling before. If so feel free to email me. My address is in my first posting a few days ago. I would love to talk to more people that have had these experiences and share my same thoughts on the subject that it's not as simple as sleep paralysis.

Polish on April 07, 2012:

Hey Will. I'm sorry but the easiest explenation to jump to is Sleep Paralysis. There's a whole lot more going on here then just that. All these people from different areas on the planet having the same exact hallucinations is very unlikely don't you think. You can't just hide behind science because you don't or won't believe that there is a spiritual world out there. This is a lot more complicated than waking up during your REM sleep and Thousands of people will agree. Who's with me that this isn't simply S.P.? Cause if that's all it was then everyone would have their own Hallucinations and not the same ones!

El Ray on April 06, 2012:

I've had a few of these "Old Hag" experiences where I couldn't move/couldn't speak/couldn't breath because some force was trying to prevent me from moving/breathing/speaking. You can call it "sleep paralysis" if you want to, but I believe there was something demonic about these experiences. Even though I was asleep and dreaming, I was aware of it as well as being aware that: (1) I couldn't move my limbs,(2) couldn't speak even though I was trying, and (3) couldn't breathe or was struggling to breathe. Also I could feel the presence of something dark, demonic that was forcefully trying to prevent me. The only way I was able to break it's hold on me and to wake up was to cry "God help me!!" out loud (I know that I did this outside of the dream, because my wife told me she heard me cry out to the LORD). God delivered me, because I belong to His only begotten Son Jesus Christ by faith through grace. No power is greater than God, so the demonic force had to release me & flee.

txnick on April 06, 2012:

Iv been havin experiences like this for prolly couple months but nothing like where I feel like am being choked or paralized an can't move, but jus couple mins ago I was watchin tv laying down in my room an had turned the tv off an turned on my side towards my wall an was tryin to go to sleep an not even 5 minutes pass I feel like somebody entering my room even hearing foot steps walkin towards my bed an I felt lik somebody was standin next to my bed just staring at me or something den I feel like a little shrug or push on my back or shoulder which causes me to jerk my whole body an after dat happend I saw either shadow or cloudy substance or something on my wall which I was facing leave or pass a light which is on my celing in da hall next to my room an heard a felt somebody or something leave my room hearing footsteps again an after dat I jus turn on my tv an basiclly ignore it but at same time I am a little scared an dis wasn't only experiance I had oh an my eyes were open the whole time., another time my first experiance couple months ago I layd down to go sleep round 4 or 3 in mornin which I normally do an was facing my door way laying down an heard footsteps walking towards my door an into my room an since I heard footsteps I keept my eyes open to see who it was an had seen nobody wen da footsteps stop I see either black figure or cloudy subtance which was blockin the light in da hallway next to my room (smoke detector small green light) an jus ignored it an closed my eyes tryin to go to sleep den 1 minute or 2 pass by an felt something push down on my head wit strong force pushin my head into my pillow an held me there fo couple seconds til I fought it off an I got up off my bed frightend tryed to reach for my light swich to turn the light on an felt like I was in slow motion or something an I couldn't get to my lightswich an felt something tryin to pull me bak into my bed after I finally turnd my light on I went straight into my restroom scared shitless an noticed a medium size red bump on my neck on the same side I felt my head being pushed down on I even woke my parents I was so scared an to show dem my neck an dey noticed da bump too an I told dem bout wat I heard an saw an felt den my father calls a like lady in mexico dat works on dat white majic oppisite of black majic an she told my pops dat dare was a evil bad spirt in the house an dats wat had pushed down on me kuz my house was unsettled wit bad vibrations kuz I was smoking weed in my room blowing out my window my parents tryd to tell me it was da drugs messing wit my mind but nah fuk dat I know wat I saw wat I heard an wat I felt an dat shit not normal an definatly isn't no scientific explanation. An dis only occurs to me which is jus feelin little shrug hearin seein something or somebody present in my room wen I forget to pray b4 I go to sleep at night. Creepy shit

Will on April 06, 2012:

There are a lot of people thinking this is some spiritual phenomena. I really doubt it as it. I've had it happen to me once or twice and yes it's scary, but I'm not going to suddenly jump to the easiest explanation and say it was an evil spirit pushing me down. That's why this website is here, to explain what the old hag syndrome actually is!

Qwerty on April 05, 2012:

At first, after reading this, I thought what was happening to me was simply explained scientifically. Then I read the comments by other people and their stories and thought this can't be.

How can these all just be hallucinations?

