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Dieting and Exercising the Wrong Way Is Killing Your Results — Big Time

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Dieting and Exercising the Wrong Way is Killing Your Results — Big Time

Dieting and Exercising the Wrong Way is Killing Your Results — Big Time

Exercise and nutrition should become essential to our life if we want to experience good health.

But most people believe in eating less and exercising more to achieve more effortless weight loss.I, too, fell into that trap many years ago. But unfortunately, my belief stemmed from ignorance through improper awareness about nutrition and exercise.

But, there is a lot of false information regarding nutrition and no doubt that it has a lot to do with many people believing the wrong assumptions & feeding it to anyone that will listen.

Most doctors don’t even know how we burn body fat; therefore, how is an average person that wants to change their life know any different.

Adapting a multi-dimensional strategy is the key to optimal health and longevity to get the best results from nutrition and exercise.

To prove the theory, 36 females and 21 male volunteers between the ages of 37 and 57 were recruited for this study.

These individuals were clearly out of shape and exercised less than 60 minutes per week (shockingly). They also had never lifted any weights for the last ten years and would be described as obese and overweight.

The body mass index of these individuals ranged from 28.6 to 36.6.

These people were divided into three groups for a 16-week trial.

All subjects had the same amount of whey protein but exercised differently.

One group was sedentary, the other performed resistance training four times per week, and the third used a multi-dimensional strategy, including weight training, interval sprints, stretching through a yoga instructor and resistance training.

When this trial ended, researchers found that the multi-dimensional group showed the best health improvements, including the most significant reduction in body weight, abdominal fat mass, waist circumferences and blood glucose.

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However, what’s surprising (even to me!) was that this group happened to experience a more significant increase in lean body mass results!

All groups showed improvements, and even those who were sedentary during this period ate their assigned diet and that 60g of whey protein.

Increasing protein in one's diet by as much as 35 per cent tends to decrease abdominal and total body fat.

From this study alone, we can identify previous assumptions that exercise focuses too much on quantity rather than the actual quality of exercise.

This is true!

It can become tough to focus on weights alone or a bike and treadmill (unless you love these forms of exercise).

But overall, this study proves that your exercise regime should consist of what makes you as a fully integrated living person as possible.

Doing more exercise isn’t the most effective way to lead a healthy and lean lifestyle. Instead, it’s about doing the most appropriate range of exercise that promotes the best health and fitness outcomes for you.

Key take away

Research might focus on specific forms of exercise to give us a general idea of what results in we may get. But, time and time again, doing various exercises is the key to better health.

I could not agree more, and although I love weight training, spending my time and effort doing other things (such as walking, stretching, meditation etc.) is a vital part of my healthy lifestyle.

I hope this information provides sound reasoning as to why you, too, should adapt to many different forms of exercise rather than focusing on one only.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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