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Developing Stronger Marital Bonds During the Period of Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus has influenced almost every aspect of our lives. There is an urgent need to find ways to reinforce interpersonal relationships in the backdrop of the pandemic.

Conditions of lockdown and work from home have transformed the entire gamut of family relationships. Every member of the family is struggling to come to terms with the new normal. Newly married couples need to explore ways to establish a robust understanding for a meaningful and happy married life.

Covid-19 has not only affected the traveling itineraries of business people but it has also made an overwhelming impact on travel plans of honeymoon couples. Newly married couples have found themselves locked into their homes leading to complicated relationships.

Challenges of Pandemic

‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ is an old cliché but closeness can also help love bloom between newlyweds. A prolonged period of lockdown and intimacy can also bring two partners closer to each other. This may sound extremely optimistic and rosy as there are instances of strained relationships due to the awkward situation of lockdown.

Many people have found themselves struggling with their careers as more and more companies have resorted to downsizing. This has made lives extremely difficult for couples if only one partner is earning.

Work from home routines involving late-night webinars, never-ending conference calls, and stringent project deadlines, have made relationships between newly married partners bitter.

It pays to be practical

Pandemic has taught us a very important lesson. Things will never be the same and we must try to adjust with the changing paradigms of life including career, business, family responsibilities, travel, co-existence, and healthcare just to name a few.

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We must extend this attitude of understanding to our inter-personal relationships as well. If you thought that your life is going to be as romantic as a Bollywood love story, then you are misunderstood. One must develop the approach of having realistic expectations by appreciating the fact that other partner may act irrationally at times just like you do.

Nurture the bond of understanding

It is always better to use the period of lockdown to have meaningful discussions to explain each other’s expectations. This will help avoid unpleasant circumstances due to disappointments. Whatever may be the situation, you should never snap communication channels because extended periods of silence due to lack of dialogue can lead to serious problems.

As far as possible try to avoid mediation by a third person. If you have any differences, it is always better to sit together and sort them out like mature adults. The involvement of a third person can further complicate the matters.

Marriage is the blending of two personalities having different likes, dislikes, values, family backgrounds, educations, and cultural upbringings to form a unique and loving couple. The period of a pandemic is just a passing phase and if you can use it to your advantage, then both of you will be prepared to take on newer challenges of life in the future.

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