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Curing Tooth Decay & Periodontal Disease


By no means am I, nor claim to be, a doctor, dentist or other medical practitioner -licensed or otherwise, living nor deceased. This article is based on personal experience with the issue of tooth decay, moderate periodontal disease and healing of both teeth and gums, as well as reversing the effects. It really should be catalogued under Nutrition because it all comes back to nature -and living a healthy life.

Can We Cure Tooth Decay and Periodontal disease? My Answer: Yes, and double yes. How? Well that is a little more involved. So, here goes.

Nearly 75% of the Western/Industrialized world suffers from either Scurvy or Rickets. In some, a combination of both. Convenience coupled with misinformation, driven by economics, has stripped us of our natural well being.

What Is PDD

PDD or Periodontal Disease is the effect of prolonged Gingivitis. It is commonly called gum disease. An infection that slowly demineralizes and destroys the tissue and teeth in the human mouth. Believe it or not, 75% of Western adults (18+) suffer from PDD. That is a huge number - 3/4 of the population in fact.

Science says PDD begins when bacteria in the mouth convert to acid and begin deterioration of the gums, causing pockets -or spaces between the gum and teeth, then tooth enamel, onto the dentin and into the roots themselves. Generally speaking, most people notice PDD when they get a toothache and realize y-ouch! they have a cavity. However, new evidence strongly suggests PDD starts far -far sooner than the bacteria. It begins in our own immune system.

PDD = Rickets? Yes, And also like another common ailment, osteoporosis. Rickets is a disorder caused by a lack of Vitamin D, Calcium, or Phosphate. It leads to softening and weakening of the bones.

PDD = Scurvy? Yes, Scurvy is a disease resulting from a deficiency of Vitamin C, which is required for the synthesis of collagen -- mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments, gums and skin. It is also abundant in corneas, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, the gut, inter-vertebral discs and the dentin in teeth. In fact, this particular affliction is closely related if not exactly the same as PDD, save the mortality effect, in some cases.

So, wait a second, people are still suffering from scurvy and rickets in the 21st Century? Impossible! Actually, quite the opposite. Although titled differently, PDD is directly related to both of the aforementioned sicknesses. In the first scenario, the lack of Vitamin D3, Calcium and Phosphorus accounts for weak bones -and the deterioration of what's in those bones: marrow which carries the genetic code for making more of you. And what holds those bones together: tissue. In the later, the lack of Vitamin C results in the failure of collagen conversion. Collagen is the primary protein that makes up all bones and connective tissue in the body.

If you have yet to have that light bulb moment, I offer a hint: Your Teeth Are Bones. Yes, much smaller and a heck-of-a-lot stronger than a femur. Nonetheless, dear reader, "Dem Be Bones in Yer Mouth. Aarrgh!". Your gums are tissue, connective tissue. It connects your teeth to the jaw, one another and provide a nest where nutrients flow in and out.

Essentially, PDD is a disease that destroys both tissue and bone in the human mouth. But, you say, you can't regrow your teeth, once they're gone their gone? In part, you are correct. Let's hypothesize: If you break your nose, does the cartilage tissue, nerve-endings, blood vessels, etc heal. If you break a leg, does the bone, surrounding muscle, ligaments, tendons, etc heal. Yes to both? Then why can't we heal our teeth just the same?

Periodontal Diease




I Got PDD And So Can You

Yes, my fellow Scurvites, I caught this terrible disease, just like the other 75%. But how to I contract it? Well, it certainly wasn't from an African fruit-fly or Tropical mosquito, nor was it from making-out with my girl. In fact, this disease is entirely internal, yet effects the entire external of the human being, me being no exception.

Back Story

Twenty years ago, I was a vibrant lad, at the peak of my career as a professional chef. I had worked my way across two continents, with a television show and my own establishment to prove it. I loved food! And the primary style of food I preferred most was Fine Dining. Rich roasted lamb, dusted with herbs accented with ripe autumn yams and sauteed chard. Beside it, a glass of David Bruce Petit Noir and a fresh semolina roll heaped with creamy butter. My mouth is watering even as I type this. A list of other delightful morsels like wild mushrooms, halibut, olives, beet greens --oh and cheese!!!

During this time period I was in perfect health. Exercising mildly, but working extreme hours -and thus a lack of good sleep and sunlight. Every chance I got, I would hit the beach or outdoors to soak up the sun and just rejuvenate my senses. Little known to me, I was also regenerating my body. The tan was a dead give away, as was my solid-as-a-rock smile.

