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Diana Golden-Brosnihan: Her Fight against Breast Cancer and her Unexpected Love Story

The Olympian skier, Diana Golden-Brosnihan (March 20, 1963-August 25, 2001)

The Olympian skier, Diana Golden-Brosnihan (March 20, 1963-August 25, 2001)

A 'love story' out of breast cancer? Yes, fellow hubbers, two people became closer because of this 'dreaded' disease that claimed the life of Diana Golden in 2001. Did the name ring a bell to you. I'm sure you do, if you're a fan of Winter Olympics or skiing as your favorite sport.

Her story, personal life and the battle against breast cancer is a formidable testimony that we can eliminate the disease in the years to come, mostly affecting women and men, too. Diana Golden was the one who manifested that all athletes should be equally treated regardless of her ability or disability.

Family, friends and fans of Miss Golden will really miss her 'enthusiasm' as she battled this disease, even it cost her temporary life.

As a hubber, I am just re-echoing her persistence to 'never miss' living a life, even if your body is invaded by this deadly disease. The news, obituaries and her inspiration will stay in the memories of those who believe in the cause she's fighting for: Eradicate BREAST Cancer!!!

A very young Diana Golden c/o posailor

Diana Golden as an athlete

Diana Golden as an athlete

Diana Golden in fast crutches

Diana Golden in fast crutches

Diana Golden and husband Steve Brosnihan

Diana Golden and husband Steve Brosnihan

Diana Golden & Steve Brosnihan: A Halloween Love Story

The Place: Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Islands

Occasion: Halloween party

Date: October 30, 1996


Diana Golden –Champion Skier (wearing gold and silver half-mask)

Steve Brosnihan –Cartoonist from Darmouth (wearing a medieval suit with head of a fly)

(Halloween-themed music being played as the party goers wearing ghost masks dance with other eerie characters that believed to surface the Earth during the night.

Across the floor two people met, introducing their names with each other, Diana Golden and Steve Brosnihan, feeling the unexpected love that bounded them forever.)

Diana Golden, being honored as one of America’s greatest athletes being manifested as she was given the Flo Hyman recipient by the Women’s Sports Foundation (surpassing the connotation that she is a one-legged athlete) who won the 1988 gold medal at the Calgary Olympics in the Disabled Giant Slalom aside from 19 U.S and 10 World Disabled Championship Gold Medals.

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Steve Bronishan, working as a newpaper cartoonist in Bristol, Rhode Island was already infatuated with Diana for many years. He just never had the time to relate what he felt because of her busy days and popularity.

Halloween Ball, that’s how it started and on February 14, 1997, Steve proposed to Diana and their big day (the wedding) was held at Diana’s Victorian house in Bristol on August 9th, the same year.

Their love story is not the typical starry-eyed episodes we often see on television soap opera. There were unexpected twists and turns that left me with a heavy heart upon reading their story. I’m not too playful with flowery words, but their story transcended the typical account of two people whose love endured the tests of time.

Diana’s Journey

A happy but shy kid, Diana Golden grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts. When she was 12 years old, her right leg was amputated due to bone cancer.

Her disability didn’t stop her to pursue her long life dream to be a world famous skater. Her obsession about skiing and racing made her to be the icon of many athletes in her field.

Charitable activities and related works inspiring kids and youth with disability occupied her life when she retired in 1990 until the next trial in her life came: breast cancer that led to bilateral mastectomy and the removal of her uterus, too!

She attempted suicide as she took an overdose of pills, but shaken back to reality that she still wanted to live.

As the series of chemotherapy extended her life, a commencement address she delivered in Rhode Island made Steve to let Diana know of his existence, but to no avail. Schedules didn’t fit in…until that very memorable Halloween party in Newport.

Her memory and achievements will never fade, as long as we continue to be inspired by her drive to live amid the challenges of having cancer, especially breast cancer.

Diana Golden and Steve Brosnihan during their wedding

Diana Golden and Steve Brosnihan during their wedding


How You Can Achieve The Extraordinary (with Vietnam Subtitles) Diana Golden c/o songlac


Ireno Alcala (author) from Bicol, Philippines on October 17, 2010:

Very well said, Patty. Diana Golden-Brosnihan's campaign against breast cancer was truly inspiring that still reverberated these days. With or with the disease, she spent living her life to the fullest.

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on October 16, 2010:

Paralympians are awesome. She was beautiful to the end of her natural life and still beautidul to us all now.

Ireno Alcala (author) from Bicol, Philippines on October 16, 2010:

Thanks, sailor. I watched the news on TV last night (Oct15,2010) showing a mother with breast cancer---she said that her son didn't want to go near her. The feeling of being 'unwanted' can trigger the cancer to spread fast.

thesailor from Seven Seas on October 15, 2010:

What a beautiful love story. Those diseases will never hinder a human heart to fall in love and be loved in return.

Ireno Alcala (author) from Bicol, Philippines on October 15, 2010:

Thanks to you, too, kabayang DjBryle. It's ore of an obituary, though, but I may say, this is a tribute to one of the women I admire in sports. I've read and re-read her story since the late 90s and it is but fitting to include it here on HubPages this month.

DjBryle from Somewhere in the LINES of your MIND, and HOPEFULLY at the RIPPLES of your HEART. =) on October 15, 2010:

This hub is very inspirational! Voted u, rated it useful, awesome and beautiful because it is. People like them give us the courage to move on even in life's stormiest times. Thanks for sharing! =)

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