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How to Love Ourselves and the Importance That Self Love Displays in Life

Alnajda is a very passionate person towards growth and personal development.

By loving ourselves, at the same time we also get to know oursleves

Since we were born and until we grew up, we were given a name, a religion, a nation and really most of us grew up serving those above mentioned.
Also sometimes we used to fight for those above mentioned as well.
Actually, all of that, is a set of beliefs, a set of thoughts, eventually, thoughts build the beliefs.
And we really grew up serving those thoughts the set of beliefs and sometimes even fighting for those thoughts or the set of beliefs given to us in other words.

What is right and what is wrong ?

I do not want to say that all of that is wrong or bad. " Nothing is good and bad only thinking makes it so"~ Shakespeare.
So inside those set of beliefs that we have inherited, the set of beliefs regarding ourselves, our capacity of knowing ourselves, how we treat and have treated ourselves, how we have responded and still respond to ourselves and our needs during all these years.
Anyways, the good news is that many of us are awaking and getting in touch with ourselves more and more in different ways recently which will make all of us aware already of who we are and what's our purpose in this planet and physical realm of this reality.

The limiting beliefs we might had and still have

So, since when we were born and growing up we had to face also the beliefs of "self-hate" which is quite different from the "self-love".
Many of us, they say they do, love themselves otherwise if they didn't they would have killed themselves by now. Generally, that's fair enough when we think that way, but still, there are pieces of the puzzle missing.
Since we were in the phase of growth, we were learned to not affirm to ourselves that we are beautiful, or we could be beautiful when we grew up, we could be models, singers, dancer, anything we ever wanted to be or whatever.
And why? Because in general family or parents do not think or decide so for us.

Where do these limiting beliefs come from ?

This jumble of beliefs to be clear is not based only on our families, it is based on society as well as schools, religion, communities, etc.
Most of us were taught just to grow up, study or work, have an income, get married, have children and that's all. Well, that's not all.
How can we settle for so little? When it comes to ourselves? Especially when it comes also to our potentials which need to be discovered?
Or even if it has not to do with the potentials, the inner peace, and the self- acceptance is what matters most and what will matter for a very long time until the last conscious homo sapiens breathes.
And still, there are out there some of us, complaining: l can't do this or l can't do that, l can't think like this, l can't think like that...and so on.
These are simply views, thoughts and beliefs.

Why people face confusion then ?

It is very easy to criticize ourselves and it has been so difficult for all of us to say once to ourselves " l love you " or "You are so amazing. - Louise Hay

Is there anyone responsible about that ?

It is not the fault of anyone, we all have been victims of some other victims and the list goes on.

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So it is nobody's fault about that. What we can do right now, is to channel that depth of the love within and bring it to the surface of our skins.
So it is not the fault of our parents or ancestors, they all have been victims of their previous ancestors who were victims as well.
So there is not anyone responsible whether we love ourselves enough or not, the key is if we do not, let's get up and start loving.

The techniques suggested on Self Love

Louise Hay for example as l mentioned above as one of the very best authors about the self-development filed, suggests many techniques actually on how to channel that love within and bring it to the surface in one of her amazing books titled: "How to heal your life", but let's start small at first: She suggests affirming ''l love you" in front of the mirror for a couple of times while seeing the reflection of our own.
It might feel weird at first because we never maybe said "l love you" to ourselves but right after practicing it loudly after several times instantly, we feel like an energetic shift happens inside of us. Another great tip is also writing it, writing positive statements about ourselves such as l love myself for, example,l am a beautiful being inside and out,l am unique and nobody can be me, nobody can think like me, nobody can write like me, I am unique and l have my unique role in this world.
We have been constantly asking for reassurance and validation from the outside for years and years and we never knew that we had the spring and the sun within, because the techniques are just some fuel for the mind to generate and ground the new beliefs already.

Affirmations for Self love

The Affirmations technique

The practical tips to follow daily

It is advised that this writing technique is better to be done at night before sleeping and after writing them, also repeating them silently in our minds.
Another good tip might be dating ourselves literally dating, yes you heard it well.
this means taking yourself out for a cup of tea, or taking yourself out to shopping, taking yourself for a long walk, etc, etc, ...try to do this a daily habit, if not possible a daily habit then twice or at least once a week sounds also pretty fine.
These habits mentioned above help the person feel more confident, more secure, and gradually the person will stop looking for reassurance and validation from the outside.
These are advised to be done daily, intensively and, intently for a month or three weeks until the subconscious mind shifts to the new set of beliefs and gets used to it.

The essential importance of self love

"Self-love " practices, make the person gain more and more self- confidence, help the person taking the look from the inside, and reassuring themselves from the inside instead of the outside.
It helps people having no more fears, and making them dare, dare to live, explore, and learn.
That's why is it important to know how to use" Self Love".


Alnajda Kadi (author) from Tirana Albania on September 28, 2020:

Thank you very much for your very warm welcome, and thanks for finding it helpful.☺️ Blessings.❤️

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on September 28, 2020:

Welcome to HubPages! Thank you for showing us the importance of self-love, and the several ways by which we can practice it.

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