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Cymbalta Side Effects and Withdrawal Symptoms

Cymbalta - Antidepressant Medication

You've more than likely seen the commercials "depression hurts" which have the somewhat saddened piano theme song behind them, while they show various scenes of people struggling with depression. That advertisement is for the antidepressant Cymbalta, made by the Eli Lily company. Many people currently use the drug Cymbalta which is at times misspelled Symbalta or Cimbalta. I've taken this medication for about 2-3 years now as treatment for not only depression, but also for bouts of anxiety, and neck/back pain, all resulting from whiplash in a car accident. I've also felt some of the downsides of using the drug, for example the awful effects of withdrawal if you stop taking it cold turkey. This webpage will generally provide others with more information about Cymbalta, its side effects and withdrawal symptoms. This page also includes my personal experiences with the antidepressant medication, Cymbalta (duloxetine hydrochloride).

If you're looking to get off Cymbalta, you might try this method.

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Cymbalta Side Effects

First a disclaimer, I'm not a doctor or pharmacist, simply a patient who has taken the antidepressant Cymbalta for several years. Always consult your doctor and pharmacist for complete medical information about any medication you are prescribed.

Cymbalta is usually first administered in the lower dosage of 30 milligram pills, which you take once daily. They're ideal to take before going to bed, because one of the side effects can be a "sick to the stomach" feeling after taking it. So taking it right before you fall asleep, maybe with a glass of milk, will help ease that and make sure you aren't too sick. Another side effect, I personally have noticed is that the drug used to allow me to sleep just 4-6 hours and I'd wake up. I'd stay awake for 2 hours, then go back to sleep for about 2 more hours before I finally decided to get up.

Some of the most commonly noted side effects of Cymbalta are nausea, droswiness, dizziness, constipation, dry mouth, headaches, diarrhea, insomina, fatigue, loss of appetite, sore throat, weakness, runny nose, sweating. One of my doctors also indicated that the drug can make you have more of an appetite, which is contrary to the "loss of appetite" listed above. Some people have speculated that Cymbalta causes weight gain like other antidepressants. While there's no proof of this, if Cymbalta causes more of an appetite that could definitely lead to weight gain.

Some of the less common side effects of cymbalta are shakiness, muscle pain, blurred vision, anxiety, hot flashes, weight loss, yawning and various sexual side effects (erectile dysfuntion or impotence).  These side effects generally occur in just 2 to 5 % of the people taking Cymbalta.  Consult your prescribing doctor and/or physician for information specific to your health situation.

A few times I had taken some of the leftover 60 mg pills after I had stopped cold turkey, and yes the side effects of starting Cymbalta in that higher dose were severe. They caused me to feel very sick, with one of the most intense headaches I'd ever felt. In a few instances I vomitted repeatedly over the course of one night and was thankful when I could finally fall asleep. This is something you definitely should not do. Consult your doctor in this situation.

How to Get Off Psychiatric Drugs Safely

Prescribed pills may help but can also bring side effects that are tough to deal with.

Prescribed pills may help but can also bring side effects that are tough to deal with.

Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms

Stopping Cymbalta cold turkey is something I'd never advise, nor would your prescribing doctor.  There's no general timetable for how long Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms last, but the withdrawal effects can be pretty intense.  I stopped taking Cymbalta several times due to the fact I've never liked medication and was never on any sort of psychological drugs prior to my car accident. I feel these drugs can greatly inhibit us, and there's always a more natural cure or solution to most problems. Also, I had lost my job and health insurance and that made getting the medication extremely expensive. When I stopped taking Cymbalta, I have to admit I felt amazing for several days afterwards, and wished there was a way to bottle that feeling. I basically can say I felt like myself again, but the drug was still in my system. And as time went forward with me off the drug, I began to feel worse and worse.

Some of the things I felt when I went off Cymbalta cold turkey, were an overall feeling of malaise, of not wanting to get out of bed, feeling sick to my stomach, and some severe headaches. At times I'd feel dizzy, extremely tired and bright light would really bother me. This was most likely due to migraine headaches, but it was a clear indicator of what may happen if you completely stop taking the drug. Talk to your doctor before ever removing yourself from a medication, because you may suffer some pretty nasty effects. In most cases, the doctor will recommend you "wean" yourself off the drug, by reducing the dosage from 60mg to 30mg and then stopping it completely.  Again, consult your doctor before making any decision to stop taking Cymbalta or any other prescribed medication.

Get Cymbalta at Low or No Cost

Here's some helpful info for people who might not have the means to purchase Cymbalta and/or are not covered by health insurance. I've read about people going off Cymbalta because they couldn't afford it. When I was employed prior to my car accident, the medication cost me about $30 a month. When I lost my job, I bought the drug at least twice, and the straight cost was about $140, which is not something most people can afford. So I also stopped taking the drug due to being unable to afford it without health insurance. The bad news is that there's no Cymbalta generic version of the antidepressant medication. The good news is you may be able to obtain Cymbalta itself for less money or even free.

I found out that the Cymbalta manufacturer Eli Lilly offers an assistance plan to help people obtain medications at low or even no cost. The company has provided me with 4 months worth of samples of Cymbalta at no cost at least twice now. All I had to do was fill out paperwork, submit to my doctor's office and within 4 weeks, the sample meds were at my doctor's office. So consider applying for this assistance if you can not afford Cymbalta.

Find out more about Eli Lily's Assistance program here.

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Diane on July 19, 2015:

I see this is an old thread, but, I have been on 30mg for pain for 7 days (pain gone, not due to drug) it was something else, now I want to quit, but all your side effects are scary, is 7 days enough for crapload of side effects? I do not have depression or anxiety, it was a misdiagnosed pain issue

sandra on November 13, 2014:

I used cymbalta and gained 15lbs. in a week, I quit taking the med. Right away.

William on April 30, 2013:

I'm taking the generic and I have no side effects at all. Some people have side effects to different medications, it's normal and it's not the drugs fault. It's commonly accepted that certain medications work differently for different people.

It is also well known that anti-depressents can cause an increase in suicidal thoughts. This again is common, and occurs in varying degrees in all AD medication.

Fluidlymult on March 07, 2013:

When i accustomed to obtain at the top of lifestyle although lately I have built up any amount of resistance.

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ciskAppoilk on June 09, 2012:

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Emma Jones on May 10, 2012:

I have been taking 60mg Cymbalta for one anxiety is gone but now i cant get off them. I have severe vertigo and head spins...i dropped to 30mg...and tried to get off but i was very sick. any thoughts? Thanks, Emmma

Used for Pain Management on May 01, 2012:

This is not my first time at this rodeo, I have been on/off it since 2006. I have constant neurological pain and take 30 mg in the morning. Previously I got off of it to take a break as I don’t really like relying on drugs to make it through life, and experienced substantial weight loss. I read many posts and experimented as everyone’s tolerances for drugs and combination of drugs is different. Cold Turkey is a NO NO, worst period of my life. Then I tried opening the capsule and taking an average and replacing in gel caps in a controlled reduced manner, Way too much work.

What work for me was as follows; every other day for 7 cycles, then every third day for 6 cycles, then every fourth day for 5 cycles, then every fifth day for 4 cycles, then 6 days for 3 cycles. Once I reached the 7 day stretch, I waited until I began to feel withdrawals, and was surprised when I no longer felt sick. Therefore a very slow and gradually weaning I find is best. Use a calendar or journal to keep notes and track.

