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Do People Truly Never Forget How You Made Them Feel?

When Theresa writes non-fiction, it is always somehow related to an event or something that touched her personal life in some manner.

Welcome back to school. CC0 Public Doman

Welcome back to school. CC0 Public Doman

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

— Maya Angelou

Elementary, My Dear, Girl with the Crooked Smile

A Toothless Smile (Where's a Hairbrush?)

Six years old and missing a tooth.

Six years old and missing a tooth.

My Little Experiment via Elementary School Years

The other day I was thinking about my elementary school years. When I thought back from Kindergarten to the Sixth Grade, I was only able to remember certain memories. I thought of the famous quote referenced above by Maya Angelou.

These thoughts bring to my mind the question of whether certain memories are more vivid than others solely due to how others made us feel, or perhaps a mixture of the environment in which we were at the time, coupled with the people there.

As a result of these thoughts, I conducted my own little experiment based on my memories of elementary school years. As the decades have passed, I realize my memories are fewer than several decades ago. Therefore, it is plausible to note that these few memories I do have left lend themselves to either support or disprove Maya Angelou's quote.

CC0 Public Domain School Supplies

CC0 Public Domain School Supplies

Internal Dialogue

I thought I'd approach the retelling of whatever memories I have of a certain school year by using internal dialogue in lieu of just writing what my memories were of a particular school year.

My Kindergarten Class at Eastway Elementary School

My Kindergarten Class at Eastway Elementary School.  I'm the second one on the first row towards the front.

My Kindergarten Class at Eastway Elementary School. I'm the second one on the first row towards the front.

My Thoughts upon Arriving at My Kindergarten Class

I hope Mama doesn't let go of my hand. I don't want to go in there. There's too much noise. The lights are so bright. Where did all of these little kids come from and who are they? Oh, there's Jimmy Johnson and Andy McCook from my neighborhood. Yuck!

Who is that lady coming over here? She talks soft and is nice. I guess I can go in for a little bit. Maybe it will be okay to let go of Mama's hand.

What do I do now? There are so many toys. I do like that big pink stove.

Oh, good, it's time for milk and a snack. These are big tables. I like those pictures on the wall. Wow, those are the biggest windows I've ever seen. I think I will just look out the windows.

Oh, boy, it's time to go out to the playground and swing. Wait! I can't go down that big hill to get to the swings. No, no, no! I'm too scared.

CC0 Public Domain Chocolate Cake

CC0 Public Domain Chocolate Cake

Fast Forward to the School Fall Festival

I hope I win that big chocolate cake. The music is starting. Around and around we go in this big circle. Oh, the music stopped. I won? Yippie, I can't wait to get home to eat this yummy chocolate cake! There's Mama smiling at me. I know she loves chocolate too.

Conclusion Reached

Obviously, whatever my Kindergarten teacher said to me made me feel less apprehensive about entering the classroom.

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First Grade - Wynnton Academy

Wynnton Arts Academy, founded as Wynnton Academy on this site in 1843.

Wynnton Arts Academy, founded as Wynnton Academy on this site in 1843.

Taking the School Bus Across Town

Wynnton Arts Academy, formerly named Wynnton Academy, according to Muscogee County records, is the oldest continuously used school in Georgia, and among the oldest in the country. I was bused all the way across town in the First Grade, despite the fact Eastway Elementary school is located not too far from my then neighborhood. Wynnton Academy is located in the historic part of my home town. I can't complain though, for I was blessed to attend such a fine school. Sadly, however, the historic Wynnton area is now remembered for the brutal murders of elderly women in the late 70s by "The Stocking Strangler."

CC0 Public Domain Back to School.

CC0 Public Domain Back to School.

Southern Magnolia

CC0 Public Domain Southern Magnolia

CC0 Public Domain Southern Magnolia

First Day Memories - That's all I Have

I'm glad I get to sit right next to this window. That tree is so big with giant white flowers on it. Even the leaves are so big and shiny. It's so shady here. I like this big white building.

Huh, what? Oh, no, what did the teacher ask me? Um, I'll just start singing that silly song too ...

