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Loss of life.


The experience of losing someone we love, part of our lives, is something everyone face in their life. This incident itself brings many changes , and these changes affect our lives. Losing someone close to our heart, the one who has no replacement in our lives affect us differently. When we lose someone, we go through periods of the grieving processes, which starts with denial and then goes to feeling angry, sad, and then to acceptance. Awareness keeps us moving forward and makes sure we do not stick in any of these stages of grieving


First, a struggle to deny the experience we have gone through. We try our best to escape the situation. As a result, the roots of grief grow deeper. We can only pretend to avoid it, but we can fool others, not ourselves. In our hearts, we know the truth that we can not escape the fact of losing the one we love. In the mornings, we will wake up and consider our experience as a dream, but reality hits hard with passing days. Underneath all, it holds us captive with a hole inside. Day by day, things become harder.

Knowing the reality

Soon we realize the fact, but we haven’t accepted it. We still need more time, a long way to go. We tried so hard to forget everything in the past few months that now it is tough for us to even sneak back into those memories. There is no place to escape from the fact now. We are again in the same pain, but at this point, we cannot pretend any longer that everything is fine. All we thought as the dream is coming back to us now, as a reality. Now we know that this is something we will have to fight daily. Accepting we will never be seeing the person again.


Now, this is the time we are lost somewhere in our world. We don’t talk to anyone. The pain eats us from the inside out. We think about how things could have turned if this didn’t happen. Not only that, but we think about the times we would have spent more with the person. Those last moments with the person are all we can think. No matter what we do, we can’t get our minds off it.

Guilt and anger

Though this won’t last forever, we will find our way back to us. Even if we have accepted the truth, but it’s not over yet. The guilt of neglecting our families at such a point will keep pushing us back. The moment we were supposed to support them, we were busy with our problems. The time we feel others also need us, we will accept this for real. We still miss them, but now the happy moments when we were together.

Losing someone very close to our heart is not a painful one will never forget in their life. The time passed teach them how to deal with the pain.

Constant reminders

We will never forget the pain we have experienced. The slightest memory of the loved one will drag us in sorrow. Things will stay with us always and keep reminding us of what we have lost. The thoughts of doing things another way will still haunt us. The only difference the time passed will make is that we will not be taken away by the pain. Life will keep moving for everyone. There will also be a time when we will smile as we did before. It takes time to heal, with no other cure to this grief.

Tough Time

On the big special occasions like marriage, birthdays, festivals are the times when we will miss them the most. Eventually, we will learn to deal with this. There will be a time when we will find ourselves in past beautiful memories of our loved ones. Time passes as TIME never stops for anyone. We will meet new people in our life still the void will stay with us forever.

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