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How Did Covid-19 Change the World

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How did COVID-19 change the world

Over the year people used to live normally, but COVID-19 changed everything no one was allowed to go for outdoor, visit friends, going to the restaurant, cinema or sit in a public place all these were not allowed by the new laws.

These new laws of COVID-19 which were implemented to prohibit many things for people became like a threat to human beings' freedom but no one had a choice than to obey because it was a health crisis and this was for everyone well being.

The spread of COVID-19

After many people heard about Coronavirus they didn't know its origins only knew it began in Chine. it was in Wuhan, a city in the province of Hubei, in China, where for, the first time, the case of COVID-19 was identified there, in December 2019. No, body thought it should spread quickly in the continents.

The scientist in China and, around the world didn't know about the pandemic. except Doctor Li Wen Liang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhah central Hospital, who after discovering the virus tried to send a message to his colleagues about the Coronavirus.

Unfortunately, he died himself from COVID-19 after he caught it from a patient. Dr.Li was much like Prophet to announce the Global health crisis threat which was on the way to causing not only health chaos but economic as well, before Dr.Li died, he was forbidden by the authorities of Hubei not to spread the news about the new virus over the populations.

From Wuhan the COVID-19 began to spread over china and around the world, it was too late when many countries and people began to realize COVID-19 as a dangerous threat to the world's population health. this brought the world to a standstill. the scientist in the world were confronted with many challenges, the one way to stop the virus was only to find a vaccination solution this required a lot of work and research for the scientists.as long as the numbers of COVID-19 patients were increased the authorities were had also challenged to build alternative hospitals quickly as soon as possible.

Lockdown and new law

Now, every government in the world was about to take precautions on how to protect their populations, they began to close their border, implemented new laws for COVID-19. Everybody was about to adapt to the new change adults and small.

When news began to spread, the world Super Power, the United States White House administration didn’t take it seriously, just after the first case of COVID-19 death was identified in the city of Los Angeles and followed by many death caused in New York state, the Federal government decided to call for state emergency but this was late.

It was in May 2020, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa who is the actual, president of South Africa, did the same like many countries' governments did, he called the nation into a state of emergency to close the border, imposed the lockdown Level 4.

The pandemic changed our standard of living into a new living, Before nobody wear a mask, sanitized their hands, and respected social contact but in the pandemic, these all changed, it also brought our world to a standstill.
anyone who tries to disobey the new laws, risks paying a fine or imprisonment.
everywhere around the city, the law enforcement were doing patrol to arrested the one who trespass the new COVID-19 law especially walking outside your house after 8 Pm this was prohibited.

The change of Living

The work sector changed, some people started to work from home. the office was closed. Businesses, schools, churches were closed, some school began to have TV school program on the national Tv or online.

Online activities became so important in COVID-19,to avoid social contact. this become normal and people quickly adapted to that.

Post-COVID-19 In South Africa

This change of living continues in post-COVID, many people are always wearing a mask, sanitize and respect of social contact for fear of the infection. everybody is not sure if the COVID-19 was gone.

In South Africa, In level 3 when the school opened because of the pandemic, many public schools, separated classes for a limited number of children, and children were studying only 2 or 3 days a week. teacher, students wear masks and avoid social distance.

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James Sherifson (author) from Cape town on October 19, 2021:

Do you think COVID-19 changed our world, yesterday when, I walked the street of my city, I found that people continue to fear COVID-19.they wear their masks and avoid social distance.

would you tell me what is your opinion is about the change in our society because of COVID 19?

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