Well maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but you can't just deny that there isn't any evil entities. There are many things in this world now, and not all are good. Not everything can be explained by science.

This morning I was having a dream, and then it was if I was awake but couldn't move, although I could hear me breathing. I'm sick, so my nose is a bit stuffy, maybe my mind was playing tricks though. I tried getting up because I felt as if a ghost was lurking waiting to pop up beside my bed. This is because this house has always had some kind of entity scaring my mom and her boyfriend, so whenever I spend the night here I always go to sleep a little scared.

Yesterday, she said she woke up and opened her eyes. She was 100% sure what she saw was real, a toddler popped up beside her bed and try to climb up it as my nephew would do. She had quickly turned away and it was gone. It looked like him but wasn't him, it couldn't be for he doesn't even live here. He did visit that day but left to his home. It seems to always change to peoples forms she thinks, because similar things have happened like this before and not only to her. Her boyfriend's last wife had said she was sleeping and saw him sitting across the room, when he was really sleeping right beside her. Another time, my mom was sleeping in the guest room and saw him standing across the room just making a weird noise. When she reached out to him he vanished.

Anyways, back to where I was. So in this dream I was having.. my niece popped up beside my bed trying to climb up beside the bed. Then she was gone and I was trying to wake myself up but I was struggling. I knew it was all a dream but it was annoying that i couldn't wake up. I was moving my fingers kinda. Then I was staring at the closet door, everything felt so realistic at that point but I was just laying there still, unable to scream liek I wanted to. Still scared that about seeing my niece disappear, knowing it was my head playing tricks on me, my breathing got louder and I was finally liek "JUST WAKE UP ALREADY" ... I woke up and now I'm here.

I think this is sleep paralysis, but when I was at my real house it was different. More scarier actually. Probably because it wasn't in the daytime. Wow I'm typing alot but there's more lol..

Okay so at my house, sleeping. I was in my bed and I woke up, not sure if it was an actual dream that time. It felt So real. Something dark and devilish was lifting up my covers. My arm was rising up and it was trying to take me with it. I felt my body/soul leaving and I couldn't do anything. I called out for Jesus to help me, then it was gone. I laid there for awhile then I could move. Could this be from being shocked or this sleep paralysis idk.

Another time I was sleeping on the couch and I kept waking up in the same dream. I was sure it was a dream and I wasn't awake. I couldn't move but just kept staring up at the ceiling. Something was watching me. It was a black shadow thing. I kept trying to wake up. I kept waking up to the same thing in the same dream like 10 or more times till I finally woke up for real.

I'm used to waking myself up when I have a dream I don't liek. Not all the time I can do that but most times.

Then again another thing happened when I was a little kid, about 5yrs old maybe? I'm about to be 17 now. My mom woke me up and asked if I wanted to with her to an appointment, so I don't have to be alone with just her boyfriend. [Not the same one as now though] I said no because I was tired and then she was heading out the door. I saw him and felt liek something was bad about him. I tried calling to my mom, but I then couldn't move or talk. I wanted to go so bad but it was too late. She was closing the door. Gone. So how could I speak and say no before? Then not speak when I tried changing my mind saying yes come back? I was crying almost. I felt liek something bad was going to happen so I just went back to sleep.

Years later I found out that he used to do witchcraft. He had things around him. A creepy monkey he used to see. Only he could see it though. My mom said that he once told her he saw the house on fire. He was staring at it then he fell backwards ... [okay I just misspelled "he fell" as "hell feel" coincidence? I think not] but yeah, he fell straight down backwards, without bending his knees, which is pretty hard to do. There was stuff all around the house too. The monkey laughing? I kinda forgot the whole story.

I know this all seems ridiculous but everything I have said so far is true. The only time I get liek this is when I'm around negative stuff. Liek this house I'm in now has to have something, it's always bothering my mom's present bf and her or liek long ago, her ex used to mess with witchcraft/sorcery which is all evil.

When we moved away nothing liek this would ever happen though. Then when we moved back in with her ex, stuff liek that started happening again. Even though he is gone now, you can still feel your energy getting drained in that apartment. You'd get that feeling that you aren't alone and in this house too, but more stronger you also get that feeling too and of it being too cold.

So now I think there's more to it than just this random sleeping disorder. Or maybe the reason why is because there's something doing this to us. Maybe its a combination of both or something idk but as long as you have God with you, you have nothing to worry about.

Oh yeah. Sorry if this is a little tl;dr [toolong;didnt read] or is confusing. I tried my best explaining this and its all confusing to me also.

