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Dare to Create Original Experiences in the Quantum of Your Living

New life is like a young plant that has sprouted from the seed of original experience.

New life is like a young plant that has sprouted from the seed of original experience.

If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.

-- Roy T. Bennett

Original Experience? What Is It?

It's the experience for which we don't have a reference in our memory bank; it's the newness in the way that we are processing the same outer circumstances and situations, ourselves and the world.

We allowed the production of original experiences to stay back there in our childhood when it was a part of our growing, learning, exploring and becoming.

It's like ever since then it's merely the copy of those models of experiencing, coming in a slightly different form or intensity, but recognizable under the scope of our being honest to ourselves. Every attitude, emotional response, intellectual taste, belief, carries its base in something that we -- for the first time -- experienced as very young.

As if having subscribed to an internal sameness and slaving to the security of its predictability, while even being "proud" of what is defining who we are and so giving us a "reliable character" in the eyes of others in our life.

And as if we owe them to stay recognizable, by not changing, not becoming, but just being. It has all become something like our intimate manifesto of living by inner programs where an original experience would be an act of a heresy.

After spending a creative childhood filled with original experiences, when we didn't mind junking the old information of yesterday for something new and more promising -- we suddenly stopped that inner expansion. Why?

Indeed, are we really deceiving ourselves with something like "our maturity", not seeing how depression, or boredom, or anger, or jealousy, or ass-kissing, are but clones of something that we experienced at the age of five or seven?

When it's about our health, any cellular biologist will tell you how our body is constantly changing, adapting, creating, and when we allow changes in patterns of our experiencing, body loves it.

By doing our conscious part in recreating our life, we signal our "good" genes into their expression, which affects production of proteins which then chemically orchestrate a renaissance of health and vitality.

Stiff and repetitive mentalities tend to turn that inner river of change into a stale swamp, so we get old before our time, and inflexible in the way we are running our relationship with ourselves and with others.

It's the same old crap continuously reactivated and luring us into a finite identity where we helplessly say something like: "That's the cards that I have been dealt by the stars which scripted my destiny".

Creating original experiences means living beyond ourselves, being proactive instead of reactive, feeling present at the cause, not at the end of a receiving line. That's when life becomes an adventure and passion, not something merely "happening to us".

So many could learn a lot from children about equality among races.

So many could learn a lot from children about equality among races.

Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong.

-- Mandy Hale

The Whole Mankind Stuck at Repeating Its Basic Mentality

Not only as individuals, but also as the human race, we keep following the same patterns of experiencing. And just like we, as individuals, only changed our toys from a water pistol to a real gun, the mankind has changed its technological toys from bows and arrows to nuclear bombs.

Technological progress is insanely deceiving, giving us this illusion of our "evolving" as species.

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In our mentality though, nothing really changed other than aspects of that same arrogance, greed, violence, territoriality, hunger for status, misery and deceit, all crowned with the same tribal fetishism of those more primitive times.

Our unholy history shamelessly keeps repeating itself, making true the maxim saying how "history teaches us only one thing -- that it never taught us anything".

Did you ever stop to ask yourself why our political ideologies never went past republican and democrat -- as if we were unable to invent something original, something that would work without this pathetic and shaming incessant antagonism resembling a political civil war?

So, let us not be shocked by the simple assertion that we, as kids, were more intelligent than as adults -- if intelligence still means an ability to solve problems, to outgrow the previous limitations, to explore and to keep "becoming" instead of just "being" and imitating ourselves of the yesteryear.

Indeed, as kids we easily replaced our diapers for a toilet, whereas as adults we still seem to be crapping into diapers of yesteryear, seemingly unable to use toilet and flush all that doesn't belong in our pursuit of a normalcy that would justify our calling ourselves "homo sapiens".

Whatever we seek in earnest -- is seeking us.

Whatever we seek in earnest -- is seeking us.

If you can't change it, change your attitude.

-- Maya Angelou

Law of Attraction and Original Experiencing

I believe in the Law of Attraction -- not because I would just find it intellectually appetizing, but because I got countless proofs of its existence by observing my own life path, and the ones of others, including the whole mankind.

A certain tenet of it is particularly relevant to the title of this article -- the fact that we keep attracting more of the same in life, unless we change something inside.

More precisely, as long as something is on the level of original experience, it is bound to unfold into its benefits, because it touches the quantum field of infinite potentiality. But, as it becomes an "old news", it slips into the realm of Newtonian causality perpetuating itself and merely regenerating its variables in our life.

Thus, someone with a mentality in which a bad experience in relationships has created a less than optimistic belief about future outcomes -- is bound to attract to themselves those partners who will fulfill their self-defeating prophecy.

Then those who are constantly spying on their bodies for any symptoms are bound to attract to themselves diseases and conditions of all sorts.

Just a change in attitude, with a refreshing original experience being rehearsed in the theater of their minds could produce miraculous snowballing of one good outcome after another.

Somehow, in ways that we don't even have to thoroughly understand -- by utilizing our creative imagination to produce new and original thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs, we trigger their material manifestation in our life.

It's about experiencing something ahead of its manifestation that mobilizes unseen creative forces to make it happen.

Looking around us now, we can see what we have been choosing so far -- whether consciously or unconsciously. It's up to us alone, what we will be choosing from now on.

Will it be the familiar sameness -- including the same wishful and sterile thinking, or will it be a daring opting for an original experience of life?

© 2023 Val Karas

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