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Die Like a Man

I am Wasakia. I help people build powerful lifestyle. Keep a strong frame and learn the game of putting your mission first.

Die Hard

Die Hard


Die Hard

Nobody owes you anything; you owe the world everything. This is something I learned when I was a young boy. Change your mindset from "why me?" to "why not me?" And embrace the mindset of "how can I leave the world in a better situation?" The attitude of denial, "my father denied, mother denied, society denied, community denied," is a feminine attitude; you should therefore distance yourself from any attitude that causes you to revolve around yourself. Masculine is self-dead but alive to your purpose and to serving God by influencing and impacting society. Many men are suffering because they were raised in the comfort of feminine lifestyles. But stay with me. Your liberation is on its way.

On a more somber note,

The majority of our issues stem from our minds.

If you put this easy run into practice, you'll feel incredibly liberated:

Monitor what you can and leave the rest to chance. Whatever happens, happens. Maintain power over everything you can, and the best will find you. For a few years now, I've been willingly walking away from and simply avoiding circumstances that don't suit me. If anything bugs me, it isn't worth my time.

NOTE: This is not to be confused with personal problems and insecurities, which must be addressed.

It's all about stuff that come from outside sources.

You should be somewhat unaffected by the outside environment.

The rest is just a diversion as long as you know what you want.

Self-motivation is invaluable.

It provides unrivaled peace of mind.

Where the only burden is that which you put on yourself. It's a burden that builds up over time until it's just discipline.

It simply becomes who you are after that.

In a constant state of flow.

Before you're bitten by mosquitoes.

Stop using the excuse of "doing your best."

It's something to be proud of, and it's something to strive for.

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Continue to try, to fail, and to learn.

Begin with the mindset that you will not quit until you achieve your goals.

Don't even think about leaving.

If things are going well, do something about it that does not include leaving.

You won't be able to do anything until you conquer barriers.

You will Still be confronted with opposition.

It may be due to your own laziness, someone blocking your path, or something else.

You'll still be disappointed if you expect everything to go according to plan.

Plan ahead, but be prepared for setbacks.

Either push your strategy to work through whatever is in your path, or alter it to avoid it.

Just don't give up.

You are what you conceive of yourself to be.

How you act and behave is determined by the direction you send your thoughts.

People believe it is beyond their influence, which I find perplexing.

If you can't control your thoughts, then...

What do you have power over?

This is a response to the 56% of people who don't feel free.

You don't believe you're free, so you don't feel it.

Or, to put it another way, you chose to be restricted.

The truth is that most of you don't feel free and you're doing nothing to improve your situation.

No, you are not stranded.
No, it isn't beyond your influence.

You simply believed that things are as they are and that we are helpless in the face of what the world has to bring.

It's TO.

You don't feel free because you're enslaved to a persona that isn't your own.

Since you believe you are weak, you do not feel free.

To put it another way:

Because you impose restrictions on yourself, you do not feel comfortable.

If you did more satisfying things, you'd feel a lot better.

If you actually took the time to appreciate every aspect of life, you'd feel a lot more free.

And it all starts when you wake up in the morning.

As soon as you wake up, tell yourself that your day is going to be fantastic.

It will, believe me.

The universe has this incredible ability to magnify everything it receives.

Good thoughts will manifest in your life if you focus on them.

to make you happy.


When things don't go as planned, tell yourself that was the plan all along. Then adapt.

It serves no purpose to worry about your execution not matching your expectations.

You just need to redirect your efforts and attention to what's in your way.

Ignore the rest, simply shift your focus.

Forget what worrying means.

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