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Dangers of an Acidic Body


OMG the bells of St Mary's just went off in my head as I watched Dr. Robert Young! People laughed when I told them I watched a super muscular beautiful horse graze on nothing but grass in Yorkshire. Why did he have such muscles? Not from eating protein, that's right not from protein.

So what was he doing to get that physique? Building his BLOOD with greens that alkalinize the blood and salts contained in greens.

Blood is built with chlorophyll oil and salts. Protein does not build muscle, blood does!
Dr. John Young says, "eggs are one of the most toxic foods you can put in your body." Fish, chicken and meats are insoluble fibers.

Do not eat any part of animals you are killing your cells off !!!! this stuff is foreign to the body

Dr. Robert Young explains:
There are spike proteins in the beef, there are acids in the Interstitial fluids of the beef, and there's blood. The juices of beef and chicken contain urine that juice is filled with acids like uric and sulfuric.

When you eat meat all you do is pollute the body and fill a void. Body cells and bone are not made from protein, but with the blood which is built with: oil, chlorophyll and salt. *Those are the ingredients of stem cell production.

So you get zero value from eating meat other than shortening your life, plus destroying your intestinal villi (intestinal villi multitudinous threadlike projections covering the surface of the mucous membrane lining the small intestine)!!

PH Miracle Cover


Dr. Robert Young: PH Miracle/Please Read!

Fix Acidosis A.S.A.P.


Every ailment, disease, and abnormality in the body is due to some stage of Acidosis! It's that simple.

Cancer (what do doctors do? they fill you with more toxic waste like chemo) after you are passed the stage of induration (toxic overload)

Correct the PH in your body like an aquarium. "Sodium chloride" is the salt most responsible for the salinity of seawater and of the extracellular fluid of many multicellular organisms. In its edible form of table salt, it is commonly used as a condiment and food preservative. Sodium chloride is the chemical name for salt. Sodium is an electrolyte that regulates the amount of water in your body. Sodium also plays a part in nerve impulses and muscle contractions. You can even use sodium biocarbonate.

When the body is highly acidic it goes into these stages:



Inflammation (stage 4 acidosis)

Ulceration (ulcers)

Induration (The enervated body is now carrying an un-eliminated toxic load creating toxemia)

Fungation (Cancer) stage 7 acidosis

And finally... Degeneration

Dangers of an Acidic Body

Danger is an understatement.

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In Dr-Youngs-Complete-Whole-Body-Alkalizing-Program he says:

Fatigue is probably the major symptom or complaint of an overly acidic body. The toxins produced in an acidic body environment reduce the absorption of protein and minerals, which in turn weakens the body’s ability to produce enzymes and hormones. This also interferes with the reconstruction of cells and other necessary components of energy production. The result is fatigue, poor endurance, an inability to add muscle tone, and general weakness.

A diet high in acid foods such as meat, dairy, grains, high sugar fruits, and bread, causes acid wastes to build up in the body. When acid wastes enter our bloodstream, the blood system will attempt to dispose of these wastes in liquid form through the lungs or the kidneys. The breakdown of this disposal process of acid waste could also be called “the aging process.” To slow down and reverse this process, one must begin by removing this over-acidification of the blood and tissues by including liberal amounts of alkaline water in the diet.

Breathing is Powerful & May Alkaline the Body

Some Symptoms of Acidosis

  • Heartburn, gastro-reflux, skin eruptions, sunken eyes, ulcers, poor digestion, dark circles under the eyes, very low blood pressure, bad breath, migraine headaches, gum disease, insomnia, bloating, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath

My personal experience scared me to death and I was equally as shocked when I fixed my PH which only took a few days. I experienced the worst bad breath I could hardly stand to blood in my saliva in the morning and some strange odor when I went to the bathroom, which is also gone now. Days were spent unable to focus or accomplishing little, being up not long before I had to collapse into a chair. When I finally got the point, I researched because on that day, I felt like blacking out a few times and feeling so dizzy I almost fell down the stairs. I also had a hard time getting air. When the body becomes that acute with acid it can also affect the lungs. Respiratory acidosis is created when the lungs can no longer remove the carbon dioxide. When the kidneys are overloaded with acid you enter metabolic acidosis.

To fix it fast I started on baking soda and literally no more black teas all day with sugar, no more cookies or sweets only an occasional handful of pecans and chocolate chips. After two days literally my breath no longer reeked in the morning like a sewage plant. All of a sudden my head 'cleared up' I could think once again. My energy returned so I could mow the lawn and do normal daily tasks. I'm not feeling down anymore either; this is a miracle that opened my eyes! Thus, the reason for this entire article.

I hear people complaining everyday of the symptoms I can now identify and I am spreading this information and helping as many as whom will take this seriously.

Greens Fix PH

Positive Thoughts, High PH

Keep in mind please that thoughts are things. Negative states stemming from flawed thinking will produce acid in the body as readily as the food we eat. So, we must clean up the outside and the inside together to our best ability.

I've found that once you're aware of how to balance what you put into your mouth it becomes a way of life. So, if you have a coffee, you start to automatically know you must drink lime water or have some spirulina, if you know what I mean, to balance out that acid. Just remind yourself that the entire body goes on red alert if you are under 7,3 PH and that the plane is going down!

Eat Foods High in Chlorophyll

Moringa, spinach, parsley, arucola, basil, hemp seeds, broccoli water cress, asparagus and brussel sprouts alfalfa, celery, chlorella, cilantro, collard greens, dill, kale, matcha green tea, mustard greens, nettles, spirulina, sprouts, turnip greens, wheatgrass


A Pretty Good List of Alkaline Foods

Alternative Ways to Raise your Body PH

If your pH drops below 7.35, acidosis will occur. Limit the acid foods you put into your body. Breathing deeply seems to improve the condition a bit.

When you cannot eat alkaline you can take a 1/2 tsp or so of baking soda as a temporary measure.

Be Well!


Disclaimer: I am not vegan and I'm not pushing an agenda. I'm passing on critical health information for your well-being. Caring about yourself, agreeing or not, is all up to you!

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