If you plan on staying on it, be sure that you ALWAYS have an extra month supply in case you have delays in renewing your prescription.

Its a drug to make money,that is it on April 29, 2012:

I hate it! DON'T TAKE IT!! please! It near made me kill myself and I have never ever thought like that before, everynight I drive the highway trying to pick out trucks that don't have cattle on the that I can just plow my car into, I have weird cartoon like dreams but I'm not even ASLEEP! I didn't have one thismorning and I already feel abit more relaxed n level headed

Bev on April 22, 2012:

I have been on Cymbalta first 30mg then 60mg, I decided to go cold turkey, I'm in my third month and still feel depressed, mood swings and sore muscles, my doctor tried me on 25mg of Valdoxyne I stopped that since it nothing for me, please help do you ever rid yourself of this drug.

mumin on April 15, 2012:

I was taking cymblata 60 mg i quit i have side effect almost two year i cant wear cloth keep changing cloth i need help

tyler on March 26, 2012:

im on the 60mg cymbalta, recently upgraded sometimes i don't feel like myself anymore. i don't know what to do at times and right now i wanna take another pill. iv been prescribed one a day but sometimes it just dosnt do it for me...

Katie on March 18, 2012:

I have been on Cymbalta for over 6 years for depression and Fibromyalgia. I was on the way to the doctor and a tractor trailer was coming toward me and almost drove head on into it. I have a family history of colon cancer and decided that 6 years of constipation I needed to come off this. Mydoctor had me wean myself off all winter and I just stopped completely this week. I cry all the time and feel angry and lightheaded. I want to find something natural tat won't cause constipation. I gained about 10 pounds while on the drug and have lost 6 of it since January 1st. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Riaz Khan on March 06, 2012:

I have been on Cymbalta since one year & has been prescribed 90 mg daily dose. Depression has gone away to a great extent but have suicidal thoughts besides nightmares, constipation, light headedness,dizziness, etc. For sleep I have been prescribed which is not a sleeping medication but an anti anxiety medication called Tolvon 60 mg taken at bedtime. This medication helped me a lot as far my sleep & for my anxiety problem. I was thinking of getting off Cymbalta but after reading all the comments, I should reduce my dosage slowly & gradually.

donna on January 26, 2012:

i have been on cymbalta for 6 years now i was on 60mg and now im on 30mg im trying to wing off them to try another med. after reading all these post it makes me scared to get off them because of all the side effects. i have been told i have depression, panic attacks, ptsdo, goraphobia, ect... but after talking to people i think that my problem is i am bi-polar. i been seeing doctor's year's and they have never been able to tell me what's wrong with me all they do is feed me more,more meds......!!!! i have been reading about bi-polar and i am going to talk to my doctor about my reasoning. any thoughts on meds....??? can anyone help me out.....???

TJ on January 12, 2012:

Oops previous post. Hi all. I've been on and off of cymbalta for the past year. Reason I came off it first time was that I picked up weight. Now going back on again a few months later but on a lower dose. I've been on loads of antideps over the years and this has by far been the best for me. Less anxiety and less depression.

Thing is guys I don't know what your doctors are thinking but you have to taper this drug off with Prozac or you WILL get withdrawal symptoms. This will solve everyone's problems and there won't be all these issues. I did it and had absolutely no withdrawal symptoms at all. Speak to your drs and let them know because they are clearly clueless!!!!

Tj on January 12, 2012:

Hi all. I've been on and off of cymbalta for the past year. Reason I came off it first time was that I picked up weight. Now going back on again a few months later but on a lower dose. I've been on loads of antideps

Lilia on January 02, 2012:

I have taken cymbalta for a while and have never had any problems plus it helped me with both my depression and my nerve pain...some of you have commented about the side effects of coming off of some of these meds. I have had different ones and cymbalta is the one I like the most..they do state that if you decide to stop it you need to give your body time to come off of it. You should do it slowly...cutting back on the dose until you don't need it anymore but the most important thing is always talk to your doctor before trying to stop any kind of meds. Unfortionaly, I learned the hard way...I was due for a refill and had no refills left..I had enough pills for 5 days..I was not aware that my neurologist was going to be closed for remodeling and did not refill my meds until almost two weeks later...I can tell all of you that it is the worst feeling and "withdrawl" symptoms lasted until I got me prescribtion renewed. It is not easy having to contol your emotions and pain with meds but to all of us that have to please be careful when changing or trying to stop certain meds...ALWAYS talk to your doctor before making that decision!!

Take care and May the Good Lord help you with your decisions!!

Julianne on January 01, 2012:

Hi it's now day 7 since I've taken Cymbalta - my top layer of skin is sensitive like the flu , my brain swooshes and have limited energy . Read that fish oil , almonds and blueberries may help, so am eating these . Pain levelS are bad as I have a neck bulge pinching c7 nerve . Will start on Dothep 25 tonight ! Wish me luck , I'm a bit scared to have any drugs after what Cymbaltas done to me . Has anyone else got my same condition and used Dothep ?

Julianne on December 28, 2011:

I have been on cymbalta for a year for nerve pain . Don't think it did a lot to help so my pain clinic has advised me to slowly withdraw medication . Was on 120 then 60 then 30 for a week then every second day. . Haveent had any for 3 days feel like my soul is trying to leave my body , tired,dizzy and minor diarrah . Will Start a trial of Dothep 25 in a couple of days .

mumin on November 10, 2011:

i quit cymbalta am having problem i hv cold my body now for two years

Linda on October 12, 2011:

I had been put on Cymbalta in January of this year for diabetic neruopathy type pain. To make a long story short I decided in August to stop taking this mediciation. Being an RN I gradually lowered my dosage or a 5 week period, before coming completley off this medication. That was 2 weeks ago, inspite of the gradual doseage decline I still am experiencing horrible withdrawal symptoms... headaches, brain zaps, confusion, dizziness, nausea, nightmares like you wouldn't believe. Yesterday I had a brain CTscan to rule out any problems there. I asked my MD if the Cymbalta could be the culprut and she said no. Today I am checking the Internet myself, I am a text book case of Cymbalta Withdrawal. I hope to God that this is over soon!!!

manyanim on August 21, 2011:

I went cold turkey 4 weeks ago read everything I could lay my eyes on, I went thru all the stuff you have read about that one goes thru coming off Cymbolta, its all true it can be really frightening. Now after 4 weeks the brain zaps are not as frequent most of all the other symptoms have either stoped or are less intense. I am feeling extremely vulnarable strange feeling, but for the first time since i have been taking this drug which should be banned almost 5 years now, I feel i can think again cybalta dulls your sences to such a degree problem is you don't know it until you come off it and have gone thru the hell of withdrawl. If you are reading this hub to decide whether to go on Cymbolta or not, my advise is try and find an alternative. Cymbalta may or may not help your condition, but the chances of it making things worse are way to high to take that chance. I honestly don't know how a drug like this can be put on the market, the manufacturers should be taken on, but worse than them cause we know they are in it for the revenue, the practioners and prescribers should be taken on, this drug is not safe. I don't know what long term or pernanent damage it has done to me and thousands of others, and they cant tell you either. exhaust all possible alternatives before you contemplate using this awfull medication.........