Then, something happened. I got married for the 2nd time and became cemented in the City that Never Sleeps. It was also when a drastic change in my habits occurred. I began working from home as a Web Developer which reduced my stress by 110%. I also had changed my eating habits. The robust menus I was used to gave way to increased consumption of grains, notably pasta, beans; less on meat dripping with all those naughty fat juices, as well as farm fresh vegetable intake. Replaced with frozen veggies and the occasional carrot. I have never been a sweets person so not eating cakes and caramel chocolate truffles were not missed. Without blaming, the reason I altered my diet was because my better half altered hers: low fat, low sodium, low everything. Low to the point of tasteless and practically synthetic. I ate what she ate, respectively, as she struggled to maintain that stunning, model-esque, post-baby physique, while I "splurged" some bacon and steak from time to time. This was seven years ago.

Silently, and justifiably, my body reacted to these changes. My hair began to change color and thin a little; skin got a little paler; joints began snapping; a lot of leg cramping; feeling more tired, less focused. No matter how much Cubano coffee I consumed, the fatigue remained, yet could only sleep 4-5 hours a night. Add to this a shocker: I dropped from a solid 83kg to 67kg. This, I chalked up to my working too much, skipping a few lunches here and there, excessive coffee intake and just plain old aging after 40. Boy, how right and wrong I was.

About a year ago, I noticed my teeth began hurting. Now, I had broken a pre-molar some years back which I never had filled, as well as and back molar or wisdom tooth that is slightly crumbled. As time went on, I pretty much forgot about it. Didn't hurt. So out of pain, out of mind. Being one who abhors medication, I can barely get a pill in my mouth without feeling like Dracula holding a slice of garlic pizza to his face. The pain came like shock-and-awe. It would come and go sporadically. I opted to take something for the pain only because those few 4 hours of sleep were being interrupted. It seemed like a good idea at the time to alleviate the pain, hence the name of the medication: Aleve. But, little did I know, the damage that little blue pill was doing. It was literally numbing this affliction, just as morphine numbs bone pain. Ergo, the disease silently rampaged while I slept through it.

I normally brush in the morning and night. yet my teeth were getting more discolored, so I began using an advanced Whitening toothpaste loaded with fluoride. It was precisely during this time-frame that I visibly noticed a huge gap in my incisors and one started turning. They call this effect Long Tooth, where the gums recede (deteriorate) to the root level, exposing more of the tooth, causing them to loosen, ajar and eventually fall out - else decay and then fall out. In addition, my front lower teeth were getting gaps, and a molar began crumbling.

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At the time of this article I had two broken molars, one long-tooth and four lower lateral / incisors @ 50% bone loss (and no partridge in a pear tree ).

Periodontal Disease CAN be halted. It and its effects can also be reversed. As a side-effect, other ailments such as aging, wrinkles, grey hair, heart disease, osteoporosis -possibly even Alzheimer's - can be cured as well. Our mentality and methodology toward health must change.

PDD Facts

Facts About Periodontal Disease

  1. PDD is a disease.
  2. PDD is a bacterial infection, not a viral infection.
  3. PDD happens over time and if left untreated will result in tissue and bone loss, which results in partial or complete loss of teeth and can have severe effects on other body functions -like the heart, lungs, digestion, cleansing organs (liver, kidneys), etc.
  4. PDD is not only preventable and curable it is reversible.

Curing Tooth Decay And PDD

The reality is, PDD CAN be cured, prevented and reversed. Every disease has a cure. Some we have not yet discovered the cure for, while others we have plenty of data to support methodology for reversing the effects of diseases and ultimately curing them. Tooth decay is one we have data for.

As noted earlier, PDD is the result of bacteria infecting the gums and teeth (tissue and bone) of the human mouth. As such, it cannot be cured like a typical viral (air-born) infection. The odd note is there are literally THOUSANDS of different bacteria at work in the mouth 24/7/365. If fact, more bacteria exist in the mouth then any other part of the body. Which sounds frightening until you understand the purpose of bacteria. For years, old medicine stated bacteria was bad and had to be killed. Germs were evil. Until recently, we discovered germs are good. Germs help us in so many ways to stave off countless sicknesses floating about. Collective germs, aka bacteria, are no different. In the case of PDD, we do not need to kill the bacteria, but rather neutralize it and have the other bacteria work in its place.

Neutralizing The Bacteria

Utmost, before healing and restoration can begin, the neutralizing of the bacteria is required. There are several methods to consider. Foremost, remember the bacteria becomes an acid. And the only neutralizer for acid is alkaline. Alkaline is carried through the body through one thing only: fat. As we say in the food biz: Fat Is Where The Flavors At. And rightly so. All Fats or Oils store vital minerals and alkaline -like that protein called collagen. Fats move through the bloodstream and drop-off their ingredients accordingly.

