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Day Dreaming VS. Night Dreaming

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Day Dream

Fantasizing is while during the day you get upset somehow or another to consider something different. Perhaps you had a greater part of the day that you were unable to envision and it ended up being an open-eyed dream. It regularly happens when you're under pressure and you have to have a moment of delay. As you become more established, wandering off in fantasy land begins to occur in less time. You can consider fantasizing about an approach that causes you to fail to remember stuff, a snapshot of the day that you have a lot of stuff to recollect. So much so that you experience issues and to remain calm and unwind for some time you perhaps begin fantasizing about a vacation in Hawaii, since you need that. You may believe it is your heart to control your fantasies yet isn't. Your mind is the liable one that causes you to have those fantasies. Once in a while when I eat vegetables I long to have a pizza before me. It's the point at which you need something so much that you disregard the rest.

Dreaming During The Day

Night Dream

Nightdreaming normally occurs when you can't sleep or when you're sleeping so well that you don't even realize what is happening around you. Different from the day, at night your mind is open and free, at least for some. If you can't sleep at night is because you encourage some huge problems during the day that can cause you tiredness and or nightmares. Nightmares are a way of night dreaming but something that scares you or you are worried about. Usually are kids and young adults have nightmares. Scientists say that each dream has meaning. I remember once my mom woke me up and she told us that she dreamed about a hippo. Is a weird thing so she searched what did it mean and the next day a bad thing happened. In fact, scientists said that dreaming of a hippo can cause something bad to happen. I usually don't believe in these things and is not necessarily true but sometimes might happen. Remember it can also be a consequence. Don't let these dreams take you back from reality. It's nice to search for the meaning of the dream but you don't have to get into it because you can get obsessed.

Dreaming During Night

Night Dream

Night Dream

How to sleep better?

There are different ways to free your mind espacially if you can't sleep. I can make you a thousand example but I think the simplest one is listening to relaxing music that makes you more tired. Or if is a problem of the body that you can't find a great position or you're stressed than yoga is the best one. Below you can find great relaxing videos.

Yoga Before Bed

Yoga makes your body more relaxed because it stretches your bone making your body feel better. Yoga is a way to get thinner and also to get relaxed. 20 minutes a day of yoga is perfect. There are different types of yoga from which one: before bedtime, to lose weight, to get relaxed. Try the one below to sleep well at night. On youtube, you will find more if you're not interested in these.

Yoga Before Bed Time

Why Do We Dream Bad Things? Bad Dream Cause

Or why do we get to dream them? Normally the smallest children are the ones scared of the monster under the bed or behind the windows but why do they think there is a monster behind that colored and wonderful bed?. Bad dreams can depend on something that happened during the day, if you're watching a horror movie than of course, you're going to have a bad dream. Unless you are an unemotional person. Then doesn't get scared about anything or don't care. If you want your children to sleep well or yourself then don't tell him bad jokes or make him watch things you know is not great from him. Remember bad dreams also happens to adults.

Scary Moment- Bad Dreams

Bad Dream and Horror Movie

Bad Dream and Horror Movie

Personal feedback

I am not a professional in this sector... but I daydream and nightdream too. For me, nightdreams are the worst I guess, while daydream is the nice one that I get from events that comes during the day, usually or in the morning when I re-fall asleep or in the afternoon when I am really tired. Everyone usually dreams differently but overall we all the same cause we all dream, right?