MacKenzie on July 24, 2011:

I just went cold turkey off Cymbalta 120mg. I have been on every kind of med known to mankind for the past 3 years. I am tired of taking a med for my anxiety to then have to take another med to help me sleep cuz of this side effect from the anxitey med. Nightmares from meds, emotionless, Plus i have gained 15 pounds from meds and cant maintain or lose the weight. So here I am going cold turkey day 2. Today I have tingling in my hands and face. last night was hard to sleep without my sleep aid. Lots of awake and asleep. but i know i can do this. So many stories I read on here are just like mine. But I am done with putting chemicals into my body. I am going to try everything possible to go natural to control my anxiety. Anyone who is in my boat and has suggestions please email me at :)

Tracey on June 26, 2011:

Does anyone have a problem since they started Cymbalta, of recieting gum lines? skins problems? My sleep patterns are also crazy. This is a very attictive drug. I am now afraid to get off. :(

nathaniel on June 12, 2011:

I have had depression since 1999 when my oldest son comitted suicide. Even attempted to do it myself several times, obviously, unsuccessful. My Dr. tested my blood, found I had low testosterone, and prescribed a topical cream to boost it.

On that, my brain seemed to open up, but something was still wrong. I again asked for help, and he prescribed prozac.

In Nov, 2010, I had an aneurism in the pons of my brain, which started to feel like a migrane that Id get from time to time. Felt the aura, but the usual visual disturbance wasn't there this time. I became paralused, and was rushed to the hospital, and now have two titanuim implants in my head.

While recovering, I couldn't read, walk right, or remember much of anything. My neurologist recommended that I try to read, and push myself a little bit. I couldn't rremember what was said, or written, but it all started to come back, and the depression from my loss of abilities hit hard. Was still on prozac. Also, had dilantin as a seisure preventative. My back was in constant pain, and I had some problems with nerve pain in my left hadn. (It was degloved in an accident at work in 09) So, my Dr prescribed Cymbalta on Feb 2nd, '11

That night, I tried to hang myself from my second story bedroom wondow.

Yeah. I wanted to die. Have wanted this release many times before, but Im so damn stupid, I cant even kill myself right. When I hung from the window, my wife removed the rope from around my neck, and saved me. Now she doesn't love me anymore, but thats another long long story. Lets just say I have been a failure my whole life.

So, here comes the Cymbalta. After some counseling from a psychologist, and some forensic tests on my brain, I was told that I have some visual perception problems, as well as spatial dynamic issues. I have a higher than normal memory level, as well as verbal skills they told me in Apr of 11. Okie fine. Cymbalta to the rescus, back to work.

I went back, and every day, Im soaked in my own perspiration. I get dizzier than hell when I stand up from crouching. I find it hard to see, read or type sometimes. I have relationship issues with my love, because I don't remember what she says to me, and she says I don't listen.

I even got lost in a town nearby, where once I was a taxi driver, and knew the town like the back of my hand.

My sexuality is gone. There is no desire anymore. Im argued with continusly. Im having problems spelling, walking, thinking. I used to be emotional. Id cry over a mivie or a song ( yeah, Im male.. get over it.. sensitive I guess( Well, emotions like that are gone. Shoot my loving golden retriever, and I wont even flinch.

Im not even human anymore. Not an animal. BUT at least I don't want to die. Im dead already. Just too damn stupid to fall into my grave.

Is this what life really is? Just no pain, no emotions, no remembering your sometimes sweet memories? Forgetting a town you knew well? Is this all from my new titanium implants in my pons, or is this from that cymbalta?

Should I quit it cold turky, and get my own suicide attempt right this time?

I was once thought of as intelligent. I was well read, well learned, and an effective employee. A loving husband, a good lover, and had a good attempt at writing my own story. BEFORE my son did what he did. Now, I cant even die right thanks to the cymbalta! Cant think, cant remember, cant walk sometimes, cant see right, sometimes cant hear...


Anyone out there homicidal? Please reply to this message with your email address.. Ill give you directions on how to find me.. and feel free to kill me. Do what you want with my corpse. I am not worth anythng else but to be a victim

Pamela on March 06, 2011:

Hi, just a note of agreement depression is a Brain Disorder it is not just a sad day or days of chosen pity parties it is real so hang in and be encouraged. Depression as some as you know is a deletion of chemical imbalance in the brain. Seretonin is produced in the bowels and for some reason that we don't understand it isn't being produced very well just like diabetes insulin is not produced well. We live in a toxic culture of chemicals and poor nutrition lets face it we are mostly dependant on mass farmer ect.. I have had to come off of cymbalta for medical reasons and would like to share with you my progress, I have tried to come off of antidepressants in the past with horrible results. Just remember though sometimes we need the drugs to live a happy and normal life, yes it is a bandaid until we know more this disease. Cymbalta is a time released capsule containing tiny little beads some medication and some filler. If you want to come off of cymbalta I would highly recommend the program of Point of Return they help you understand how nutrition and suppliments can help in the process of withdrawing from antidepressants You should only decrease 5 percent per week it sounds very slow but you can avoid the terrible withdrawl and back lash from cymblalta You will need to make sure that you keep within the same serial number on your cymbalta box so that you know they have the same eqaul number of beads in them. You can not mix this particular medication with orange juice and slowly taper like you can with other antidepressants matter of fact it is dangerous to do this with cymbalta as it is a time released product. You must open each capsule and count the small white beads or you can use a jewerly scale to decrease your meds as it can read small grams. You can purchase gel capsules from a heath food store to help re package them. Take 5 percent away each week and keep to that schedule until your done even though you feel good you may have a very nasty kickback months later. For example 100 little beads you would take away 15, therefore ingesting 85 beads every day for 1 week and so on. Eat healthy ridding yourself of processed foods and any refinded sugar. Also know that certain foods like broccoli and banana's can increase your meds so avoid them until your done your weaning. Every day I take 1300 mg of omega 3 pure fish oil, vitamin d and whole whey isolate from point of return. Taking a probiotic is good too. Hang in there I have eliminated the angry feelings ect.. and know have clearer thoughts but don't get silly if you feel suicidal talk and get help and take it slow slow slow. Blessings Pamela

denise on March 02, 2011:

stopped cymbalta 1 week ago and im sick to stomach daily but im hungry then i eat and feel worse!emailed my doctor no word yet on what to do blood pressure goes up and down, and in soooo dizzy but have to work!!!! this med is great long as you take it BUT TRY and stop and you feel like hell!!!!!had a spot on my liver so doctor told me to stop because of the sideaffects to the liver now what or how do you get through th withDRWAL?????

Lynda on February 28, 2011:

P.S. I realize that I initially stated that I was on Cymbalts for 3 years. I looked back and discovered it had been 6 years. The really bad side effects started slowly after 2 years on it, but got worse until last spring/summer 2010. Mea Culpa for any misleading info.

