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Do binaural beats help you grow taller? Questions answered- Part 2

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My previous hub on binaural beats

I've written a hub on binaural beats in my previous article. This is the link to it. Before reading this article I advise you to read my other article on binaural beats. I've been asked so many questions repeatedly. I wrote this hub so I can answer questions that is being asked many times.

So, the questions have been answered in this hub

1) I am 15 years old, can I still grow?

Of course you can. You are still in your growing years. You can grow from your leg as well as spinal cord. In addition to listening to these beats, you should eat nutritious food, have a positive attitude, engage in sports like basketball and yoga. Remember to drink lots of water.

2) I am 24 years and above.Can I still grow?
With the binaural beats you can increase your height in your spinal column. Research has shown that it is still possible to increase 3 inches from spinal cord even after the growth plates have fused in your legs. Again I would suggest you to take nutritious food containing protein, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Also drink plenty of water. Yoga is very effective too.Make sure that you have set that intention of growing and believe you are growing every day.

3) How many times do I listen to these beats and what beats do you recommend?
I would like to recommend the 'Megadose-Grow taller without drugs ' and 'Grow taller by Sapienmed'.

4) How do I listen to these beats? And how many times and what time?
Listen to each beat three times a day. My friends have used it before sleeping. Each beat is about 10 minutes. So,listening to these two beats three times a day would be about 60 minutes or 1 hour. You can listen at any time while sleeping or reading or watching TV. Make sure to use good headphones.

5) What else can I do to to make it more effective?There are plenty of things you can do.
A) Exercise or Yoga Find the effective height increasing exercises that can stretch your spinal column and cause a second forth spurt. Yoga is really good to stretch and tone your body.B) Nutritious foodC) Listening to positive subliminal messagesD) Law of attraction : Believe that you are already tall and thank the universe for itE) Sleep for 6-8 hours as Growth Hormone gets released at night.F) Drink plenty of water.Binaural beats develops internal energies so you will need more water.

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More questions?

6) How long do I need to listen to these beats?
Please use it at least for 6 months to see its effect. Then you can continue it for 2-3 years. Our body is constantly changing, the cells are multiplying. So let the cells slowly multiply. Give it some time.

7) How should I record my height?

Please do not measure your height everyday. What I recommend you is to face a mirror leaning your back in the wall.Mark your height. After one month, go in front of the mirror on the same spot where you've marked your height. Checking your height constantly will just discourage you.So only once a month. Remember you are always taller in the morning and shorter during the nighttime because of the compression of your spine.

8) How to be positive?

Believe that you can. Don't read discouraging articles. Our thoughts control our body too. Remember when you have so much stress, you end up having pimples in your face. Just a simple example. So be positive so your body will respond positively to it. Have you read about subconscious mind and its power? Try to find articles on it. Our subconscious mind is very strong. We just need to ask it to stimulate our pituitary glands for the production of growth hormones.

9)Any more questions?

If you have any more questions I am more than happy to answer them. There are beats that have been developed to lighten your skin, fast metabolism, listen our eye color and more..If you like to know more.Just let me know so I can write an article on those matters too.

Megadose to grow taller


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