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Why Healing Yourself is Important: Importance of Self-Care and Self-Love

This Article Throws Light on The Nature, Background and Healing Aspects of The Infamous Two Nodes of The Moon in Vedic Astrology

What is True Happiness and How To Find It

How to Heal Yourself and Harness Unconditional Self-Love to be Happy?

Always accept your simplicity because after that the universe will give you the confidence to accept your great reality and burn the ‘falsehood’ in you. Ask everything lacking in yourself and your life from the universe because its power is beyond everyone and everything. Universe really is beyond greatness. Its magic has no logic but only love. It functions on love and nothing else. Universe really is the definition of divine love. It is great. Thank you so much for everything you do for us. For me. Always ask for forgiveness from the Universe. Every time you hurt yourself, you hurt the God within you, in the most intimate way possible, because with yourself, you have the most intimate connection.

What is Genuine Self-Love: Anything That Puts ‘CONDITIONS TO LOVE’ is Fake.

Qualities of goodness are much beyond everything ‘fancy’. ‘We must be simple for there is a divine beauty in simplicity’. We can play the fancy part but we must remember that simplicity is our truth, our essence, our beauty, our reality. The fancy is a play, we can play with the fancy but must be detached from it. Fancy comes and goes, but simplicity stays. Simplicity is truth, and truth simplicity. Noises come and go, the silence stays, silence is truth, and truth silent. For humans come and go, but God stays, for God is truth, and truth God. We need food, and we must respect food and neither overeat things nor under eat things. We must have confidence in God that God will provide food to us. We must fast as well to remind ourselves that this body is temporary but the soul that has it is eternal, for the body comes and goes but the soul stays, hence the soul is the truth, and truth the soul. Everybody needs the truth but are afraid to stand with the truth, however whom the truth loves is definitely lovable. There must be something divine in him whom the TRUTH HIMSELF LOVES. God is subtle, for there is divinity in subtleness. For subtleness is truth, and the truth utterly subtle. Blessed be the souls whom the super soul chooses to reveal himself to. Blessed be the souls who are special to HIM. Long live the souls who are on earth to love the super soul with the veil of the concrete. Blessed be the souls to help whom, the hands of the divine come down on earth to move all the darkness. Truth gives qualities of goodness, but is beyond goodness as well. When nothing stays, Truth comes. He who has accepted the truth, has love and peace in his heart. When we fast, God is happy. I have felt it. When everything is destroyed, the veil of falsehood is destroyed, the truth remains. God is the destroyer of the veil but moreover the protector of the Truth. For he is beyond the truth as well. Truth wins, but God is that mighty that he is beyond games as well as he is the creator of all the petty games of the world as well. When we give up our egos to pray for God’s love, he becomes the beloved and we become the controller. God’s only obsession is love. I feel that God is the subtlest thing in this world. I feel that God is Love and its light is divine bliss and its reflection is pleasure, pleasure is a shadow but it is not true. Pleasure is the lowest form of love while bliss is the highest form of love. I feel he is great but I also feel that he is beyond everything we can even imagine. Where our imagination stops, his begins.

Love is unconditional, divine, simple, practical, ideal, fancy, everything combined. Love cannot be defined. Love sees it all. Love gives justice. Love gives forgiveness. Love is all there is in the world, and all there is beyond it. We only have to know that God is everywhere. And that God IS LOVE. Heart is the kingdom of God. I feel that Love does not understand logic and boundaries. It does whatever it wants to get its beloved. Love is pure energy. Love senses someone’s pain. Love does not only look for pleasure, but healing as well. Love detects someone’s sadness and always knows when someone is sad. I feel that love is everything combined.

Love starts from the mud of reality, and ends in the heaven of unrealistic bliss. Finding love within yourself and and others is The only way to be truly happy

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