Lynda on February 28, 2011:

Hang in! Now 30 days off since stopping cold turkey. The first 10-15 days I cried at the drop of a hat, had flu-like symptoms, increased brain swooshes, increased headaches, had frequent "Cymbalta Moments" when I would fly off the handle and briefly become demon woman but the moments didn't take me over as they had before( and knowing the cause helped),my family and co-workers(even the ones who were in the dark) commented at the positive change in my demeanor, and, in spite of the withdrawal hell that was getting better, I got through it because I FELT LIKE I HAD TAKEN CONTROL and HAD MY LIFE BACK. Now, still with brain swooshes, but MUCH less,some headaches (but they have been with me since 1993 anyway)stomach/GI tract a bit touchy at times, but, again, I feel the end is in sight. Please, hang in there and get yourself back. It is do-able and worth the struggle. I will not allow medications to take any more years away from me. For the past 6 years on Cymbalta, I realize that many of the health issues I was seeing neurologists for may likely have been actually being worsened if not caused by the Cymbalta. I am almost at the end of the tunnel, and the light is beautiful! Love and prayers to all. I hope this helps.

L atx on February 21, 2011:

Day 4 of cold turkey Cymbalta...but back up a bit...I was put on this med for fibro by a kind new doc and it did work for pain, until it didn't so increased amt. twice over the course of a year. My performance at work did suffer in my opinion...and am fed up that I still have pain, so I just quit it hoping I would be lucky to not have severe withdrawl...after all - I got off two other anti-depressants in past with not much trouble (but did taper those). So I checked on-line to see what to expect and read even tapering had severe WD symptoms. Let's just do this and get it over with. Day 1 and 2 were a breeze...but day 3 clued me in on what those poor other souls talked about...those weird-eye-movement-with- -swooshing-sounds when shifting eyes to look left and or right!! dizzy, nausea, no appetite due to near vomiting feeling since breakfast, and I had to wait on many customers at work!! asking God to help me through this so I can get home to lay down. Wild dreams from day 1 WD but I actually liked remembering having some dreams for a change lol even if a bit strange in content! Today I have to work just 5pm to 9pm and slept most of the day between going online for WD help anything!.. found maybe chamomile tea, or ginger could help but everything seems to also have will tough it out. AND why has no one posted any end to their WD??!! Someone let me know if there is and end to the WD, Please!

Lynda on February 14, 2011:

I was on Cymbalta for 3 years, prescribed for continuous migraine-like headaches (constant since 1993) and supposedly diagnosed as pre-diabetic. For a year or 2, I guess I would have to say that I felt alright, although the headaches never changed. Then last summer 2010, I was having major debilitating hot flashes. Thinking it was hormonal, I began taking natural progesterone and had good results as far as the hot flashes were concerned. Then I began feeling more and more aggressive, hopeless, angry, weepy, and, yes, even with thoughts of suicide. This was NOT ME! I blamed the hormones, and my practitioner suggested weaning the Cymbalta. I couldn't live feeling like I did and putting my family through my Godzilla behavior, so after realizing I had all of the 'contact your Dr immediately if you have any of these symptoms' I stopped the progesterone and the Cymbalta cold turkey on January 29th of this year. It has been 16 days of a different kind of hell from what I WAS living, but I have hopes there will be an end to the withdrawal from Cymbalta. The Drs I work with (and my boss and employee health) do not believe that my complete personality change came from the Cymbalta, mainly because Drs know only as much as the drug companies want them to know. Only if a Dr is very motivated and has the time and inclination to do a bit of research will they discover more about the meds they prescribe; and I know first hand that most Drs today are being worked into the ground. Long story short (I know, too late!) I want myself back and coming off Cymbalta is the answer for me. I have since discovered from other Cymbalta users that sometimes hormones do not work well with Cymbalta, AND some psychiatrists believe that withdrawal and 'getting clean' of Cymbalta can be MORE difficult than coming off the worst and most hard-core street drugs. Hang in there, friends. I know I will. When asked how I was feeling, in a nutshell, ON Cymbalta my reply was "I want to kill myself and everyone around me"; I still feel a bit like this on Day 16 OFF Cymbalta, but am determined to let my body get back to what it was and go from there.

Sometimes a medication's benefits for some will outweigh the adverse effects; thus they are still prescribed. Do your research; YOU/WE are our best advocates.

Prayers, love, and hope that the tunnel gets shorter and the light at the end of it gets brighter so we can all get on with living.

Mbm6 on February 10, 2011:

Started Cymbalta in Oct for fibro pain x 15 yrs. Was in coma like sleep for 1 wk @ 30 mg but persisted. ALL pain disappeared like a miracle. Could move freely w/out back going out. Stomach pain gone- it was great. But after a couple of wks I found I couldn't sleep EVER, was withdrawn, passive, & having lots of weakness, tremors, heart palpitations, buzzing, etc. Dr increased to 60 mg . Side effects got worse. Almost missed Christmas! Tried going off it cold turkey not knowing such withdrawals awaited-vomiting, nausea, severe headache. Have been weaning since New Yr & now am 3 days off 20 mg. Still nausea, headache, numbness, buzzing, etc but not as bad. Terrible sweating. Pain returning. Will have to live with it. Time to start participating in life again. Had a friend go off Cymbalta cold turkey w no prob. Maybe had a partner drug to get over the humps. Think twice before starting this. It's horrible to get off it. And I also gained weight. I wasn't depressed B4 I started this drug!!! LOL

TammyK on February 09, 2011:

I have been on cymbalta 60mgs 1x a day for almost two years now. I must say that there have been alot of side effects; dry mouth, loss of appetite, and excessive sweating were the worst for me initially. I have major depression, anxiety, and pain in my shoulders/back. After the first week of taking it My back and shoulder pain completely disappeared (something which had been bothering me for several years and no other treatments worked) Honestly I didn't even realize how bad my anxiety was until I started taking cymbalta and it went away and my depression has greatly subsided as well. So I can say that cymbalta has really changed my life in a good way regardless of the side effects. I have never tried to ween myself of of the medz. but I have missed doses...mostly due to not being able to afford the prescription till payday(thanks for the assitance info btw I will be contacting Lilly!!!) And the withdrawls have been severe really bad nightmares,nausua, and an over all disconnected feeling and the worst imaginable head aches, I once had an occular migraine after missing a dose. Apparently this drug isn't for everyone but don't decide it isn't working until after you have atleast taken it for 2 months give it time to work. Most of the really bad side effects have gone away for me (except the sweating)Oh yeah And I always take mine right before bed I think that gives me a chance to go to sleep before it kicks in and also lessens the nausa.

Meg on February 05, 2011:

I am weaning off of cymbalta.I have been on cymbalta for two years and was always in bed because I was so tired my zest for life disappeared and I felt numb.I tried so hard to push myself. Recently I began experiencing toe and foot aches and the desire to eat constantly. Since I had found some successful coping skills with counseling I felt I had to try to get off this medicine and reclaim my life. Went down from 60mg to 30 mg then 30mg every other day. It has been a week since taking the last 30 mg tablet.Vomitting, diarrhea ,extreme body aches and dizziness have been the norm. Feeling a tiny bit better everyday but can't wait for this to be all over.

t on February 02, 2011:

to all the people saying oh don't put drugs or chemicals in your body control it with your mind and will power, people who take antidepressants are just weak minded etc i would like to remind you that depression is SERIOUS. it is not something you can just "will" yourself out of. maybe if you have never had a major clinical depression you don't need the drugs but for those of us that do sometimes it is the only option. of course i think if you are on antidepressants you should be in therapy along with it. also people don't let the horror stories scare you! cymbalta really helped me for awhile, yes the withdrawal sucks but i will take that over the debilitating depression anyday.