Boop boop dit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!
Boop boop dit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!
Boop boop dit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!

And they swam and they swam all over the dam.

Conclusion Reached

Apparently, I felt humiliated by not paying attention to what was going on in the classroom due to my fascination with the building's architecture, which is unusual for such a young child. Oddly enough, I have no memories of First Grade except that first day.

CC0 Public Domain Vintage Chalk Dust

CC0 Public Domain Vintage Chalk Dust

Wesley Heights Elementary School

Wesley Heights Elementary School  is the school I attended in the Second and Fourth Grades.

Wesley Heights Elementary School is the school I attended in the Second and Fourth Grades.

The Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of OZ

The Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of OZ

First Day of School

My brother is only one year younger than I am. He was a bit of a runt growing up, until he hit the high school years, and then finally sprouted up tall.

The sun was shining in our eyes on that first day of school.

First day of school.  That's my brother, Ed, or Eddie, as we used to call him as a child, who is a year younger than I am. I don't look too happy. Apparently, my mother loved plaid dresses. Looks like I am wearing a drooping rose corsage ...

First day of school. That's my brother, Ed, or Eddie, as we used to call him as a child, who is a year younger than I am. I don't look too happy. Apparently, my mother loved plaid dresses. Looks like I am wearing a drooping rose corsage ...

My Second Grade Teacher, The Wicked Witch of the South

I don't want to go to school today. Maybe if I tell Mama I have another stomach ache she will let me stay home again.

Oh, no, here comes that mean ole witch of a teacher. Why is she so mean? I know she will make the children cry again today, but not me, I will never cry! I wonder if she is the Wicked Witch of the West's sister. Wow, her black witch hair is sure high up on top of her head. Maybe a crow lives in there. Her eyes are mean looking too. Hmm, her face is not green like her sister's face though. Well, I guess she's really not ugly like a witch, even if she is real bony looking. And I don't see a broom anywhere.

Why does she like to make us all feel bad and stupid? Oh, no, poor Cyndi is going to cry again. I'm so sad for all of my friends here in this classroom. I wish I could just cover my ears so I don't have to hear all of the mean talk and crying all day long.

Those big words she is wanting us to learn to spell are almost as long as the alphabet! Does she think we are big kids in the older kids' grades? I don't think those words are even real words. Eeks, the Wicked Witch of the South is raising that one eyebrow at me!

Our Three-Legged Dog Brownie would Follow Us to this School

  • Ode to Our Three-Legged Dog
    This Ode is written from true accounts of my childhood about a three-legged yellow lab who adopted us as his family.

One Precious Memory

The bell rang! It's time to go home. I hope Brownie is okay. He is the best dog ever to wait for us all day long on the playground under that big tree. There he is! What a good boy. I sure hope Eddie hurries up and comes so we can get out of here before that wicked witch gets us and our dog too!

Conclusion Reached

Sadly, as relates to my Second Grade school year experiences, this little experiment does validate that my memories are based solely on how the teacher made me feel by the words she used. Although I don't remember any specific words she said, I will always remember how she made me feel. I have no doubt that every other child remembers how she made them feel too. I'm glad I don't recall her name.

CC0 Public Domain Back to School

CC0 Public Domain Back to School

Finally, a Teacher to Love

I can't wait to get to school today! I feel so safe around Mrs. Jackson. I love her hugs. She smells like warm cookies and cocoa. Mrs. Jackson is the best teacher ever! I like listening to her kind voice. Mrs. Jackson has to be one of the smartest people on the whole planet. I can't wait to get home and tell Mama what I learned today. Learning is so much fun because of Mrs. Jackson.

I wonder how old Mrs. Jackson is because her hair is all gray. I bet Mrs. Jackson is the best grandmother too, if she is one. I never thought I would be almost as tall as a grown up. Mrs. Jackson is so tiny.

I wish Mrs. Jackson could be my teacher every year.

A Funny Little Song

I have no idea where dear Mrs. Jackson came up with the following silly song, but we all loved it. I did a search for it on the Internet, but of course, it was to no avail. Maybe it was a song she made up or maybe she married a garbage man.

