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Depression for Dummies

Hey, I am an engineering student in my final year, writing about some topics that interest me and hopefully interest you guys too. :)

Human beings are an adamant and strong species capable of handling great pain and discomfort, as we have for millennia. A man with broken legs can drag himself to safety, a woman can give birth despite the seemingly impossible conditions. Humans are an amazing species capable of reaching great heights but when the same brain, that gives us the strength to persevere turns against us, when we lose control of this majestic organ. We break and suffer tremendously, till the end of our time with nothing providing us the strength to turn it around. Decomposing and afraid.

"When within an organism the meanest organ neglects even to the slightest degree to assert with absolute certainty its self-preservation, indemnity for its expenditure of force, its ‘egoism’, the whole degenerates...." said Nietzche.

There is a loss of hope in depression. Its utter defeat.
The defeat of your sense of being. That his sense of being, the only thing that makes any person unique is faulty. A person like this is so lost that he would rather be a slave than live freely as freedom itself is pain

Depression is said to be a chemical imbalance that changes our mood, makes us weak, and wastes our time. It is said that depression can be genetic and can be triggered by trauma and last a lifetime.
Everyone has different triggers and varying magnitude of effects. For a child, her mother being sad about her marks may be the biggest blow or for a businessman, it may be filing for bankruptcy. There is an infinite amount of things in the universe that may happen that can paralyze and break you.

To the people who are not willing to take the blame for their own actions that have caused their depression or amplified it.
I think that's one way of saying that you are giving up, that you have lost hope in your ability to cope up with this disease or that you don't believe you are the locus of control anymore.

My question for someone who has accepted these " facts " is simply this. Have human beings not outdone themselves? Have human beings not shown that we are the locus of control. Look around you, how is any of this possible? You have forgotten the power of control, of responsibility, and of an unwillingness to accept things the way they are.

How do you think you would react to the untimely death of your mother?
some people fall into a pit of sadness and never come out, but so many people have come out for centuries. Is it because they didn't love their mother. To someone like that you may say, what a heartless being. Well, it turns out here that being the man capable of taking the stab to the heart and walking through nonetheless is the right thing to do.

Is it your fault?

Everyone has gone through periods of extreme grief. A "depressed" person's depression while some call it a bad break. Nonetheless, everyone needs to understand what makes a bad break into depression is your willingness to let that event break you. People say that depression wasn't my choice and I'm the victim. I personally have gone through this too and I understand what you mean but it is still in my opinion extremely foolish to count yourself as the victim here.

Everyone who has gone through depression realizes that they were not completely innocent.
At the time when I was at my lowest, I would question my worth and if I should allow myself and my parents to suffer my existence. I would ask myself if I have any value in the universe and if my life is just to produce suffering for everyone that cared about me. I was having an existential crisis and the questions I asked suddenly started becoming rhetorical with the aim to break my own self-respect and worth which went fabulously.

It took me to a point when it was really time for me to question suicide and I did question it thoroughly knowing that my life literally depends on my answers.

One of the images that stopped me from going forth with my plan was the image of my mom blaming herself for my suicide. I wanted to write a letter though to make sure that didn't happen explaining to her all the reasons why I'm the worst child and that I would be happier dead but I know no matter what I wrote in that letter, no reason would be enough for my mother.
The reason I wanted to die was not to prove a point or anything, I just couldn't handle life and I wanted to vanish. My mother wouldn't take that as a valid reason. I wanted to vanish to make their life better and I couldn't bear with the thought of her blaming herself. That is what stopped me.
Yes, it would be sad if I died at such a young age, yes, but I think the true horror of suicide is what it does to the people left behind.

I honestly think that someone who has gone through the downs of depression is a wiser person having full knowledge of how capable they are of breaking themselves down to pieces. One tip that I received from my experience was that maybe if the questions that you ask yourself or the statements that you make about your life make you feel like shit, then probably there is something wrong with the questions.

How often do you feed your own nihilisms? Every time you water that parasite it flourishes. How often do you nod along? I think you have to realize that not speaking up doesn't mean you are neutral, it means you accept.

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Expecto Patronum

I think the perfect example of what I'm trying to say is the Harry Potter Expecto Patronum spell. Basically, the Dementors are the manifestation of depression and it shows the endpoint of that, which is you lose your soul. But the Expecto Patronum charm is the only spell that can defeat them. A vivid imagination of the most beautiful moment of your life is channeled into wand lights.

I think really, it is very easy to lose hope. I think anyone and everyone is doing that.
What if you are unwilling to let your Patronus die.
Love (Patronus) and hope is what makes people survive the impossible.

A personal example, after I passed through my depression and started going back into the world, I realized that I had forgotten about my future. I stopped thinking about it because the struggle was to last the day. Suddenly you don't know what your plans are for your life as it seems like you have just been born.
I had lost all hope, how do I recreate everything that I had in my personality that is now shattered.

Learning to walk again

"Hope for the best in the long run and be micro-efficient right now." Gary Vaynerchuk.

Microefficiency is not living in the moment only and the hell with the future. It is a simple proposition, live your time to its maximum potential. Realize that if you think that you can change your life, the only thing left to do is change it.
Change isn't an enemy, it's evolution.
You must in my opinion start taking control of the most valuable organ you have and use your attention constantly rather than letting it fester.
Make art, write, play catch with the dog, try not to let your brain rot. Keep your brain engaged so it's ready when you need it.

I hope this helps someone in need as I personally know that these concepts were helpful to me.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2019 Raunaq Chopra


Lorna Lamon on August 16, 2019:

Your journey with depression is felt deeply within this moving article. I treat people who are severely depressed and I know how soul destroying the cycle of depression can be for them. Your article is inspirational and extremely insightful. Thank you for sharing and reaching out to others who are suffering with depression.

Kathy Henderson from Pa on August 14, 2019:


I found your article very insightful and honest. I felt an understanding of the process of depression. While all of us have moments of sadness I have not been stuck in this battle. However, I know many who have. I believe your article will help some to better understand the process of depression. I also feel it gives a message of survival. You state a truth that one must care for the most valuable organ. Fuel it with purpose and keep on to change the world as a survivor and not a victim. For in a broken world we could all claim victim and death, or survivor and life. The second allows growth and legacy, the first is merely a period!

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