Trish on January 31, 2011:

After a year on Cymbalta, I chose to wean my self off slowly. I had a few panic attacks, but generally made it off okay. My main reason to stop using Cymbalta was that I was because the bottoms of my feet were being covered with mutiple red sores that caused excruciating pain. My toes were swollen and my balance was off so much that I could barely stay upright. The sores made it nearly impossible to walk. I remembered that another anti-depressant had actually made me the point of getting hearing aids. Doctors could find no reason for why my balance was so bad just like the doctors who could not figure out my sudden hearing loss. When my doctor switched me to another antidepressant my hearing came back within about a week; and now off the Cymbalta, the excruciating sores are gone and my balance is better. No more antidepressants for me, I'll try meditation, yoga, better thinking and attitude before being rendered mindless with these expensive, toxic drugs.

william on January 27, 2011:

Men in nursing homes have stronger libidos than I have thanks to cymbalta.

ellet on January 23, 2011:

I was taking 60 mg for 4 years and I felt it was time to get off the dependency of this medicine - I talked to my dr who took me down to 30 mg and tried to actually talk me out of going off of it. She is a general practitioner, too. She said wait after winter and we will take you off, ok, I said. Last week I tried to get it refilled and the Dr refused to refill it - not sure why as I left a msg and am waiting for a call back. I have had crying jags, anxiety, super weird nearly hallucinogenic type dreams WHEN i finally get to sleep, and dull headache, getting progressively worse. I wish I had never been put on this poison and am mad at the irresponsibility of the doctor & staff who have not had the courtesy to at least call me back or call in a lower dosage to wean me off.

Elizabeth on January 16, 2011:

I have been on Cymbalta for 4 yrs. Two plus years I was at 40 mg, and then went up to 60 in spring of 2009. In fall of 2007 I began to be fearful walking down stairs, eye hand and foot coordination were off, and I eventally chalked it up to getting older. I also experienced much brain fog and dizziness and chronic constipation, exhaustion, and an increasing inability to remember things, or to focus and retain information.

I never connected this to Cymbalta.

The first time I became concerned was when I could not afford my copay and missed a few days of doses. I experienced severe dizziness, mini blackouts, falling, visual problems, and driving was a nightmare.

Additionally, I was unable to stand, walk, see clearly, ie, I am not ambulatory or safe behind the wheel when I miss more than 3 60mg doses.

I brought these issues up to my psychiatrist who reported she had never heard of any withdrawal problems with this medication.

Over the last 4 years I have also gained weight, 3 to 4 sizes, and become more and more exhausted and isolated and negative. Friends have commented on this.

During the last nine months I began to experience many of the withdrawal symptoms when I was fully compliant with my prescribed Cymbalta. I finally decided to come off of this medication when it interacted badly with a natural cortisol lowering drug which left me with dangerously low blood pressure and dizziness, fainting, unsafe on my own, for two months. I then began to have problems driving, numerous times this fall I would be driving, and would come to, unaware that I had lost any conscious connection with my surroundings, and find myself about to drive into a car, a curb, off the road etc.

I have been weaning off of Cymbalta since late November. I am newly down to 7.5 mgs daily, empty the capsule, divide, and take one quarter of the contents each day.

I am unable to focus or remember things, my vision is blurry, the dizziness, and nausea, and anxiety, and delayed response mentally and physically, to situations, like someone pulling out in front of you, is awful, and dangerous as well. I nearly got into an accident, and could not react quickly, my brain is delayed in directing a physical response.

Today, I felt my throat closing, and it felt like novacane.

I can only hope this ends soon, as I have not been able to work since early November.

I am very grateful to all of you out there who have shared your own experiences with this drug. It has allowed me to validate my experiences, do a variety of research,.and make a decision to get off of this medication before I lose anything else.

Trevor on January 14, 2011:

I been on cymgen 60 mg for a year. It makes me sweat a lot, feel very tired and no energy, lower memory and concentration and lower reflexes. Also weight gain. It seems to slow down carbo and lipid metabolism as well as thyroid function. Please advise me.....

smm on January 11, 2011:

I have been on cymbalta for 4 yrs 60 mg 2 times at night.

i don't like this medicine and asked my dr how to get off of it he ignored me. i have neausae all the time i have

gained weight and i want to eat all the time i am sick most of the time i don't think it helps at all i want to go off all together and not take any antidepressents at all. i think i would do better dealing with my problems on my own.

Jen7747 on December 24, 2010:

I have been on 60mg for a little over a year. I was on lexapro until my doctor felt I needed something stronger for depression. I took myself off of cymbalta 6 days ago. I feel physically ill. I am constantly dizzy, light headed, and tired. I feel sick to my stomach too. My tongue even tingles at times. The control this medicine has on your body is frightening. I am desperate to know from someone how long this will last. I refuse to cave in and start taking it again, but I don't know how much more of these withdrawal symptoms I can take. Someone who has done it, please post what happened.

Maria on December 20, 2010:

I been on 30 mg for 4 months my family loves it I helps me with my back pain and depression also I lost 20 pounds I feel great I'm going to start on 60mg tomorrow I will keep you posted

wanda on December 20, 2010:

I have been perscribed cymbalta today haven't taken them yet ...i don't think i will after reading all this scared to death

Adee on December 16, 2010:

I had a 4 level Neck fusion and a spinal decompression surgery. After surgery I developed anxiety and a fear of falling and breaking my neck and back again. I was given Cymbalta and have been on it for 1 year. For someone reason Workers Comp decided to deny my prescription. First of all I had no idea that you could go through withdrawls from this drug, and I'm a bit pissed at my Pain specialist for not explaining what may or may not happen. I have been sick now for one week, nausea, head aches, night terrors, overall weakness and sweats and chills..... I was approved and placed back on it last night. I felt like crap yesterday before I took it, but now i feel worse. I don't what to do, do I stop and go back to getting off it or do I continue taking it and get back to where i was before. Bottom line I want off this drug, and If already started withdrawls then wouldn't it be wiser to go from there???

Mare on December 16, 2010:

I have never responded to a blog before so here goes. I've been on Cymbalta 60 mg at least 5 years (maybe more) to help w/Fibromyalgia. At the time it was billed as helping w/fibro but it really hasn't for me. There have been a few times that I forgot to take it for a few days and felt awful...same symptoms as mentioned... dizziness, nauseous, brain zaps...ugh. I am weaning off with doc direction...went down to 40 mg per day for 2 weeks; then 20 mg for 2 weeks...she actually wanted me to do it over a longer period but I wanted off this drug. I am also seeing a counselor who can RX meds - she has had many clients who have a terrible time getting off of it. She suggested Lexapro but my doc wanted me to be off of everything before I start something else. So guess what, this the week of no pills and it truly is HORRIBLE! Besides the symptoms I mentioned earlier, I am crying, angrier than usual...scary...I will NEVER go on this drug again. I just pray that there are no lasting side effects that will show up later in life. Anyone have any experience w/Lexapro? I'm thinking I may go the supplement route and forget rxs..don't work anyway...

