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Do Toothpaste Tablets Expire?

I am an avid traveler who is always looking for my next favorite travel hack. I wrote this piece to share my anecdotal knowledge.


Toothpaste tablets are a relatively new product that seems like something we should have developed a long time ago. These tiny mint-like tabs are a compact, dry, easy-to-use toothpaste alternative that is easy to use and better for the environment. While they are gaining popularity, they aren't quite mainstream yet, which has led many to have questions about toothpaste tablets. I love to use them for travel which I only do a few times a year, so the burning question I had was whether or not toothpaste tablets expire. In my search, I found the answer to my question and a few others surrounding this innovative way to get healthier teeth on the go.

What Are Toothpaste Tabs?

Technically, they aren't toothpaste, at least not how we think of regular toothpaste. Instead, they are compressed powder in the same shape and size as many popular mints. Toothpaste tablets are often made from natural ingredients like xylitol, a natural sweetener that also kills bacteria in the mouth, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, baking soda, and cream of tartar to create a foam that helps cover the mouth and lift stuff off the teeth. They basically work the same way regular toothpaste does, but they have many benefits that traditional toothpaste does not have.

What Are the Benefits of Toothpaste Tablets

How can these little tablets enhance your brushing experience? In more ways than you can imagine. Here are just a few of their benefits.

Environmentally Friendly

Is a tube of toothpaste even recyclable? Probably not, but I seriously doubt anyone recycles them even if they were. Some of the more luxury brands of toothpaste tablets work on a subscription basis where they mail tabs in glass bottles, and when it is empty, you mail it back for a resupply. Even the less expensive OTC brands that you can find online come in an easily recyclable plastic container.

Portion Control

Some may cite the idea that toothpaste tablets are more expensive than traditional toothpaste, but they may be more cost-effective. Traditional toothpaste tubes aren't portioned, so you often use too much, not to mention when the toothpaste falls off your toothbrush, and when you reach the end of the bottle, you usually throw it away with toothpaste still in it. With chewable tabs, you are getting the right portion every time.

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Perfect for Travel

It may not be the number one problem facing travelers, but traveling with traditional toothpaste tubes is a little annoying. First, it is considered a liquid by the TSA, so it has to go in your checked baggage if it is more than 3.4 ounces. Then you have to worry that the plastic tube will get crushed in your luggage and end up ruining your vacation clothes.

How Do I Use Toothpaste Tablets?

Using a toothpaste tablet is easy and even a little fun. Along with other pertinent information, Hello gives these instructions on how to use their tablets. Start by removing a single tablet from the bottle and placing it between your teeth. Then, bite down on the tablet a few times to break it up. Next, using a wet toothbrush, begin to swirl the small pieces around your teeth as you would normally. You will feel the pieces gradually become less grainy as they transform into foam in your mouth. Give your teeth a good scrub, then rinse and spit like you usually would.

Can You Dry Chew Toothpaste Tabs?

The ability to dry chew toothpaste tablets is another benefit of the product. Since they foam up in your mouth, they offer more coverage than using your finger and toothpaste to rinse your teeth. However, it is not a good idea to swallow toothpaste tablets, especially if they have fluoride, so make sure to rinse your mouth after dry chewing a tablet.

Do Toothpaste Tablets Expire?

Like most consumer goods, toothpaste tablets have an expiration date, though their function and consistency suggest that they can never truly expire. Like my go-to brand, Hello, most tablet brands print an expiration date of around two years from manufacture. So even if you are only using these tablets for travel, it is a safe bet that you will use them all up before the printed expiration date, especially if the whole family is using them.

The Freshest Invention

Just when it seems like all the ideas are taken, something like this comes along. Toothpaste tabs are a fantastic way to travel easier and be more environmentally friendly while taking better care of yourself. Some things in life are worth paying a little more for, and toothpaste tablets may be one of them.

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