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How To Send Distance Healing via Crystal Healing Grid

Sunflower Bloom

Sunflower Bloom

Personal Experience

I remember during my illness with cancer just how overwhelmed I was by the amount of love and consideration that was shown to me. People I hardly knew or didn't know at all would send me a card or some flowers or offer to assist me with school runs and shopping trips.

My Reiki Master friends were always sending me healing energy and I could feel it coursing through my body. Sometimes I would get so hot from the healing energy that I would text them and ask if they could tone it down a little!

It meant so much to me that I could tangibly feel the amount of love that was lifting me up above my illness, there was so much light out in the world and it was shining at me and through me, I felt blessed and I still do.

Distance Healing via a crystal grid gives the opportunity to reflect that light back out into the world.

Healing Altar

Healing Altar

Intentional Grid

When a member of my immediate family or a friend become ill I set up a healing grid to send them healing light. A healing grid works by having all the messages and intentions written or ascribed to objects placed within the grid and the actual grid is then made from crystals placed strategically around the objects.

It doesn't matter how you set it up because it is your pure intention which gives everything its meaning.

Each time I meditate or do a healing the grid is automatically fired with healing light and the people included in it receive some healing. In fact every time I look at the grid it triggers my intention and thereafter the healing response.

Remember, that it is my pure intention which creates the healing energy, if I have set up a grid because I am lazy and I think it will do the work for me then my intention is not healing, my intention is laziness. Therefore each time I fired the grid I would be amplifying my laziness energy.

Healing Wall

It's also possible to set up a healing wall by pinning photographs of anyone who would like to receive distance healing via the crystal healing grid onto a wall or a board. A distance healing is given for each person on the wall and after that each time the wall is walked past the mind will be reminded of those people and the healing intention will be triggered again. Quite often these signals to the mind are subconscious and we don't even notice how much healing intent we are sending out.

The grid will also fire powerfully if it is included in a mediation group meeting by focusing loving energy onto the wall via the healing crystals. The power of group healing is greater than the sum of its individual parts if the pure intention is shared.

A crystal healing wand like the one below is a wonderful and powerful addition to any healing grid

Sending Energy & Blessing

Sending Energy & Blessing

Benefits Of Distance Healing

Distance healing makes it possible to send healing to any place or time or situation. This makes it useful for sending healing to someone in hospital, prison, animals which can't be approached, children who won't sit still or to situations both personal, national or international.

The best results are achieved by having a symbol or a photograph and a name to focus the healing energy and an intention. The intention can be written on a piece of paper and kept with the photograph. When writing intentions it is best to keep them positive and open so that the healing energy can do its work without limitations. Remember that the best result is quite often beyond our wildest imagination.

The reason that the intention must be written in a positive way is because the Universal energy cannot work in negatives. for example if I tell you to not think of a giraffe the first thing which comes into your head is a giraffe. If you send intention for someone to not have cancer then you are amplifying the cancer by putting your mind to it, the positive version would be to intend good health for someone and not to include any opinions you hold about what constitutes good health.

Reinforcing Own Intentions

Reinforcing Own Intentions

What It Won't Do!

Remember that intentions will not interfere with free will.

A lady asked me to send healing so that her husband would behave better and her family would therefore be happier. I told her that I could send healing energy to the situation but I couldn't interfere with the free will of her husband, he hadn't contacted me and therefore he didn't have any problems with the situation.

When we have a problem with the behaviour of another person the most likely outcome of healing is that we are able to re-frame our own response to that person and find our own peace within the situation.

You can always set up a healing grid for yourself too as there is no greater gift to give to the world than to love yourself enough to heal yourself.

Outer Levels

Just to be clear, setting up a crystal grid to send distance healing is different to staging a distance healing session, there is no active engagement with the energy field of the recipient, this is just a free and constant flow of powerful healing intention.

As there is no physical presence for a distance healing it is much easier for both the healer and the recipient to avoid triggering ego defences and limited belief patterns.


Karen Kay from Jackson, MS on November 17, 2015:

Nice! I'm a novice when it comes to crystals but am fascinated by them. Love the wand - had not seen one before. thank you!

Sara Gardner (author) from Finland on August 24, 2013:

You are very welcome, welcome to the cosmic grid!

Sara Gardner (author) from Finland on February 14, 2013:

Hello Visionandfocus, I always love to come across a sceptic who agrees to give it a go because they are so open, they have no expectations. I once gave my neighbour some distance healing to help her sleep (she'd been binge drinking for nearly 2 weeks to try to knock herself out!), she just wanted me to go away so the suggestion of distance healing really suited her. Next day she texted me completely shocked that she had slept all night and had stopped being sick.

She went on to do all her reiki attunements with me.

Absolutely agree that prayer is just another form of distance healing, or vice versa.

visionandfocus from North York, Canada on February 14, 2013:

I did not believe in distant healing until it happened to my mom, so now I am a true believer. I haven't worked with crystals though, but I'm open to the idea. It's useful to remind cynics that prayer has undergone stringent research and has been found to work, and what is prayer but a form of distant healing?

Thanks for sharing. Voted up and a bunch of other things. :)

torrilynn on February 13, 2013:

really nice hub. thanks.

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