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The Answers Are in Your Heart

I have studied emotional health, chakra systems, yoga, rebirthing, reiki, and personal transformation coaching.


Did you know your heart is the deepest energy center in your body? It resonates with depth. We often refer to the heart, but then move on to other surface things, ideas, and thoughts. We must remember that the beauty of all existence and the secrets of life reside in our hearts.

To do the practice, take a moment to find silence in front of your altar or another quiet place. Silently tune into your breathing to signal your soul that you want to connect within. Take a few quiet breaths here. Smile—this is your time.

Your Altar Is Your Sacred Space


Explore Your Heart Centre

Draw your attention to your heart centre. I am thinking of your heart chakra or heart space as its called, not the organ pumping dutifully. Sense the space there, sense the door cracked open with warm light spilling out. Sense this invitation, and feel the warm guidance from within.


Enter Your Heart Space

You may enter (in your mind’s eye) to the welcoming, warm space inside your heart. Take a seat. Listen, breathe, steady yourself. Do you hear anything? Is there a voice? What is it saying?

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Close your eyes, and look deeper. What are you holding onto? For most of us, it may be the pain. It may be a memory, a story, or a theme you struggle with in life. What is the message? Look deeper, and keep digging.

The stories that are the hardest to digest reside deep in your heart. They are buried there, but not forever. They are buried until you are ready to look for them. Finding them, and bringing them to the light of your consciousness will heal them. Naturally, they will heal as you acknowledge. As you lay sight on these stories, you will begin to unravel the truth. Go within, go deep into your heart. Here is the treasure trove of your story, your awareness.

Listen to Your Music

Continue to visit this place and uncover yourself. You will be surprised to find the anchors in your daily life, and those that cause suffering and pain. It’s as if your heart plays the violin of its stored contents to the musical play of your waking life.

Listen to the music until it becomes conscious and you are no longer the victim but the victor of the expression. Save your self by saving your treasures within. See them, acknowledge them, thank them, and watch them release. Breath.

I wish you luck.

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