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Dealing With The Departed

Currently pursuing a professional course in Assurance. I have practical knowledge and experience in audit, systems control and accounting.


The Concept Of Death

Every creature that comes into being has to die. It is the universal norm for any life on earth. In fact one can easily say that the ultimate truth of life is death. If there is no end, then there is no beginning. Its one of those things in life that is easy to say but hard to accept. Death was, is and will always remain the unexplored final frontier of human consciousness.

I have found myself trying to grasp this concept of death several times. I ended up with more questions than answers. Its simply something we all have to live with. What happens to us after death? The answer to that logically is do you remember anything before you were born?

Sudden Demise

In the past few months, the pandemic has claimed several lives. A couple of my family members were affected by it. Unfortunately one person didn't make it. In a cruel twist of fate and irony, the concerned person had managed to survive and recover from cancer, but she was unable to win against covid19.

I was not exactly quite close to this relative of mine but I had recently met her about a year ago. She was an extremely nice person. I left the family gathering happy. But a few days ago news reached me that she passed away from the pandemic. It was quite shocking to me because she was doing well the same morning on the day of her passing. The news was so swift. I actually took several minutes to process the fact. The worst part is I couldn't even travel to send her off. With the pandemic raging, transport services were cut and there was restricted movement of public.

Hospitals didn't allow the family to take her home. She was sent off directly to the crematorium from the premises. Only her immediate family was allowed to give a small and make shift funeral service. It was completely unreal. It was like a scene straight out of a Hollywood film.


Obviously I was quite shaken. The fact that a living person can suddenly go from being alive to dead in a split second is scary. I found that the more I thought about it alone, the more it affected me. The mind can be quite a scary place. Its best not left alone after a traumatizing event. Its actually hard to come out of it, but it can be done slowly and patiently.

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  1. The first thing I did was seek company. We humans are social animals. We must socialize for a healthy mental state. Ironically, it is the same social behavior which caused so much grief.
  2. The next big thing is distraction. Positive or humorous experiences are necessary to fill the void. If the mind still wanders towards the traumatic event, it is best to convince yourself that death is simply a destination which we all must reach at some point in our lives.
  3. Read books to try and understand certain concepts from the perspectives of others. We fear things we don't understand.
  4. And the ultimate healer of pain is always time.

Positive Reading

The Consciousness

I like to think that the concept of consciousness is something like that of RAM and hard disk combined in a computer. Consciousness defines our very existence. Yes that is right. We could lose our bodies but as long as we have a consciousness left it means we still exist. Our bodies are a means to our consciousness. The really big question is what happens to our consciousness after we die? If the answer is it simply ceases to exist, then what is the meaning of life? Are we to understand that an individual after almost a century of living, all his/her thoughts, memories, experiences and feelings are for nothing?

I mean understanding time the way it is, a century is not even a small speck on the grand portrait of interstellar space timelines. It is a question of perspective. A very important perspective showing how insignificant we seem.

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