Step One: Power Up Your Environment

The first step in neutralizing the cause of PDD is to have a strong energy supply. Without the necessary energy flowing through our body, the purpose is defeated. Humans get energy from several methods. The primary methods are Consumption and Absorption. Consumption : to eat, which accounts for 95% of our energy intake. Absorption comes primarily from the exterior environment, notably the Sun and air we breath.

In my case, my work environment is indoors and not directly within a highly polluted metropolis. However, I was highly effected by not getting enough sunlight, from where we draw various amazing vitamins and minerals. So, step one Get Outside. Humans require at least 4-6 full hours of exposure to sunlight daily. The Sun energizes our bodies and helps promote cell regeneration, aka Omega 3-6-9 production. Open the windows and get some fresh air -especially in the early morning and even when you sleep. Believe it or not, even at a temperature of -10F/-23C the air can stimulate energy production in the body, while you're cuddled up under a blanket.

So, we begin the routine of neutralizing the bacteria that cause PPD in the first place by creating an environment from which our own bodies can do the work of regeneration. Power Up your environment by getting lots of sunlight and fresh air. Too this, add pure water, about 750ml (25 ounces) per day. Do not use Tap Water as it contains sulfurs, mercury and fluoride -all of which are harmful to the human.

  1. Sunlight 4-6 hours Daily
  2. Fresh Air - regardless of temperature
  3. Spring Water - 4 each @ 8 ounces


Step Two: Power Up Your Body

With a foundation of a more robust environment, aka Absorption, comes part two Consumption. And this by far is the heavy. This is the house we're building on top of that foundation. And, whether we care to admit it or not our house -our body- is not infallible. Yet, what we do to ours bodies is astounding, from how we eat, breath, our excessive laboring and lack of nature within. This is primarily true in the Western world where modern convenience, and no doubt economics, have stripped us of our natural concepts. And although our bodies try their best to conform to this environment, they can only go so far -do so much- before they give up and begin deteriorating.

In my case, because my habits changed, notably my eating habits, the necessary nutrients for my body had depleted. Again, the body is going to do everything it can to stay alive. So, wherever those needed elements were located, the body goes and gets them for energy redistribution. As mentioned earlier, the human mouth contains thousands of bacteria varieties. Not surprisingly, it is also where tons of energy and nutrients are stored. Why? Because teeth are bones. Just like your pinny finger bone. If your bones or tissue lack certain elements, the body fetches them from somewhere else. Thus, leaving you vulnerable overall, else in specific locations, primarily the mouth.

So, we need to Consume different things to maintain excellent health. Our general consumption -and approach to eating- have been so distorted and passively altered that we really do not understand what's happened. From starches, preservatives and genetically modified foods to sugar substitutes and processed cheese-food; from make-up to ointments -even clothing, we have strayed from our nature. As pathetic as it sounds, however, "redecorating" our house or "remodeling" it, is not difficult at all. If we have prepped a good exterior, why not have a great interior, right?!

Just like bones that suffer from Rickets, Osteoporosis and /or Scurvy, teeth can be remineralized, even regrow in some cases. And most definitely cavities & PDD overall can be reversed, returning to a brilliant smile. Please note: this is not a quick fix. The results may take a few days or months to be noticed, and once noticed can take more time to fully reach potential. Hey, it took months -even years- for the harm to happen, so the healing will take a while. Oddly, the healing takes considerably less time. According to many health professionals, a broken bone takes 6-8 weeks to heal (grow new bone) completely. I'm no expert, but I think teeth bone can heal even faster, given their location, nature and purpose in the human body -the conduit of Consumption.

Nature provided teeth for the human. It only makes sense [she] would also provide the perfect ingredients to repair them, re-create them and keep them perfect versus synthetic or mechanical means, which are not cures but "bandages" on an all together different sickness.

Vitamin Deficiency = PDD

The undeniable, proven cause of PDD is a vitamin deficiency. This was especially true in my case, where my diet had completely changed. Apart from the Omega group, there are 4 essential vitamins the body needs. A lack of them, in one form or another, immediately equates to the chances of PPD -and many other afflictions- increasing by 1000%.

They say the wealthy lived longer because they ate better. A semi-true statement. The seemingly "fine dining" foods that were once part -if not entirely all- of my previous diet were precisely the foods I lacked. Well, more specifically what was in those foods. Caviar, Anchovy, Sardines, Salmon, Olives, Fennel, Kale, Sweet Potato, Armenian String Cheese, Goat Cheese, Lamb, Steak, and more, were the norm for 20 odd years. The absence of these and other items -specifically fat intake- resulted in a plunge deep into the PDD underworld. Not just me, but over half of my fellow humans.