My man's a garbage man;

He cleans the garbage cans.

He smells like garbage too,

Phew, I say he do.

Some day in future life,

I'm going to be his wife ...

How in the world did you find that out?

He asked me to!

— Mrs. Jackson

I do not recall ever having Michael in any of my future grades in school. However, I just know in my heart he turned out to be a good man in this life. Thank you for being you, Michael!

Third Grade just Kept Getting Better

I don't feel like running this 50 yard dash race. My side always gets that sharp pain in it and then it's hard for me to breathe.

What? Who's calling my name? Oh, it's that boy Michael with the nice brown hair and pretty blue eyes. He has a nice smile too. What is he saying to me? Oh, he's wanting me to win the race! Gosh, I will try my best. Oh, no, the race is about to start. I hope I can run fast today. He is still calling my name! Why is my heart fluttering? Why is he smiling at me and being nice? I feel special.

On your mark, get set, go! Oh, boy, I am winning so far ...but wait, who is that coming up behind me? Almost there! Ouch; there's that bad pain in my side. Oh, no, that other girl beat me! I'm so embarrassed. I can't look at Michael. Huh? Michael is still clapping for me. Maybe I can look at him. He's still smiling at me and saying something nice. My face feels hot.

CC0 Public Domain Blonde School Girl

CC0 Public Domain Blonde School Girl

Conclusion Reached

Thankfully, Third Grade proved to support Maya's quote, in that my memories of dear Mrs. Jackson and Michael proved to hold true as to remembering just how these amazing persons made me feel, although I do not recall specifically what they said to me.

Arithmetic is what We Called Math back in the Day

CC0 Public Domain Arithimetic

CC0 Public Domain Arithimetic

No Plaid this Time - Wow, Red? (Still Crooked Bangs and Crooked Smile Though)

There are those crooked bangs with that crooked smile. I don't have a clue why the background is cut out in that shape.

There are those crooked bangs with that crooked smile. I don't have a clue why the background is cut out in that shape.

Fourth Grade

I'm so confused. Where is the next classroom I'm supposed to go to now? I'm so late for this class. It is too crowded. I can't barely get inside! Why does that boy keep pulling on that girl's braids? He is mean. I don't like this classroom.

It's too hot to go out to that huge dirt football field with no trees or anything for shade. Hmm, potato sack races ...maybe that will be fun. I miss Michael from Third Grade.

Oh, gosh, all of these kids are talking about Nixon and whether he will be President. They sound like parents talking. Boring!

Why are only girls going into the cafeteria to watch a film? What is this all about? That is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of in my life! I don't want that to happen to me! Right now, I really do not care to know of all of this stuff that's going to happen to my body. I'm just a little girl.

Conclusion Reached

Obviously, Fourth Grade was a strange year for me, more so about the circumstances than anyone leaving any type of impression on me as far as how they made me feel. It seems it was a transitional year for me with a lot of growing pains.

CC0 Public Domain School Bus

CC0 Public Domain School Bus

A Castle or a School

Boy, this sure is a long bus ride to another school I've never been to before. I don't even know what part of town I'm in!

Is this the school? Wow, it's as big as a castle! Whew, it's hot inside this school. Look at all those giant wooden stairs inside. Gosh, we have to walk up and down these all day long. How many stories are there in this school? Let's see, two, three, four! Oh, there's one underground too. Wow, five stories tall! Cool.

What is this rickety thing? Oh, must be some sort of elevator. I think only teachers are supposed to go on it. I'm really not sure I want to go on that thing. Well, here goes nothing. Where am I now? Oh, there's my English classroom.

CC0 Public Domain

CC0 Public Domain

Happiness is Singing a fun Song

Wonder why the music teacher is wearing dark sunglasses inside? Wow, he sure can play the piano! I love singing songs and hearing the piano. Music is my favorite class, well, besides reading and art.

