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Millenials Billionaire Mindset

Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.


Why Millennial-s are Doomed to Fail?

Every other blogpost talks about how millenials can achieve anything and everything they want to. They do point out there will take a little work, but in the end millenials will take everything they want. Is it fact or fiction though?

Millenials of nowadays, are doomed to fail. That's a fact.

1. They are slavers of the social media. They get their hopes up and they do forget that the world is not a wish-granting factory.

2. They are repeatedly told that they can achieve anything. They are told that they are the best, but not really that, unless they follow strict society rules which differ throughout the world and keep changing. So which rules they have to follow exactly?

3. They face judgment and acceptance, more the first than the other, not only by their acquaintances, but also TV, celebrities, etc.

So, is there a way out of this? It is. It is focusing on yourself, being mindful, being real to yourself, knowing your limits and working on them.

Just do not fall for every applause. The best applauses are your own successes.

Don't Raise the 3 Questions that Kill your Confidence.

The world of today's puts a lot of burden on everyone's shoulders and its judgmental manners has everyone asking if they are fit enough, good enough, friendly enough. What you should realize though, is that you are not in this world to live up to my expectations, nor am I in this world to live up to your expectations.

Am I fit enough?

Healthy comes in many colors and shapes, as human beings are different from each other as well. If your best friend needs a detox once every week to keep her weight in check, that does not mean that you do too. You should not follow a certain diet just because it is famous. You should not eat foods you can not stand, or can not enjoy only because Kourtney Kardashian eats them. Do not worry, you will be healthy even if you do not eat like a celebrity! Choose your own kind of healthy, whether you stick to a standard workout, or you incorporate the shadow boxing in your daily life, it is your own choice. Whether you choose to eat pizza and fast food for a whole week, it is your own choice as well, and no one should judge you on that!

Am I good enough?

This is another kind of worry that makes people more and more afraid to show their true selves. Afraid that they will not be accepted or love. Afraid that they do not deserve the people they have around or that they care about. The thing is, everybody feels like it. What draws the line is the way people you care about make you feel about yourself. If you feel like they love you and really want to cherish their moments with you, then, you are great for them. If they bring up excuses of how busy their schedules are, or how they have these zillions other things to do, then they do not care about you. Give up on that. Keep the others close to yourself.

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Am I friendly enough?

Friends who do not support you whatever your choices are, well they are not your friends! If you are afraid of what they will think or say, or if you are afraid of sharing your future plans with them, you are living in toxic friendships. They are only taking out your breathe, not giving you wings. You do not need that kind of persons in your life. You do not need those so called friends that make every decisions of yours seem stupid, or every achievements of yours seem so small and insignificant. Take action. Remove these people from your life and choose the people that will only make you feel awesome, like the awesome human being you are.


How to build the Mindset for Success?

You will never reach anything in your life and actually save it, if you do not walk through your path with the right mindset.

How do you build a mindset for success?

1. You set goals. Small, achievable goals. You make a list and you tick them off of the list one by one. If you write only the big goals, you will get stuck on thinking what you have to actually do to get to the big goal. If you put small goals on your list, with your eyes on the prize, you will know the steps to the prize.

2. You visualize success. The power of our minds goes beyond thinking and acting. You actually attract the things you think about, so be careful what you think about!

3. You believe in yourself. Even when nobody else does, you do believe in yourself. You trust yourself to be able to work towards your goals, you know you can handle the long working hours, you know you can handle living on a little, so you will be able to live the life you want when you hit your goals. You sacrifice along the way, because you know that will pay off.


What to do when you Feel like Giving Up?

At least a dozen times per day, every day, I feel like I should give up on a project or a new idea, or anything else I have been dealing or I have to deal with. The secret of not giving up, sometimes it is adjusting to your reality, and other times it is just to keep pushing yourself.

What I have learned during the 'self-counseling' process of pushing myself to fight for my goals and dreams is that:

1. You should embrace imperfect action and analyze. There will be more failures than successes, but what matters is that big success after many failures.

2. You should focus on the present moment, before it is gone. The road before us always seems so long and like it will take lots of months or even years, but the truth is, that in the blink of an eye, everything will be over. Cherish the present moments, you won't get any other.

3. You should always play the 'long term game'. This means that you should not think about how to reach success fast, or how to make money fast, or how to win anything without putting in a lot of effort. You should focus on successes that will give you something in the future, like when you plant a tree, but you get all the benefits after many years. That's what you should strive for, because anything 'fast', comes at a 'cheap' price, and anything 'fast' will slip from your hands even faster!

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