Shianne on April 05, 2012:

I have all the symptoms explained above but I feel as if I keep rolling back in forth in bed and my legs are straight in the air, I guess that could be the floating sensation.... Tried to scream for my husband to help but all I could mumble was the word can't when I was trying to say help? It is very scary but every time I ask god to make this go away help me and protect my family, then it goes away and no joke then I can open my eyes and finally me if u have any info.

james on April 05, 2012:

Having a faith and trusting your intuition is important. I once let an entity in because I was sick of battling without it and I had trouble le sleeping for weeks. I say prayers or tell it if its not a good spirit then its not welcome. I've only really seen orbs of colorsbut I know the feeling during sleep paralysis when something evil is lurkingl

Polish on April 04, 2012:

I've been trying to find anything out about this. These strange occurrences have been happening to me for about 22 years and im28. When I first read that it was just sleep paralysis I was overjoyed but knowing that I'm a gateway for spirits good and evil I knew it couldn't be that simple. I've had the same spirit following me around since I was 14 and not just every now and then. Even if I leave my house for a few weeks, it finds me and lets me know that it is not happy that I left it behind. If anyone has any good info on the sleep thing or my gateway theory and spirit following, please e-mail me @ I would love to talk to you if you honestly believe and have some good input

Norma on April 03, 2012:

Mayra J. please e mail me at

MayraJ on April 03, 2012:

This used to happen to me in my teens. I had two experiences, they are called outter body experiences. It is when your soul leaves your body you see everything around you, your bedroom and your body. You try going back to the body but you have a hard time, and your soul actually feels the negative forces around you making it impossible for you to return to your body safely. The negative forces try to scare you, choke you and when you actually wake up your body feels like you've actually been battling someone. I used to be a very negative thinker, and even thought someone had cursed me, that was all in my mind I was creating a negative atmosphere for me to live and even sleep in. It is very scary, I used to ask myself why would I feel this? It is simple, I am now 25 years old, and never have I felt those experiences ever again. You can't let them control your mind, the more you think about it and actually believe its real that they are doing this to you, the more they will feed off of you. The mind is very powerful and will attract whatever it is you're thinking. If you think and feel that they are out to get you, chances are they will. I became very spiritual in a different type of way, I have been practicing different forms of spirituality including meditation and have developed a strong relationship with God and the angels. There is no reason for anyone to feel like this, it is horrible and evil spirits should not control you or take over your life. DON'T LET THEM. If you ever feel like this again, call upon archangel St. Michael the Angel who battles bad spirits. If anyone wants more information and would like for me to share more stories, please ask me and then I will post my email. Thanks blessings to you all, may everyone find the light in their lives...

tarry on April 03, 2012:

This happened to me last nite I was laying down. I fell into a deep sleep then I awoke but I was still sleep then I. Get approached by a figure of some sort he talks some jibberish is he evil mabye but definly scarey looking so I try to get up to get my mom but it feels like I'm drunk or gravity increase by like 1000 it forces me to the ground I scream nothin comes out so I decide to grab something and knock it over to wake someone in the house but I can't lift my arm eventually I get. Up and screeam as loud as I can but wen I scream I wake up an screamm foreal

anon on April 02, 2012:

i feel like most of this page should have been written on parchment paper .most of your frightening experiences are brought on by nothing else than your own fear of the time it happens remain calm because sp cannot harm injure or choke you to death in your bed.i know it may seem scary and uncomfortable but remember have you ever heard of anyone coming to any actual physical harm through this experience?unless you want to count gary up there who im sure has awoken many a morning with satans face etched on his arse cheek... just remember the next time it happens remain calm ,know that your going to be fine and unless you feel like experimenting a little just be strong and will it over.

Anissa . on April 01, 2012:

This doesn't happen to me often , but when it does happen to me i'm froze for about a good 5 ti 10 minutes . & i feel as if someone is watching me & is trying to hurt me . so i close my eyes until i fall back asleep , & i wake myself back up & just walk around my house , for a while . this was very useful , i thought that i was being possessed by something or as if a witch was lying on top of me . this explains a lot . thankyou very much

Theblackfigureyouallsee on March 31, 2012:

I want your soulssss! I will consume you...

VDA on March 31, 2012:

I think it' kind of right thinking.

roja on March 30, 2012:

I feel like such a dumbasslol I thought I was going to be took to the underworld by satan

jacob90210 on March 30, 2012:

i have these dreams all the time it usually happens after a night of drinking , but i still get them on a normal week night not consuming any alcohol. and the figure i see will always be the same and in the same place.

