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Depression - A Storm Within!


What is a Storm?

Depression, in meteorological terms refers to an area with low pressure. When the pressure keeps dropping the result is, creation of a vacuum at the center which pulls in the surrounding air and pushes it upwards causing a cyclone, the greater the depression, the stronger will be the resultant storm that accompanies it. A storm however small or big can only cause destruction, that is it's sole purpose and it's unfortunate destiny.


The Ebb & Flow of Emotions.

'Mann'(conscious mind) is a factory of thoughts and emotions; this is where the greatest and the worst ideas/thoughts are born and this is also the birthplace of emotions that radiate throughout the body.

When we are happy, the happiness is born in the 'Mann' and expands into the body, making us feel light and floaty, the pure happiness then flows outward, filling those near us with joy, making them also feel light and loved. Similarly, when a sad thought goes through our head or when we are facing some of our worst challenges, we feel sad, angry and irritated, whoever comes in our way will feel the brunt of our turbulent mood.

The peak and decline of happiness is just like the high of weed or alcohol. It starts slow and ends up with you sleeping peacefully. But when we are sad the feeling is so immediate and overpowering, the weight is too much to keep the balance of the mind stable and it renders us bitter, sleepless and in anxiety.

Birth of a Storm!

A thought if you carefully observe, is like a speck of dust floating by you, un-noticed and not bothering you. A thought in itself is powerless, it will gain its potential only when we give it importance. A million thoughts pass through us in a single day and only the ones we act upon will become our reality.

A bad thought will arise in the 'Mann' due to circumstances but if we give it any value, its effects will start weighing us down, making us feel unhappy within, thus creating a small drop in pressure inside the 'Mann' and if we keep dwelling on that thought, the pressure in the 'Mann' will keep dropping, giving birth to a vacuum which makes our lungs feel under pressure and the whole body feel smaller.

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This vacuum starts pulling in all that is nearby but the ugliness of sadness is such that all that is left nearby at this point is only negative thoughts and emotions which collide inside this vacuum with tremendous force that gives birth to a dark, ugly and horrible storm, one that destroys everything in its path and then destroys one from within.

Change is the only constant.

Everything changes, it is the law of mother nature, nothing remains the same forever, a child that is born will grow old with time and then die when its time is up, it is the cycle of life.

If the law of nature is 'change', then why does one think the bad times they're facing right now won't pass? Everything is temporary and so are your problems. Bad times are just very, very good teachers, the one who graduates with bad times can face any test or challenge that life presents them with.

Evaporate your thoughts!

An agitated mind needs to be distracted before it causes destruction but distractions are temporary, they will only lead one away from the thoughts momentarily, once the distraction is gone, the thoughts will reappear stronger and more overpowering.

Meditation is not the art of suppressing a thought, rather it is the process of filling the 'Mann' with 'Shakti'(divine light), a light so bright and powerful that illuminates the entire universe of our 'Mann' and when the light is so bright and beautiful, all the thoughts, no matter happy or sad will evaporate leaving the Mann filled with nothing but light and peace.



Sunniil K Makhiija (author) from Bangalore, India on November 09, 2020:

Thank you for your appreciation.

Dpaknayak on November 08, 2020:

That was beautifully expressed with a perfect illustration and an impeccable flow of thought.

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