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Depression and Anxiety

I'm a father and husband looking to find peace in what used to ba an increasingly negative mind.

Depression and Anxiety For Me

Depression is a sadness, you've lost interest in things you once loved. When depressed a person will feel tired and may sleep 12 or more hours a day. There may be feelings of guilt and unworthiness. It may even be as extreme as thoughts of suicide.

I know I've had all of these symptoms in the past year. Somedays I'm not sure if I'd be here without the help of my wife and son. I'm writing this series to help people like me who want to help themselves.

Self-help Cognitive behavioral therapy has already given me so many tools to change my thoughts and feelings.

Anxiety, this one didnt really hit me until I had my son. Anxiety has many symptoms but it really comes down the negative thoughts about what could go wrong in the future. You're worrying about scenarios that havent happened and maybe never will. There's many good tests you can take free online to determine if you have depression or anxiety.

I think I first noticed my anxiety when my son was a newborn. I was driving down the highway everything was fine. Then i got this feeling that somehow the back door was gonna fly open and the carseat would fly out and I'd never see my kid again.

There was a good month or so where it was hard to drive because of this baseless anxiety. It just kept getting worse from there.

Coupled with the stress at work I couldn't cope. Constantly drinkig to push the incessant thoughts out of my head. I just so badly didnt want to go to a doctor and become dependent on pills.

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My alcoholism got to the point where I'd get the shakes and have to have a drink right when I woke up. When I was sober I would get constant images of putting a gun to my head because I felt so guilty about who I was. So I stayed drunk. Friends and family noticed. My wife was sad to watch me go through it. Our 3 year old son knew that I went to the liquor store a lot. I had to stop. This is were my journey begins and once you catch up I hope you find helpful thoughts, tools, and information.



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