Aw, he is a blind teacher. I've never known of a blind person before. How does he know where to go? That cane seems to help him to get around pretty good. I know, I will close my eyes to see how it feels. Oh, it must be so hard to not be able to see all the pretty things like the blue sky, trees, green grass, flowers and your Mama's face. I would want to know how to play music too if I were blind. I think that would make me so happy.

I love that song, "Zippety, Do Dah" because it makes me happy and smile a lot thinking about a blue bird on my shoulder.

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

Adventures with Sam

Hooray, it's time to go back to my homeroom class and listen to Mrs. Nix read that wonderful book she picked out, "My Side of the Mountain." I'm glad we are allowed to rest our heads on our desks while Mrs. Nix is reading to us. I wonder what adventure Sam will be up to today! Turtle soup? Oh, I can't think about having to make turtle soup and then eat it. Gulp ...

One of My Favorite Books

Enjoying the Adventures of Pippi

Yay, it's time for English and Reading! I'm so happy my teacher told me about Pippi Longstocking. She sure stands up for herself and she is kind of like me, real skinny and awkward looking, but still cool in her own way.

Weighing In

What is that thing in the middle of the classroom? Hmm. Oh, we have to be weighed for some reason. Well, I already know I am too skinny and tall. God made my legs so long. Oh, it's my turn. Why is Mrs. Nix looking funny at the other teacher in the room? I guess I do not weigh what she thinks I should weigh. I feel ashamed now ...

Puppy Love

CC0 Public Doman

CC0 Public Doman

Puppy Love in the Fifth Grade

There's that cute boy, Alvin Lang. He has such nice hair, a big smile and is just so cool. His name is so different than everybody else's. Why is he coming over to me? Oh, he is asking me about my last name. Wow, he actually noticed that my last name is close to his first name, except for one letter! He is smiling at me now. I feel like skipping down the sidewalk.

Inspirational softball quotes

Inspirational softball quotes

Time for Softball

I'm glad I'm way out here in the outfield because surely no one will hit the ball way out here.

First batter up ...what? Wow, that ball is coming right at me way out here! Oh, oh, no, where did it go? I can't see it. The sun is in my eyes. Oh, there it is! I'm scared, but I will try my best to catch the ball. Oops, it bounced on the ground way in front of me so high ...

Ouch ...what happened? My forehead is hurting. I'm so dizzy. Why is everyone running towards me? I need to sit down ...Oh, I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe I let that ball smack me in the middle of my forehead. Now, no one is going to want me on their team.


Conclusion Reached

Fifth Grade offered an interesting environment, situations and a lot of new interesting people with whom to interact. I believe Maya's quote holds true as relates to my Fifth Grade school year and how both Mrs. Nix and Alvin Lang made me feel, but with dramatically different feelings.

CC0 Public Domain

CC0 Public Domain

That's me; the girl with the crooked smile.  The photo is old and has specs, as you will note.

That's me; the girl with the crooked smile. The photo is old and has specs, as you will note.

Sixth Grade

Poor Craig and his little brother. I don't know if I'm going to be able to look at Craig today in that lunchroom celebration. I wonder if he even wants to come back to school right at the end of the school year? I hate that bad man for running over Craig and his little brother! I hate him! Why, why, why did that bad man try to drive his truck when he was drunk? It was not an accident. They were just riding their bicycles on the side of the road and he ran over them and didn't even stop! He just kept dragging them under his truck for a long time. I feel like I might throw up.

I wonder if Craig lived because he is so short? I wish that dumb man never got into that truck that day. I'm so scared now when I walk home and have to walk through that long place on Buena Vista Road where they were hurt. I will always know to watch out for cars though.

It's time to go to the lunchroom. I am not going to stare at Craig. I wonder if they had to shave off all of that blond hair. I remember Craig has big blue eyes. The teacher said Craig has a lot of scars on his face which does not matter to me at all. I just hope Craig knows how much we all love him and hope he feels better now and can be happy somehow. Maybe God erased that bad day from Craig's mind. I think I will just sit here in the back of the lunchroom. Wow, there are a lot of people here. Oh, Craig is turning around in his seat? He is looking at me straight in my eyes. His eyes are so sad. I am not going to turn away because I don't want him to think I think he looks ugly with all those scars on his face. He just keeps on looking at me without turning away. I hope he can tell I don't care about those scars on his face. Where did everyone else go? Oh, they're still here, I think. Ahh, Craig smiled at me and turned around! Whew ...

