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Did You Make a New Year's Resolution in 2021?

Teresa, a social entrepreneur lives and works in expat settings abroad for more than 20 years writes about social and cultural issues.

Unconventional Methods to wellness

Whoever made this saying “All good things come to an end!” and people kept chorussing this!?

We as kids just laughed and let the saying pass every time we had a good time, wondering whatever these elders meant. Because who wants good things to end and who wants to generate a fear that the joy will go away soon.

We all have experienced a sizable amount of bad and even good things happen the past year. I am so relieved I survived it despite living in a foreign country and being stuck like everyone else with travel restrictions, lockdowns, etc. I thankfully had a job that helped me get through that phase.

Although, I can compellingly say that “All Bad Things Come to an end”. And good things simply go on as we please. At least for me I try to make anything into something good. It is for only us to make it look good, anyway.

Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good

In 2019, the first quarter put me through a lot of hard-ships the top of its list was the demise of my father. What can be worse than that!? Despite the situation as if everything has crumbled under my feet, some strength caught up with me to defy all odds. Of course there were many many helping hands without them nothing good would have happened. It was as if the universe helped me.

Thriving under adversity makes spirits unbreakable motivates the sane.

Thriving under adversity makes spirits unbreakable motivates the sane.

To start with I had the energy to do errands one after the other. So many strangers, so many friends, so many within the family stepped up to help. And "bads" if any seemed to be only a hazy shadow really. It's unbelievable how positivity shines through such bad times to bring us back to normalcy. The power of our brains. Do not under-estimate it. It has a key to sustain us amidst adversity.

Stronger Through Adversity: World-Class Leaders Share Pandemic-Tested Lessons on Thriving During the Toughest Challenges

Two days ago I woke up from a very disturbed sleep because the night before there was something bad that happened that it was too late into the night for me to think up something to turn the whole situation into a good one. Overnight while I tossed about in restlessness my brain half conscious about this daunting reality, it was only gearing up for action for me to move forward with a conviction to turn the table, first thing in the morning. And sure enough, I was back on track within the first hour. This sounds simple. But dear friends, believe me! this can be your reality. If you need any suggestions do make your comment or question and let me help you get you a positive out of the negative. I guarantee you there will be a positive even hidden within any desperation.

Empty Out the Negative: Make Room for More Joy, Greater Confidence, and New Levels of Influence


Worries Are Not Forever (Best Behavior® Paperback Series)

I was on my best behaviour today like every other day!

“Good”, we all hope for this, every moment in our waking lives.

Bad things do get wrapped up and get tossed away and it is only you that can make it happen to toss of the rubbish of negativity, hatred and resentment. Covid is now a way of life and there is no way we have a pass out of the covid in the air except abstinence from our normal way of doing things. And there once you mask up, protect yourself, and educate the person who does not believe in that importance very calmly and empathetically there is no positive way out for us. With hard work and by doing or acting upon only important things that matter to you the most - that is the key.

This is not being selfish, but preserving oneself to see the best of what life has to offer. Whether it be time spent with your loved ones, time with your family and friends, things you must do before the day ends to make amends before you peacefully go to bed because nobody knows of when it will be your last day, people.

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So come first thing in the morning, rejuvenate yourself and be prepared to your best of your ability to face the day with a goal to do something worthwhile before you go back to rest at the end of the day.


I am not going to forget to live each day :o)

Work hard with a conviction not so much as to kill yourself by being a workaholic. But while doing it do not forget to enjoy every moment of your life. Because there is no time to pretend to not be your real happy self.

Planning for a happy future? What about your present while you plan? Are you struggling? Angry just working towards your goals and you don't get time to live?

Just drop everything and take a walk or arrange your book shelf or dust the window sil while watching the sun set? Small things to remember that you are still grounded in this universe and that's all that matters to be in the zen of life.

Sunrise Gratitude: 365 Morning Meditations for Joyful Days All Year Long (Daily Gratitude)


One step at a time

I was once so proud that I could multitask, not realizing that the phrase "Jack of all trades and master of none" applies here too.

For, I began to see that I was actually not finishing completely any task that I indulged in. Everything was left half finished. I felt while doing this I suffered from heavy listlessness, short-term memory loss, tension headaches and confusion, ending with disappointment because my goals were not getting met. I realized that the following phenomenon that I have heard about must be true. My brain if we physically look at it was in full-throttal or has no empty space in it to process everything I crowded up to day at the same time at every moment.

I was available to wake up in the morning and spring into action to go about my busy schedule like a clock as if I am a robot. Then I realised hold it. I am going to place aside some stuff I do not want to think about before the need for it comes. So like separating colours from white clothes and lingerie before we do the laundry I started grouping together things to worry about and do on priority-basis.

So if I had to pay my rent at the end of the month and I did not have the money in hand, I did not drop everything and sit worrying about it, instead I lived and worked each day to the best of my ability and come the rent day I had money to realise my cheque. Because I have taken measured action to relax and work to make up that money. It is only a matter of coordinating between living your life, using your abilities and intelligence and working towards small immediate goals that take you to that larger goal. Like month after month you pay your rent and at the end of 3 months you have survived your living expenses to win that job you tried to win. So everything in the universe workd towards that goal for you, only if you allow it not sit and do nothing.

I started breaking up my goals into small pieces like this. And started mastering this technique and voila I saw that that I could handle any challenges like this, step by step.

© 2021 Teresa Chikoo

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