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Developing a Reputation for Spreading Joy and Gladness

It’s contagious. You will know it when you are in the presence of joy and gladness. The character of such a person cannot be denied.

When you develop a state of joy and gladness you will automatically attract good things into your life. You will gain more friends, more opportunities and more opportunities for progressiveness.

The experience of joy is the essence of life. All that mankind does centers around the hope of joy and happiness. Without the reality of joy and gladness, the world would be a state of sadness and great misery.

However, if we desire a to live a lifestyle of joy and gladness, we must earn it day by day.

First, you must acknowledge that the emotional health of your life is less than what you wish it to be. Then you must be willing to do the things which are necessary to obtain the constant experience of this most contagious emotion.


Be thankful

A thankful person appreciates the smallest blessings in life. He doesn’t take for granted the opportunity to smell the flowers along the way, whatever the journey might be. No matter how difficult life becomes a thankful person will always find a reason to laugh and smile. He knows that within every challenge there is a possibility of discovering great treasure.

Release Negative People

People who desire to obtain and sustain joy and gladness must be willing to let go or limit their time with negative people, regardless of the intimacy involved. For instance, if you best friends constantly complain and put people down, then you must decide to disconnect or not to disconnect.

If you refuse to release such people, you will never be able to harness the experience of joy. The negatively charged conversations of your friends will dampen the passion for life within you. As a result, you may become bitter toward life and its affairs.

How Influential is your joy?

However, if you release negative associations, you will eventually gain the freedom of release and attract more positive people in your life.

A Mistake: when releasing negative people, don’t do it with a sense of bitterness. Let go in peace. Forgive them if they get angry with you. That’s human nature when it comes to the loss of good companionship.

The funny thing is when friends see a change in you, they may not want to try your new lifestyle, but they will often still admire the mystery you inspire.

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Enjoy pressure

Never run away from pressure if you desire to increase inner joy. Because pressure is a type of fear, facing pressure and overcoming it appears to give birth joy and gladness. The more pressure you embrace with the intent of growing in courage and character, the greater the state of joy will to multiple within your being.

Running away from challenges keeps our heart bound while facing challenges along with the pressure that comes with them frees our heart and we feel sensational.

Practice meditative spirituality

If you desire to develop sustainable joy, you must connect to your higher power. Contagious joy is the type of emotion that comes from something greater than yourself.

Find a quiet place you can go to daily. This could be you’re a special place in the woods, in the peace of your backyard, or in the silence of your bedroom.

Center all your thoughts on the inner presence. The more you focus inwardly, the more you will feel a joy which appears to be always there despite what’s going on in your life or around the world.

The practice of meditation is so vital to building inner joy that missing one day will indicate that you are unprepared for the obstacles which lie ahead of you. Joy becomes an addiction when you discover its power to transform not only your world but the world of those who are around you.

My Experience with Joy and gladness

As a person who has obtained unspeakable joy and gladness, I feel as if each morning is a new day and a fresh start on life. What I may be going through, whether it is an illness or a challenge with a person, I am able to maintain my joy.


Joy is my strength and attractive magnet. When people see me in the workplace, they are immediately attentive, not because I am someone superior to them, but because they see something within me that is peculiar. They may not understand it. To see a person who always exhibits joy regardless of what is happening on the job or in the world is an automatic inspiration to all those around him.

Therefore, a joyful person will never lack friends. People will always want to be around you if you have harnessed the power of joy and gladness. You spread it wherever you go. When you interact with people in a room, your magnetism overcomes any negativism within the atmosphere.

Obtaining joy and gladness will be the greatest investment you’ll ever make. It builds you up even when times are hard. It will never let you down. Joy is maximum optimism.


Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on June 05, 2017:

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