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Weight Loss Improvements- 5 Differences After Losing 1 Stone

Lynsey is currently exploring her weight loss journey and enjoys sharing tips and ideas along the way.


I have recently been following a low fat diet plan and thought it would be a good idea for other potential slimmers out there if I gave a breakdown of benefits at each milestone mark: 1stone (14lbs/ 6.3kg), 2 stone (28lbs/ 12.7kg) and so on.

While I am not saying that my particular diet plan is the route you have to go down, I am really just trying to show that you can see big results from a small loss. This surprised me as I always thought I would need to lose half of my body weight before I noticed any sort of improvements, but this is definitely not so.

I started the plan painfully close to 20st and I knew that I had to do something to stop my weight spiralling out of control. I'm glad I took the first steps. After 10 weeks on the plan, I have lost 15 lbs, and I have actually noticed a few differences with such a relatively low loss. ( I still have approximately 70lbs to lose) I thought I would I would share the benefits I am seeing from this loss so far.

1- I'm Not Out of Breath

While I would never have considered myself as particularly unfit, I was definitely beginning to struggle with brisk walks. I noticed this usually when rushing to work and rushing to get the bus home.

Since losing just 1 stone, I am no longer huffing and puffing after walking to work or to the supermarket. I don't feel particularly strained if I have to pick up the pace to catch the bus home. I am quite surprised that such a small amount of weight had such an impact in my fitness.

It's worth noting that this is all without exercise, too, so the seemingly improved fitness is merely due to the weight lost.


2- My Clothes Are Looser

I have lost a total of 15 inches over my body. So my clothes are having to stretch over 15 less inches.

I haven't exactly noticed a difference in my body shape, nor have I miraculously jumped into a size 12, but I am definitely seeing a difference in my wardrobe.

I haven't yet dropped a full dress size, but I am really seeing a difference in how baggy my clothes have become. My jeans are falling down- I have to wear a belt!! My tops are much looser and the prints are no longer stretched beyond recognition. I'm quite sure I will drop a dress size soon.

In the meantime, I will have to continue to dress as though I am wearing clown costumes as I don't really want to spend too much on new clothes, particularly if I am going to continue losing weight. I am always hopeful!

3- I'm Less Self Conscious

I'm not sure how many people will understand what I mean with this, but I have been extremely self conscious as I have grown bigger.

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Now that my clothes are fitting better, I am no longer having to tug and pull them into place constantly. I'm not scared of my belly making a surprise visit or my back being exposed as my tee rides up. I can wear my coat open, so I'm not stuffy and overheated and I generally don't dread walking across the office.

It is amazing that I have such an improvement after losing such a small amount. It really does make a difference to my confidence.

My Weight Loss Certificate!

My Weight Loss Certificate!

4- Others Are Noticing My Weight Loss

Already, I have had people asking how much weight I have lost and how I have managed it. It is quite motivating that other people can actually see a difference in my body shape and even in my face, even though I can't.

While at first, I thought maybe people were just being polite, I am beginning to believe it. Especially when I meet people who don't even know that I am on a diet and they make comments.

5- I Don't Snore Anymore

This is really something that my partner has noticed more than me. I've stopped snoring!

Well for the majority of the time I have stopped. But I still snore a little when I have a cold. But still- great improvement!

Who knew just 1 stone off would prevent our most common disagreement!? I'm sure this has got something to do with the 5 inches lost off of my chest (I always have been quite busty) and I'm even more sure that it is a step in the right direction for my health. As I am now getting a better sleep, I have also noticed a bit more energy, and I am no longer having the post lunch
slump in energy.

I can't wait to discover more benefits as the weight continues to come off!

© 2016 Lynsey Hart


Lynsey Hart (author) from Lanarkshire on August 17, 2016:

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Apologies that I didn't notice this sooner- for some reason it was marked as spam! I try to drink water but it's not as tasty as fizzy juice. I know I should make the switch to speed things up! Maybe that will be my next step!

JG Hemlock on May 02, 2016:

Good for you! Congratulations! I worked with a wonderful woman who was overweight and I watched her lose the weight within a year. It was amazing to watch her outward and inward change. Her inward was always awesome but she just did not know it. :) She lost a great amount by hydrating herself with water and the fat leaves the body quicker and more efficiently!

Awesome! I am happy that you are happy! You go sister!

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