Crystal on March 30, 2012:

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. I've been Googling logical reasons behind this and all I get are silly stories. Everything here makes perfectly good sense... I can't even begin to explain my relief!

MR K on March 29, 2012:

I had several experience was I was at home-not paralised at all, these were entities (I know these were not human or had a body like me or you) they were trying to get into my home and instinctively I when into full protection mode and of course they did not get in...I never used Jesus or Gods name.

jay on March 29, 2012:

I just had a dream very similar to all. Except one thing. I grabbed thatbla k figure! And once I did. I felt how mad it got and that's when I couldn't move or anything. I think it got scared that I wasn't scared. And I was able to scream out for my gf once and the next screams were all muffled. I am 100% that these are all spiritual experiences. Someone email me if you have ever tried to touch or fightback.

SEW on March 29, 2012:

I have had this problem since I was a kid. I don’t know how many times because I believe I’ve forgotten quite a few of my episodes. I had forgotten the one I had last night till a few minutes ago.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep. In the dream I was laying down in someone else’s bed in a low ceilinged room that was shaped like a tunnel. The sheets were green, like mine, but a lighter shade. The room was green too, but many different greens. Someone I knew was sitting next to me. I think it was my brother. All I remember is carrot color hair. He mumbled something and then I couldn’t move and my lungs stopped working. I panicked and tried to force my way out of it, but couldn’t. The red head was still beside me. I became aware that I was sleeping and it felt like I was in two places at once. I was in my room and the strangers. I could not see him but my brother was in my room and I tried to tell him to wake me. I still wasn’t breathing. When I called again, my brother had gone and my girlfriend was laying next to me. I called for her and from the strangers room I heard myself mumble in my own. I blacked out and a little later woke up fully in my own room and the instinct to struggle had me pushing my upper body off the mattress. After that I laid back down and blacked out again.

I was at the apartment by myself last night. My girlfriend was at her place and my brother was at his. I don’t know what to make of these dreams. Although I felt my brain sending signals, I couldn’t move. This was nothing like falling asleep on my arm and waking up with it limp. I could feel myself trying to move…. weird… What's happening with me? The dreams are never really the same.

G on March 28, 2012:

I have this happen to me all the time. A lady that is in all black, pretty much like a widow at a funeral is what I see. The people that beleive this is a "medical condition", if a doctor told you to jump off a cliff its healthy you would do it. You probably beleive everything the government says. Perception is everything. And mostly all of us see the same stuff. I don't think we can all hallucinate the same thing.

TC on March 28, 2012:

Last night I was trying to go to sleep but was unsuccessful I was awake for almost 2 hours before I felt my body go into paralysis. My chest felt at an extreme amount of pressure lying on top of me and I was shocked because normally when that happens I’m asleep and I’m suffering from a nightmare. I only managed to twitch my fingers and my right foot every few seconds and after a while I jerked my head slowly to the right and all of sudden I heard a cluster of whispers in my ear. I heard full sentences but I was too freaked out to decipher anything that was being said. I then suddenly was able jerk my head in full direction and gained back all my motor functions. I'm really curious how that can be explained.

Cooper on March 28, 2012:

Welcome to my world guys, it happens to me almost everyday.

Jane on March 28, 2012:

I thought I was dreaming last year but one night I was talking to my exboyfriend and it happened,like something heavy came n me and I was screaming and calling out but all he heard was me mumbling...then my aunt said coz I was a single young girl it was da devil looking for a wife....but now I realise its sleep paralysis and its such a relief to know that there are others who are facing the same problem

Meow on March 28, 2012:

It's just your mind messing with you. There is no such thing as demon or your grandfather trying to pinned you or whatsoever. You wouldn't be able to read this if the real evil really tried to 'abduct' you, do you think you have that much power to fight them (if they were real)? You realize what was happening to your surrounding because you were half dreaming. The explanation is crystal-clear, it's hallucination that caused you seeing stuff.

I often experience that actually, and I must admit I was afraid and called Jesus' name. But if you really believe calling Jesus' name when you were at the freakiest moment, that means you admit God's greater than evil. Therefore, you won't deny Him. You can keep on believing it was evil then xD

But seriously, it's not real. You said you saw creepy things because that is human's nature, to imagine stuff they fear when they feel they are at the edge. For example, I feared long-haired ghost and once when I experience SP, I was unable to move and there was a 'vacuum-like' noises around me, and the ghost walked pass my bedroom from bathroom to the front door. That was scary hahaha! But if I fear clown, the figure would probably be clown. It's anything we fear that our mind recalls when we were afraid.