Love of Poetry

I wonder what poem we will be reading today! I really love reading William Woodsworth's poem, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud," and studying Robert Frost's poems, "The Road not Taken" and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," and Edgar Alan Poe's poem, "The Raven"!

I will have to be sure to tell Mama that we are studying a lot of the poems she recited to us growing up! I think that will make her smile.

Love note

Love note

In Memory of Clifford Gainous

Sadly, that boy in my class, Clifford Gainous, who tried to give me a love note, was killed during a robbery at the age of 16 while working at Pritchett's Kitchenette on Buena Vista Road. The robber shot him in cold blood. The case is still unsolved.

I'm sorry, Clifford, for not reading your love note to me in Sixth Grade. Maybe I will see you again one day, and you can tell me what you wrote to me.

Check Yes or No

Huh? I hope that boy does not thump that little football note to me! Oh, no ...He did! I don't want to read what he wrote to me. My face feels so hot. I know; I will just thump it back to him. Yes, good idea! I don't want to hurt his feelings or anything, but he is embarrassing me to death by doing that right here in class.

He did it again! What do I do now? I will just send it right back to him. Oh, now he thinks it's funny and he wants to keep playing. Oops, here comes the teacher!

Oh, no, the teacher has the note. I hope she doesn't read it!

Football-Shaped Love Notes

Time for the Science Fair

CC0 Public Domain Science Technology

CC0 Public Domain Science Technology

What Happened to my Science Project?

I worked so hard on my science project for the Science Fair this year. I can't wait to see what place I am in!

Hmm, that's weird; I don't see my project anywhere in this cafeteria! What happened to it? I'm so upset. Why doesn't anyone know where it is?

Wait a minute ...there it is! Whose name is on it? That's my project! That person stole my project!!!

Conclusion Reached

Sixth Grade was an emotional roller coaster of a ride with all that was going on from the reality of a drunk driver almost killing my classmate and his brother, and then the receipt, or attempt of receipt, of love notes, and finally with my science project being stolen and not one person in authority at the school coming to my defense. I felt a wide-range of emotions from great sadness, empathy, embarrassment, and disappointment.

I made my sister feel left out.

That's me, wearing a white sweater, on the front left holding a puppy.  My sister who is five years younger than me is to the front right and not holding a puppy.  My brother is behind her. The rest are friends.

That's me, wearing a white sweater, on the front left holding a puppy. My sister who is five years younger than me is to the front right and not holding a puppy. My brother is behind her. The rest are friends.

Just a couple of years ago, my middle sister came to visit with us. We were looking through old photos and we came upon this particular photo to the right here. I remember feeling happy about the puppies.

I asked my sister did she remember that day or was she too young to remember. She remembered, and what she remembered made me feel so sad for her and a huge pang stabbed my heart. She told me she remembered that we wouldn't let her hold a puppy. I was shocked to hear that from her, and I told her I was so sorry for not allowing her to hold a puppy and making her feel left out that day.

It's amazing the feelings photographs can bring out. A particular day or event may have long since left our mind, but the moment we see that photograph, whatever feelings we were feeling all come flooding back.

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If You don't like Your Answer to the Question

Oops ...don't fret, just make new memories with them, if at all possible. It's never too late to change one's heart when interacting with others.


Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on February 23, 2020:

Wow, Shan ... those are some doozies there! Thank you for sharing here. I can certainly understand how and why those incidents would stick in your mind and why you would remember how they made you feel.

Shannon Henry from Texas on February 10, 2020:

Maybe it's because of my last rather recent visit here, but I was reminded of this hub today when a friend of mine posted on FB. She was talking about the very few memories she has from about third grade and earlier in that post and asked what others remember from elementary school.