ang on November 30, 2010:

i was put on prozac in april of 08 while i was in the hospital for 3 weeks and was semi-concious (the stupid nurse told the doc i seemed depressed) what? i wasn't concious enough to be depressed, after i got out and got well, i noticed i was severly depressed and thinking suicide, so i stopped taking it, period, no problems. then in august of 08 i went to my doc cause my foot was swelled up huge for no apparent reason, he said he could put me on cymbalta cause it has been known to help with neuropathy, so ok no prob, yep it stopped the swelling and i had no side effects, no problems at all, so i just stayed on it cause he said to not just stop taking it like i did the prozac, but he didn't warn of the actual side effects, i lost my job and insurance in october and ran out of cymbalta last week, my main worry was my foot swelling up on me again, but now i'm sick as a dog, crossed my mind that maybe cause i'm off the cymbalta so i looked it up, and whoa! all this crap i'm dealing with is on here (nausea, vomitting, and dizziness), how crazy is that! at least now i know, and all i gotta do is deal till it goes away, ugh. and for the man who is having problems with his girlfriend, instead of getting mad at her, pay attention, she needs help not hurt, and as you can see, not all of us were put on this med for "issues" got stuck due to doctors we trusted. good luck to all :)

None on November 18, 2010:

My girlfriend is on cymbalta and there are times when I can't even talk to her because she just flips a switch especially when she's been drinking. I don't know how much I can take of this. I have never taking any pills to ease my mind on anxiety and depression let alone anything else. What if we were in the stone age. They didn't use pills. Quit depending on pills and go the natural way of dealing with problems. USE YOUR BRAIN to coop with problems. Not Pills. I just don't get how weak minded some people are.

Susan on November 16, 2010:

My mom is tapering off Cymbalta and at first the doctor said take one every other day for one week and then cut in half for one week, etc. That was hell. We changed it to pouring out about thirty of the little balls each week and trying a slow taper. It's working better but she is angrier than normal and for the last week she's been having terrible bouts of diarrhea. I see this is a side effect but does anyone else have this?

She will be off Cymbalta next week entirely and then I heard the fun really starts with "brain buzzes" that can drive a person crazy. I heard that Prozac can help with the withdrawals and can be stopped cold turkey without any problems.

The FDA gets paid by these big drug companies to hurry approval of their new drugs without the normal research and safeguards. It is totally legal believe it or not. Of course they make such huge windfall profits that they can easily afford to pay off any lawsuits. IT IS NOT ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE LIKE MANY OF US NAIVELY BELIEVE- IT IS ABOUT MONEY AND POWER!!!!!!

Of course they offer free drugs-they are hooking new addicts, I mean clients that way.

Erin on November 15, 2010:

Week 3 of cymbalta and feeling horrible. Not depressed anymore but I feel dizzy, dull, queasy and flu like. Think I'll take the depression. At least I can physically feel like going about my day

jodeee6 on November 01, 2010:

I don't normally complain about things, but I have been on cymbalta for 5 weeks after switching from Prozac. I should of stayed on the prozac. I am having severe mood swings, getting very aggressive, am more anxious than ever, so much so that i can understand alot of the posts. I hate this feeling. I started out very confident that this med would work, only to find it has made my life a MISERY!!! I am stopping and going back to prozac,I don't care what my doctor says. There are definatly better meds than this. I just wish i didn't have to find out the hard way :(

Dreamer1 on October 16, 2010:

I have signed up for this site just so I could comment on this thread.

In May 2010 my sister shot herself right before Mother's Day. She had been on Cymbalta for 2 months. Her doctor said at the funeral that she was not suicidal.

I had spoken to her just days before and she was fine.

Today I found out that after the funeral a lady called my brother-in-law to tell him that she was sorry about my sister. She was taking the same medicine, Cymbalta, and had headaches like my sister.

A few months later the husband of the lady called to tell my brother-in-law that his wife was dead. She had hung herself.

How likely is it that two women taking the same meds in a town of only 5,000 would commit suicide.

My brother-in-law has filed a law suit against the makers of this. I wish I could take part because of the loss of my baby sister. I miss her every day. There are some things I didn't have to do because they make me think of her. I worry about her three children growing up without her.

I hope this stuff is pulled from the market and the makers pay for what they have done.

Caroline on August 25, 2010:

I take cymbalta and have the exact same problems with sleep. I sleep 4 to 6 hours am up for a few hours and lose all energy.

Elizabeth on August 19, 2010:

Hi, I've been on Aropax for approx. 9 yrs. and have just been prescribed Cymbalta. I'm at 5wks & 5 days of breaking down and now off Aropax and have had the worst 5 wks & 5 days of my life. Decided before commencing on this new drug I'd actually do some research. Thank goodness I have. The come down from Aropax was bad enough but with what I've just read this could be worse. Thanks guys. Good luck

KathyNnc on August 04, 2010:

How helpful every comment has been. I too have fibromyalgia in addition to other medical & neurological problems. Just a few months ago my nephew recommended Cymbalta saying how it had helped him. The next time I saw him he looked 10 months pregnant. Sadly so did I!!!! The Cymbalta made my mood better and helped with fibro pain as I started getting out of the house to socialize. But very quickly I became severely constipated and gained several pounds. On my own accord, guessing the new med was causing the only negative side affect, I stopped cold turkey about a week ago. Since stopping it, I wake up angry & go to bed angry, stay in bed and sleep a lot. I felt great on Cymbalta but couldn't deal with the heavy weight gain. Now I feel awful and depressed again!! I hate taking Meds. Right now I feel hopeless. Good luck to all! Kathy in NC

dugu from Brasov, Romania on July 13, 2010:

nice article. I have a similar hub on Cymbalta,feel free to check it out.

jga on July 06, 2010:

wow I have to say I'm kind of scared from reading all your comments. I got on here because I have been feeling really strange the last two days. I have not been taking my cymbalta for three days. I ran out of them and I am out of money so I decided to stop taking them. I never wanted to stay on them very long anyway. When I got on them to get me past a hard breakup I was told by my doctor they were easy to stop taking when I was ready. I have been feeling weak, dizzy, distant, and sort of twitchy. It sort of feels like a have a short in my system. :( It's a real bummer that a medicine meant to help you through hard times would bring more hard times when you stop taking it. I could be way off here but it seems like this could be done on purpose so people will keep buying CYMBALTA!!!!

Emmeline on June 16, 2010:

Thanks everyone, I am convinced to stop it. I am using CymGen for 5 days now for fibriomyalgia and minor depressesion. It makes me drowsy and my tummy is sore. I also get bouts of weakness with a bit of nausea. I am not going on with it, just to have withdrawals like above. I think the best thing to try is getting my head clean and fill it with the word of God. There is no medication which can heal a hurt & worried soul. Too much people is drinking medication to help with that. Only Love can help with that, the Love of Christ. Take care!