Keep your faith in God, people. But you don't need to fear ghost or anyone who passed away. Hehe.. Peace!

Teash on March 28, 2012:

I don't feel most of these symptoms but I can tell you all that if you feel like you are floating you shouldn't be afraid. If aliens were to abduct you, I bet they would make sure you wouldn't remember. I have felt frozen, stuck while concious trying to sleep, my reaction to move is unresponsive for about 5 seconds. When I do fall asleep I feel like I'm in a higher conciousness. I used to think its the weed, its not. My dreams are vivid, and they have a lot of meaning according to my history. I am starting to think our ancestors memories could be part of our memories. Perhaps we live on in any way possible when we die, maybe the after life is just as much a journey as it is to drive across the country in a nice car.

Ree on March 27, 2012:

I used to have this almost every night. I made my mom sleep with me so I could get as close to her as possible. It still happens once in a while. It is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

Lilly on March 26, 2012:

Normally I would consider this to be true, and I would be comforted in reading it. But I had this happen while I was fully awake and reading my book. suddenly my legs went tingly and a strange force opened my mouth, I couldn't talk or close my mouth... how exactly can science explain this?

Marissa on March 26, 2012:

Oh wow, I am so glad I am not alone in this. It is honestly the freakiest thing ever. The other night I guess I fell asleep with my arm above my head and it felt like someone had put a huge heavy board over my entire body. I was trying to lift my arms but they were stuck, like I was being pinned down. Then usually my heart rate increases. Sometimes I think I am going to go into cardiac arrest.

Leen on March 26, 2012:

I guess I've experienced this just now. Initally it's a dream. I could sense the setting to be kind of dark. My mother drove us to a dangerous town, where anyone was at risk at getting shot or brutually murdered. I told my mom we had to turn back as we were approaching, but she wouldn't. The sun had already set, and it looked like it was getting dark. I saw a rapid ghost pass by my mom's side window. I pointed it out and asked her if she saw that little boy. I sensed danger thereafter, and immediately jumped from the passenger's seat to duck down in the back. My mother saw him and rolled down the window to speak to him. I got up and decided to take a look, as we were speaking to him, he would mock me as I tried speaking to him. As we got off the vehicle, we were transcended into this simple looking house with many doors to choose from. As I kept going through door to door, I felt like I was advancing until I was deceived by another similar looking door and felt right through it. I wasn't sure at this point who fell, but it was an aggressive and loud fall from who knows how many floors up exactly. It felt like it was either myself or someone close to me. I did notice a man going through the doors as well, as if he was searching for someone beloved to him. I could sense fear in him but also a determination to find whoever he was looking for. I woke up resting on my side, as I decided to look up, I saw this dark round mass floating above me. It looked to have static or something rotating around it. I wasn't really paralyzed. I decided to get up and shine my cell phone light to it and then turned on my room light. I still feel creeped out because I've experienced this before once after watching a show on ghosts. New Orlean's ghosts to be specific and they did mention the history of voodoo and other witchcraft. I'm not sure what I did to have attracted this again. But I think it liked messing with my mind rather than with my senses, if that makes sense. I felt like it was limited to doing that much.. or maybe not.

Anyways, It was really interesting reading others experiences. I see it's common to mention God's name and feel a sense of safety afterso. I think this sleep paralysis cannot be defined with just science itself. That's just the basis. Why is it that we can clearly sense the twisted and sadistic tactics of such happenings. We can sense it is evil. It manipulates, it creates a sense of a fear, it provides you with the most horrific sensories. I'm not sure about everyone, but science doesn't justify much on why exactly this happens. Maybe it's a taste that spiritual beings do exist and just how strong they can be like some scriptures describe them to be.

Daniel Spence on March 25, 2012:

Explanation: What you're experiencing is a demonic attack. I've been experiencing these since I was a boy and now I'm a God fearing man.

These occur because you've done something known or unknown that attracted the evil spirit to you. One major reason demons enter your home is porn or demonic music.




Email if you have more questions:

p.s This is not medical that is a satanic lie!

kris on March 25, 2012:

I didn't have the heavy feeling on the chest though that everyone says. I had this feeling of being shaken by the transparent organic black mass that was floating above me. I do still believe it is spiritual in nature. I do believe in the constant battle between good and evil.

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