We went to the same school and one thing we both recall is when a second-grade teacher died in the middle of the school year from a terrible farming accident. Neither one of us had that teacher full time, but she had her for a reading class.

There was another accident in which someone's breaks went out or something and the driver ran over the curve and straight up onto school property shortly after school had let out. He hit a child and a grandmother. I think he killed one of them. My dad had been parked in the path, waiting on me just minutes before that. I can't remember what grade that happened in though.

I remembered that I didn't like the second grade teacher I had at all. She yelled at me for using too much glue and staples when I had this silly notion to rub dried glue off my hand into a pouch I created out of paper. I thought the glue reminded me of erasers. She also got mad because I didn't write my 9's to her satisfaction.

Around third grade, one of my best friends became jealous of a new friend I'd made. I was oblivious to her jealousy until she told me she didn't like the girl because she thought she was trying to steal me. Guess maybe that was my first lesson on being more considerate of others.

I also recalled a lunch lady that was especially warm and kind. Lunch monitor, I guess. She didn't make the food or serve it. But they had people who watched the kids in lieu of teachers and that watched us on recess after we finished eating lunch. She let me wrap inside her jacket with her one day when I was cold and didn't have my coat, for some reason.

Anyway, her memories are interesting, too...She told of one about a friend's big sister cornering her in the hall and telling her not to play with her sister anymore or she'd get her. So she didn't play with that friend anymore. Talk about remembering something because of how it made someone feel.

I'll shut up now because I could go on about the few random memories I have from third grade and earlier in relation to school or in general, for that matter. LOL

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on January 19, 2020:

Hi Shan! Hahaha ... yes, that does sound odd now. Well, I actually do not remember all of my elementary school teachers’ names, so you’re doing well to remember all of your teachers’ names, but you are much younger than I! What’s funnier is that I remember less names from Junior High and High schools ... glad I have my Year Books to help me out.

I think a lot of people actually think about this topic, maybe not so much in the same context I have here, but when pondering certain memories and just how strong of an emotion is produced still, even after almost a lifetime ago.

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on January 19, 2020:

Hi Bill! Thank you for returning to this article ... um, little experiment of mine from my elementary school years. I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s funny how our brains work, remembering certain things in detail, and then forgetting other details. Yes, I think it’s those particular memories that stick in our minds because of how they made us feel, whether good or not so good. Funny that my brain chooses to not remember my second grade teacher’s name ... you know, the wicked witch of the south hahaha. I believe I blocked her name out of my mind! I was shy too, so I understand.

Shannon Henry from Texas on January 18, 2020:

Funny you should make this particular hub reappear in my notifications, Bill, because it fits in nicely with the hub of mine we were discussing. Only problem is that those feelings were more ongoing and not necessarily specific to the topic at hand. How people make me feel was on my mind, though. Oh, and, it amazes me when people can't remember their elementary teachers' names. They're the only ones I can remember every one of.

Still an excellent hub, Faith! (It's been a while since I called you that. LOL)

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on January 18, 2020:

I had to read this again because I liked it so much the first time. It blows me away that you remember the names of your teachers in grade school. I remember two of them...Mrs. Brown in 4th Grade and Sr. Mary Charles in 2nd....that's it! Evidently the other six had no lasting importance for me. :) And I don't remember very many specific moments from grade school. I remember getting picked on a lot, and being in a lot of fights....I remember being teased because I was so shy...and thinking girls were from another planet. lol Anyway, loved this the second time through.

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on October 27, 2019:

Thank you, again, Kenneth. I appreciate your kind words about this hub and my writing.

God bless

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on September 17, 2017:

Yes, Jackie, they were the thing back then I guess hahaha ... no, I never picked my own clothes out either.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on September 17, 2017:

I had so many plaid dresses too, I guess they were just popular. I never picked out my own clothes back then did you?

Kenneth Avery on August 07, 2017:

Hey, Faith Reaper,

May I, with your permission, submit this comment to you in the only way that I can: my truly rural, living in the sticks, saying "ain't," and "ya'll," but really speaking from my heart?