BarelySurvived on June 11, 2010:

I was put on Cymbalta to save cost! I had been taking four

meds to try to control my everlasting depression and I just couldn't afford the cost. So the shrink suggested Cymbalta. Soon added Topamax (anti-seisure) to control weight gain and boost effect. After several years on Cymbalta, I lost my job from depression, lost all my friends, every one, lost my son's respect and loyalty (he blamed me for everything that was happening), very nearly lost my life to the suicidal ideation that this horrible poison causes. My shrink just watched it happen, charted it all, and blamed me. He couldn't find anything to add to help me, so he blamed me for resisting a cure. Everything he tried to force me to add caused such severe side effects I had to stop against his advice because he refused to believe what was happening. After I quit him, I researched Cymbalta and found that my case is not at all unusual. In fact, during the very first clinical trial a poor young college student who had never suffered depression in her life committed suicide from this drug. But that didn't stop them. Then more people in the trial killed themselves. But that didn't stop them. They did stop the trial. But they rushed it to market anyway because of the usual greed. Now they are killing us all. And if we try to quit this toxin, we are faced with severe side effects for who knows how long, maybe for life. And now I am faced with the knowledge that I am in danger of a seizure trying to quit Topamax, even though I've never had a seizure in my life! It's a side effect of quiting that drug. I'm in fear of driving and having a seizure. I can't find another shrink to help me withdraw so I'm doing it on my own. I finally took the whole bottle of Cymbalta on Memorial Day, giving up again. It only tore up my stomach and made me vomit all over my bathroom, which I then had to clean up. It won't even kill me, just torture me. I suppose I should be glad. But I'm so afraid of doctors now, and I forgot to mention that the same shrink put me on Zyprexa years ago which gave me Type II Diabetes which has ruined my life. They wouldn't let me in the class action law suit so I didn't get MY $30,000. I'm praying for a class action on Cymbalta because I deserve something for all it's cost me. And I'll be damned if they squeeze me out of that one! Don't take this drug for any reason. There are others. They are all dangerous, but some are less dangerous. This one is a killer. No doubt. Don't take it, period. If you are taking it, stop. NOW.

Jen on June 10, 2010:

I am currently weaning off Cymbalta. I have been on it for over a year (120mg/day) for severe back pain. It really helped the back pain, and I also benefited by having low anxiety.

Recently, however, I felt I was gaining weight and after my usual fitness and dietary changes didn't seem to be working like normal, I thought it might be the medication. I also felt it was time to go off, since my back pain had gone away.

This is my third day without Cymbalta (I was on 90 and 60 for 1 week each, then 30 for two weeks). I have nausea, diarrhea, and serious bouts of anger. It is frightening, especially because I have two four year old boys and I have no patience for them.

I'm dizzy and my coordination is messed up. My doctor didn't mention any of this might happen. I also had severe migraine-like headaches during the weaning process. I've been trying to combat it all with running and exercise. It seems to help a bit, but of course, the other side effects make exercising challenging.

I'll let you know how I feel next week. Right now, I'm scared I'll never feel good again.

jim on June 09, 2010:


I am currently withdrawling from Cymbalta. I have dizziness, headache, naausea...ect..The initial dizziness was worse than any i've ever experienced. I'm staying off this drug and do not recommend it to anyone. I got off because of side effects simialar to my withdrawl...Hang in there...

quin on May 25, 2010:

I have been taking 60mg cymbal due to fibromylgia.

I often stopped for a few days then continue again due to constipation. my last attempt to stopped caused me unusual

weakness, lost of balance, dizziness, fainting.

I am in my 2 weeks without any medication, the condition does improved. I will see doctor to sea if he can describe for me something like elyrica.

elizabeth on May 14, 2010:

My biggest side effect is sexual completion. I am going off of it and switching back to wellbutrin

Samp on May 11, 2010:

First, I wanted to say to everyone who has posted on here, thank you!!! It's nice to know that I'm not alone and that I'm not losing my mind. I started taking 90mg of cymbalta in aug 09 and in march 10,I began the journey of weaning myself off of the drug. It has been a long uphill battle of dizziness, being tired, brain zaps, feeling sick, insomnia and more. Most people I talk to Don't understand and brush it off as nothing. I'm now down to apprx 10mg (I actually open the capsual and split the little beads). It's still tough, but what keeps me going is really the fact that I do not ever want to wean myself off of this drug again. Although it's uplifting to know I'm not alone, I still feel for everyone that has or is going through weaning off cymbalta. It's extremly hard, it's harder than the depression I had initally. My family doctor has walked me through the weaning process and says it's very slow (apprx 4 months). my initally thought was...ya right, I'll be good in a few weeks. It's been 2 months and I'm off on sick leave as I honestly do not have the attention spand or attention to detail that I need to fullfill my responsiblities. Anyways good luck to all out there!!! Medications serve a purpose and cymbalta helped me through a rough time, I'm thankful for being in it, but will be thrilled when I can actually function like a normal person again ;)

Fibro on May 05, 2010:

I have been taking 60 mg of Cymbalta for 2 years due to Fibromyalgia and at my last doctor appointment he recommended for me to try Savella to see if it would better assist my pain. I was given a 2 week trial packet and was told to continue taking Cymbalta during. After the trial packet was finished my doctor instructed me to stop taking Cymbalta immediately and precribed Savella 25 mg twice daily. I now have been off Cymbalta for 5 days and I feel like my body is being ripped apart and set on fire while being beaten with a bat at the same time. My heart is beating so fast that it feels like I am going to have a heart attack at any moment. Is this all withdrawl symptoms and is it going to get better any time soon? I feel so helpless and frustrated because the pain is so intense.

Tracey on March 31, 2010:

I found this site while looking for a concrete answer as to how many days it takes to feel better once you stop taking cymbalta.

My doctor started me on 90 mg to help with headaches. It never worked for the headaches but I was afraid to stop taking it because of what I heard about coming off of it! Over the past year, I got myself from 90 mg to 60 mg and in the past month, down to 30 mg.

My experience with this drug have not been good! I take it night and if I forgot a night, by noon the next day I could barely function!

I am on Day 3 of no cymbalta and I don't know if I can take it any more! I am SO SO nauseous and constantly dizzy...I am afraid to drive to pick my son up from school. I mentioned these side effects to my doctor and he acted surprised!!!!

I never thought trying to break free of 30 mg daily would be so difficult!!!

angie on March 28, 2010:

OMG i feel like i would be better off dead then going through this hell on earth. I have fibromyalgia, not sure if it helped it that much but now after tapering off w/30mg., i feel like i have been in a bad car wreak. I have never had such bad joint pain plus constant crying in my life. It is the worse anti-dep.,i have ever had such horrible time going off.

Vicky on February 24, 2010:

I was put on cymbalta by a psychiatrist 2 years ago for severe post natal depression. I have tried to stop taking it several times and I only have been able to get to 7 days before having to start taking it again. My symptoms have been as follows:


Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, excessive flatulence, regurgiataion.


Severe headaches, dizziness, fainting, dis-coordination, inability to control eye movements.Visual and auditory hallucinations.


Suicidal feelings, constant crying, severe mood swings, aggression, anger,bizarre thoughts.

I currently feel like I want to die, i have a nursing background and if it wasn't for that would not have the knowledge to know that this is withdrawl and in a week or two these symptoms may pass. I was not warned of the potential effects of stopping this, if I was I would never have agreed to start taking them in the first place. I have had to take leave from work as I not safe to look after anyone else never mind myself.

Eli-Lilly should be held to account for promoting and providing a drug which the effects of stopping it are worse than the initial depression its self. I hope the money for them is worth the human cost.

