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Depression: Her Opinion

Kathlyn is a BSED-English Level ll student, who wants to know more about writing.

Her is the author. Her is the writer of this article, and her is she. Her opinion has a lot of importance about depression.

What is Depression?

Depression has a lot of branches because of how we view life. We cannot control its pages because it is unexpected thing to happen. It is in the mind of people, specifically the students. Many experienced depression that may lead to suicide.

D- Do
E- everything that
P- provides
R- resilient
E- environment,
S- surrounding, that
S- stands as
I- instruments
O- over your
N- negative thoughts.

This acronym can help everyone to end the painful path of depression.

Secrets to block depression:

Counseling program
Psychological testing
Career counseling

Counseling program.
Once an individual cannot understand his or her thought, a counselor must be seen. There are a lot of counselors in the world, it could be a friend, your mom, teacher and a lot more. Join counseling program to lessen the pessimist thoughts inside one's mind.

Psychological testing.
This is a great help for everyone that are struggling about their decisions, their ideas about life. Many are having the thought of neglecting the positive side of their mind due to various sets of negative thoughts. To have this test may be an eye opener for all to deprive their lives despite the fact of settling into negative perspectives.

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Career Counseling.
A lot of individuals may be facing depression because of how they view their careers. They may have the struggle of wanting to know more what job fits to them. To go on career counseling is an amazing and practical way to help one's mind to ponder and deal on the optimist side.

Many are struggling with depression, be a friend who ask these questions;

-"How are you today?"
-"Are you okay?"
-"You talk, I will listen"
-"Want a hug?"

Be a friend that someone may feel inspired, motivated, loved and cared about.We must always share the awareness of depression. Be mentally healthy. Live well, eat well, think well and love well.

When times may be gloomy because of pessimistic thoughts that are inside your mind, pray and lean to God.

One thing!
Depression is not a joke, people are depressed, people are scared to share their thoughts because of judgement. Always be a friend, a sister or brother, a daughter or son who will be an instrument for someone not to end their life.

Choose people that are healthy for your mental health. Choose your circles wisely, especially choose God as your greatest Counselor.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Kathlyn Gonzales

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