"You Rock!" (this is a condensed comment concerning this hub and how well-written it was by one of the most prolific writers on HP."

Love you, FR.

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on August 07, 2017:

Hi Kenneth, Thank you. Oh, there's no telling how many times I've done the very same thing hahaha ...

God bless

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on August 07, 2017:

Hi Dear Shan! You certainly make me feel special every time you pop in with your most kind comments to encourage and inspire, sweetie. I know I've missed out on a ton of amazing writing by all of the fabulous writers here in HP Town, including you, Shan, because of my prolonged absence. I'm not necessarily back here on HP, but did want to say thank you to all those who have taken the time to return here and leave thoughtful comments. I do hope and pray that here in the near future life slows down enough to allow me to read more and write again on HubPages, for I certainly miss the interaction with my writer friends!

I think of you often. Love, Theresa

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on July 31, 2017:

Hi Dear Mike!

You are kind to revisit and leave a comment. Yes, I'm well ... just way too busy in this life and so my online presence has suffered, but so happy to see familiar faces here! Since I've been away for a spell, I certainly have had a lot of new life experiences I could write about to say the least Hahaha. Well, I'm laughing so that's a good thing.

Our precious Maria recently sent me a thoughtful card. I'm glad I'm not forgotten by a few here, which means the world to me. I'm sure many may have wondered if I had gone on to Glory, but I'm still here trying to figure out what God wants me doing for Him.

Peace and blessings, dear man

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on July 30, 2017:

Hi, Faith Reaper,

As per your comment about Jackie, I apologize, and without any reason except for human ignorance, You are also a Very Talented Writer and I mean that 100% heart-felt.

Write soon.

Shannon Henry from Texas on July 30, 2017:

Twice today that this hub comes up.Good to see you back on HP! It is always a pleasure see hour smiling fact and sweet comments around here. No one here ever forgets how you make them feel.

mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on July 30, 2017:

Hello Teresa - So nice to see a notification from HP leading me back to your writing. Hope all is well.

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on July 30, 2017:

Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for stopping by to read here. Glad you enjoyed it. I agree with you 100% that Jackie is one of the finest writers here on HubPages! However, you are reading a Faith Reaper hub.

God bless you

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on July 30, 2017:

Hi Jackie,

Thank you so much for visiting here again and so glad you enjoyed reading again. I'm happy you are publishing your "Hear that Whisle Blow" series again for they are wonderful stories.

God bless

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on July 28, 2017:


Briefly, here is my response to your terrific hub.

I enjoyed your hub (as usual) due to it being written by one of the finest HP hubbers around.

I also enjoyed all of the others' comments.

Keep up the great work.

Write me soon.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on July 28, 2017:

This was great and though I have read it before it has been awhile. I remember so much about school, I really should get it all down some day to go over when perhaps my memory is not so good.

Voted in your poll!

Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on October 24, 2016:

Hi Dear Martie,

Thank you for joining in on my little experiment here with my elementary school years and putting those memories to the test with Maya's quote. Her quote seems to ring true in my case and the memories I hold.

Yes, I believe I was and maybe am still too sensitive too.

You are too kind ...especially with the snaggle tooth photo and unkept hair. Haha.


Faith Reaper (author) from southern USA on October 24, 2016:

Oh, Patricia,

You are so kind to think of me and so many others, especially with all you have going on with your adorable grandson, Heston and all. He is such a trooper. I pray God sends His angels to be encamped around you and yours at all times, bringing you comfort and peace.

I have a lot going on with family too, and as long as we all continue to hang on to each other in love with the help of the good Lord, we'll all be just fine.


Martie Coetser from South Africa on October 24, 2016:

Precious memories! When I read my diaries, I realize that I've always been the way I am now. Even all the knowledge and experience I have obtained through-out the years have not changed me. I've been accused of being over-sensitive since I can remember. So, in my case Maya Angelou's statement is God's truth.

Your were so cute and pretty, dear FaithReaper :)

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on October 22, 2016:

Hi Just stopping by to say I have been thinking of you and hoping all is well in your little corner of the world.