I am currently at day 7 off the drug and I hope I can stay strong enough to stay off it.;

Wanda says: on January 30, 2010:

I have been taking Cymgen for 4 weeks and have never felt so sick in quite a while. It helped for my acking body, but the side effects is far worse than the body ackes.

I am still mooding and does not have a lot of energy. Can somnebody let me know if this will change and how long does it take before I will start feeling better.

Adele on January 12, 2010:

Thanks for the information about Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms. My supply of Cymbalta was cut off abruptly for a few days due to delays at my local stockist, and I suffered migraines in addition to feeling tired all day but having problems sleeping at night.

It feels horrible to know that you've become so reliant on a drug, but not taking any sort of medication would make the anxiety and depression spiral out of control. It's a tricky and delicate situation to be in.

Lara on December 11, 2009:

There is now a generic called Cymgen, which I have been taking instead of Cymbalta.

TammyInBoyne on December 08, 2009:

hey on the information...i have been on cymbalta for 1yr steadily...i have noticed a decrease in the depression and body aches but i have more PMS and crying spells for a week before my period...also the last month i woke up with my pillow soaked and from then on have been really sensitive to heat...i go through night sweats and day sweats it seems...for instance, it was 19 degrees outside and even with wearing a sweater my head was sweating fiercly....i also have really weird dreams...i leak out a little when i have to weight will fluctuate and im eating less than i was...the other thing i did notice was my sleep patterns changed...i go to bed around 11pm but wake up from 2-3am, can't go back to sleep until 5am, and then wake up at not supposed to take naps but i just get so tired....the doctor put me on 10mgs of ambien but it hasn't touched the sleep except to make my eyes extremely drowsy, but my mind and body are raring to go...finally i noticed that my mind races...i feel like i can't talk fast enough to keep up with my head...i lose track easily of what im trying to thats what i not sure if this is worth the decreased depression and body aches....i have never attempted to go off cymbalta and i take 60mgs in the morning....i also take risperdal, and trileptal....

Kristine on December 01, 2009:

Hi I have been taking Cymbalta for over a year. I take 120mg per day and it has helped me especially during my period. But last week I was unable to pick of my pills before the holiday and I was off of it for almost three days. OMG I have never felt this sick in my life, brain zaps, vommiting, shakes, being too cold then too hot, the aches and pains were unlike anything I had ever experienced and the nausea ..... I got the medicine yesterday and took it then and today, still feel nasueated and have severe headaches... It just makes me worry by body is addicted to a medicine this strong...I am going to go off it before I have children, but now I am very scared about withdrawl symptoms again. ANY ADVICE?

Suzanne on September 25, 2009:

I have been taking Cymbalta for about 6 weeks. It was prescribed for Fibromyalgia. The first day I took the medication at about 10 am...and by 9 pm my pain was virtually gone. I haven't felt this good in at least 10 years. The Fibromyalgia diagnosis was recent and I am feeling so much better. I haven't had any side effects!

Sara Tonyn from Ohio, the Buckeye State on September 07, 2009:

Good hub about Cymbalta, especially the info about Eli Lily's assistance program. As you noted, there is no generic Cymbalta yet (I forget how much longer the patent is in effect) and it can be expensive if you have little or no drug coverage through a health plan.

I think it's worth mentioning that Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be reduced or even eliminated by adding Prozac until the Cymbalta can be reduced to nothing. As always, every person reacts differently to medications so there's no way to know who'll suffer withdrawal symptoms and who won't. But it may be worth asking about adding Prozac as a "detox" aid if Cymbalta is being discontinued. Just a suggestion to anyone currently taking Cymbalta who's considering getting off of it. :)


danmayerisgod -- I started taking Effexor at one time but had to stop because of side effects. My blood pressure really escalated, I experienced severe dizziness and had a constant headache. Ugh!

But as bad as that was I went through much more horrible, severe withdrawal symptoms after stopping the Effexor! I had only taken it for a little more than a month and wasn't on a high dosage (75mg, I think) but the withdrawal was the worst thing I've ever been through. I honestly thought I was going to die!

I'm not trying to scare you. As I mentioned before, there's no way to know in advance who'll suffer side effects or withdrawal symptoms from medication. I'm only telling you about my experience so you'll be sure to detox s-l-o-w-l-y if you should ever decide Effexor isn't helping. You may also want to ask about using Prozac to help lessen or prevent possible withdrawal symptoms. From what I've experienced and what I've read, Cymbalta and Effexor are similar enough (NSSRI's) that they both carry some of the same risks, and Prozac has been used for withdrawal symptoms of both. Hopefully you'll never have any problems but I thought I'd share my cheery account with you just in case!

BTW, Effexor made me feel GREAT until the side effects ruined everything. (RATS!) Cymbalta hasn't done as much for me but I've only been taking it for a month so it's still too early to know if it's worth continuing.

Good luck to you!

-- Sara Tonyn (get it?)

Research Analyst on July 27, 2009:

I have seen the commercial your talking about where they show people currently use the drug Cymbalta, thanks for sharing the downsides of using the drug. Your hub mentions some things that I never knew about, concerning Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms. Thanks for sharing.

captainsml (author) on July 04, 2009:

Lizzie, I've never taken that much Cymbalta, only been at the 60mg level. My personal physician put me on a second medication called Trazadone which he told me to take right before sleep, as a sleep aid. You may want to ask your doctor about Trazadone. It also seemed to reduce some of the nausea I felt when waking up each morning. (on a side note: I recently took myself off Trazadone to prevent a groggy feeling in the morning and during the day)

Lizzie on July 03, 2009:

I've just been increased to 90 mg. of Cymbalta. I don't know if that will help my depression or not. I also suffer from insomnia and even prescription sleeping pills don't help me much. Does anyone else have this problem with sleep?

anxietyhelpsecret from South New Jersey on June 23, 2009:

I am always reading and reviewing all about anti depressants... I just can't get over the addictive these drugs are... and although I understand why doctor prescribes them and why the industry has chosen to add chemicals into something in our body that is produced naturally... I just can't see me taking them. I go for the natural remedy route,

Keep in touch.

TandT on June 20, 2009:

I go through depression and, maybe even anxiety. but,I've never taken anything for it. Why do some people take these kinds of drugs with all those horrible side effects?People end up with more problems than what they originally had!i belive some of these companies are the biggest drug dealers out there(It's just a leagal way to kill people slowly and, that's sad to me!)I will deal with my "issues" the best way I can.I hope people will find a better and perhaps natural way to deal with their battles of the mind and everyday life.To all of you,take care of yourselves and may god Bless You.

captainsml (author) on June 19, 2009:

Thanks you feel the more intense antidepressant helps more despite the side effects? or is it about the same as Cymbalta?

danmayerisgod, I'd be interested to hear what sorts of side effects if any the Effexor gives, such as weight gain, loss, etc...thanks for your comments!

danmayerisgod on June 19, 2009:

I was on Cymbalta for a little while. I really didn't have a good experience with it. It really didn't help my symptoms much, and I did experience anxiety while on it. I've since switched to Effexor, and seem to be faring better.

Anyway, nice hub. It's good to get this kind of information out there to anyone considering a new depression treatment.

SarahMichelle on June 19, 2009:

I had a hub written about antidepressants and side effects but my computer acted up and I lost the whole thing....

Anyway, good hub. I just switched to a bit more intense antidepressant and the side effects weren't very fun....

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