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Do Body Sculpting Treatments Help Weight Loss or Get Rid Of Fat?

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Body sculpting is an innovative and less stressful way to reduce fat in unwanted areas. It has become quite popular in recent years, thanks to a host of celebrities like the Kardashians. Sculpting treatments can help kill off fat cells and help you shed that weight and fat without exercise stress. However, a lot of people still question if the procedure works. The answer to that question is, yes. Body sculpting removes fat from unwanted areas. Using a host of different methods that include, cooling, heat or ultrasound, the procedure kills of fats in targeted areas which are then excreted from the body over a while. That is when you start to see the result.

Body sculpting, just like exercise, does not guarantee that the fat would not grow back if you continue or start living an unhealthy lifestyle. However, after removal, the fats are gone forever if you take care of your body.

Body sculpting is not a major weight loss treatment. It is best used to shed a few pounds of stubborn fat which wouldn’t leave your body even after exercising. So if you have been exercising and need to shed a few pounds to reach your weight goal, body sculpting treatment is a big help. There are different methods of body sculpting; let’s talk about them;


Also known as Cryolipolysis, this is the FDA-approved body sculpting treatment that freezes fat cells in specific or targeted areas of your choice. Freezing of these fat cells results in the dying off and being secreted out of your body naturally over a while, usually months. People who use this coolsculpting method begin to see results a few months after the two recommended treatments. As long as the weight loss is maintained, the results of this treatment are permanent.


CoolSculpting, which is FDA approved, is used on targeted fat problem areas. For many people, even after exercising vigorous, the flab of the arm, double chin, can be stubborn about shedding weight even after all other parts of the body have done so. This procedure can help people target those problem areas, so the body is in sync. Also, you can target multiple areas with stubborn fat in one treatment. Individual area treatments usually take about 30 minutes.


For people who are sensitive to cold temperatures due to some existing medical conditions or other reasons, CoolSculpting is not for you. Some people have reported a short term side effect of feeling minor pains on the targeted areas after the treatment.


This is also an FDA approved procedure that goes the other way. Instead of using cold, WarmSculpting uses heat from lasers to kill off targeted fat cells which are then excreted by the body, slowly, over some time.


It is ideal for removing stubborn fat from a small area—people in good physical condition and need minimal stubborn fat removal use this treatment. Just like the CoolSculpting, the results are permanent, if the patient maintains a healthy life.


Due to the shape of the device used to carry out this procedure, it is more limited to specific body areas. Some people report that during the process, they feel a slight burning sensation because of the heat.


Body FX Sculpting

In addition to the cool and warm sculpting, other sculpting procedures like the Body Fx use lasers and radiofrequency to reduce targeted fat cells and stimulate collagen growth, which tightens the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite. Within six months, people who undergo this procedure start to see the results as the fat amount reduces and sagging and loose skin tightens. Side effect such as itching, swelling and redness for a few days have been reported by some people who use this treatment. And the results are not immediate, could take some time.

Emsculpt and Ultrashape

The Emsculpt is also similar to the other body sculpting treatments, but using a much different technique. This treatment focuses on the muscles by contracting them as if you were doing abs workouts, thereby reducing fat by strengthening the muscles. It is FDA approved for the treatment of abs, arms and calves. Other procedures include Ultrashape, which uses ultrasound to target and kill off fat cells in the body too. Certified for use on the stomach area and abdomen.

Trying to lose weight and change your body image can be a gruelling task. You are not only battling with physical weight but emotional and mental weight as well. It would help if you stayed motivated and positive to achieve your goals.

You can schedule Body Sculpt weight loss treatment today to reduce fat in unwanted areas, tighten the skin, and boost your body image and confidence.

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