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Disabled and a human being

Thomas has travelled the world and seen and met with many people of various backgrounds. His motto is, "Travel is the best teacher".


End the stigma

People are people and treat others as you would want them to treat you.

These are sayings that many people say but how many actually live it when it come to people with disabilities?

Do you or does someone you know speak of people with disabilities in a negative way? Do they treat them badly or differently?

Did you ever think that at any moment you or someone you know can end up disabled? Scary and yet sobering thought, isn't it?

Life is a journey and on this journey anything can happen.

the reason I have decided to write this is that recently I have heard some things from people online pertaining to people living with disabilities and these things I heard were quite heartbreaking. The cold hearted attitudes some people have is just plain awful.

One person said that he should not have to work hard to have his tax dollars go to support disabled people or senior citizens.

I have heard others say that disabled and seniors should be euthanized because they are a drain on society.

Seriously?! What is wrong with some people. How can anyone in our modern society be so cold hearted. These same people claim to be so enlightened and caring. Are they really? I think not.

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What do people living with disabilities want?

Every person I have come in contact with who has a disability wants to be treated like everyone else, like every other able bodied person.

They want to live a long life, have friends, get proper medical services, have a home. All things anyone else wants. They don't want to be looked down upon or be treated like an Invalid.

It is true that a person with a disability may not be able to do everything anyone else can do. It is also true that they may need help. That is ok. Be understanding and be patient and lend a hand if needed and if asked.

"There but for the grace of God, go I" (attributed to John Bradford 1510–1555)

There are some people who are living their lives so self centered that they can not imagine that something could happen to them that may put them in a position where they become disabled. Most of us know that It won't happen until it happens.

Also understand that some disabilities are visible and some are not. Don't be so quick to judge and assume a person is lazy and unwilling to work. They may actually have a disability that is preventing them from working or working full-time.

Ones life can change in the blink of an eye. Let's be respectful and show compassion and not be so closed minded and cold hearted. We are all human beings created by the same God. We all have a path to walk, a journey that is ours. It may be different than others, but it is ours to live, let's live it the way God wants us to and let's treat others the way Jesus treats us, after all it is He that we are supposed to model ourselves after.

Think about what I have written

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