As mentioned earlier, FAT is where the FLAVORS at. Fat is an essential to the human body. In fact to most creatures fat is not only necessary it is critical. Fat -soluble fat- as in the Omega group are needed for proper development of tissue. But, beside that, fat carries the "flavors" that make the body do its many things. These "flavors" are vitamins and minerals. The fat surrounds them like a protective blanket and that fat flows easily and speedily through the bloodstream to all our 2000 parts, all day, everyday. Without fat, this process is stymied if not halted entirely. To compensate, the body will literally suck the flavor out of other parts for redistribution. The most effected part is the mouth because it holds the primary tools for Consumption of energy: the teeth and gums which fasten them. The 4 main Vitamins needed for optimal development, growth, repair and maintenance of teeth are: Vitamin A, C, D and B.

3-6-9 Omega Calling

Omega 3

Omega 6

Omega 9

Alpha Linolenic Fatty Acid

Linolenic Fatty Acid

Oleic / Stearic Acid

highly soluable

higlhy soluable

highly soluable




The Omega Fatty Acids are critical for human development. These "fatty-acids" convert to DHA and EPA in the human body. Their primary purpose is tissue development -like the brain, eyes but also recent studies have proven O3 & O6 are needed for regeneration by sending vital nutrients to various tissues including gums and to our bones, our teeth being no exception. In the case of O9, the human body naturally produces this immune booster. However if there is a lack of O3 & O6 the strength of O9 is greatly depleted when attempting to convert to DHA & EPA.

  • THE RDA says 3,000 mg (3g) of Omega-3 is recommended on average.
  • The Inuit & Scandinavian people consume an average of 6,000 mg (6g) PER DAY.

The fat IS where the "flavors" be at!


Foods Highest In O3-6-9

** Flaxseed Oil should be sourced from sprouted seeds. Un-sprouted seeds contain high levels of phytic adic (phytate) whereas sprout seeds are high in phosphorus and vitamins

Flaxseed Oil **

Fish Oil


Omega 3 = 21.32 g

Omega 3 = 1.5 g

Omega 3 = trace

Omega 6 = 5 g

Omega 6 = 0.06 g

Omega 6 = trace

Omega 9 = n/a

Omega 9 = n/a

Omega 9 = 0.35 g

Serving Size: 5g / 1tsp

Serving Size: 5g/ 1tsp

Serving Size: 5g / 1tsp

Vitamin A | 10-30mg p/day

The Alpha to balance the Omega.

Number one on the Alphabetic List, yes, and also number one of the Flavors List. Known universally as the "God Vitamin", it is one of three fundamental building blocks of every cell in the human body. A direct link to a lack of Vitamin A is foremost: receding gums. Receding gums cause teeth to become loose, roots expose and "pockets" to form between teeth. Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant, which stops the conversion of bacteria into acid which causes tooth decay (plaque calculus cavities). Increasing your intake of Vitamin A will halt, reverse and prevent receding gums.


Foods High In Vitamin A

Fermented CLO also contains Vitamin D3 and excellent amounts of Omega 3 & 6

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

100g / 3.5 ou

30 mg

Lamb, roasted

180g / 6 ou

12 mg

Sweet Potato

180g/ 6 ou

10 mg

Carrot, Pumpkin

180g / 6 ou

5 mg

Kale, steamed

180g / 3.5 ou

15 mg

Vitamin B9 & B12 | 1mg p/day

All the B Vitamins are good for the human and for maintaining oral health. We generally consume most B Vitamins in fruits, grains and meats. However, we should note that most grains and legumes are high in Phytic Acid versus being high in Folic Acid -- and the mineral Phosphorus. B12, also known as cobalamin, is an essential vitamin for metabolizing the DHA and EPA in the body. A deficiency in B12 causes numbness of the limbs, softening of the tissue (gums), resulting in de-mineralization and recession. Combined with high intakes of Phytic Acid, this creates a "breeding ground" for those bacteria which cause PDD. A diet rich in Meat ( esp. Lamb ), Dark Green Vegetables and Raw Dairy ( Butter, Kefir, Homemade Yogurt, Aged Milk Cheeses ) increases our intake of B9 ( folic acid ), Phosphorus and B12 considerably, thus neutralizing the bad bacteria and promoting more effective DHA/EPA conversion. FYI, a nifty little side-effect of B12 is the reversal of grey hair.


Vitamin C ( absorbic acid ) | 4-6g p/day

In the case of Scurvy, the lack of vitamin C, plus Vitamin D, caused the teeth of many to go the way of Davy Jones' Locker. After years of research, two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling turned the medical industry on its ear with proof that Vitamin C can not only stop PDD, but can reverse the effects of it. Essentially, he connected "plaque" around the heart with the same "plaque" on teeth. Just as the plaque around the heart developed and hardened, so also did the plaque on teeth. Again the bacteria converting into acid, forming the plaque and, when hardened, calculus. This was further proven by the renowned Dr Weston Price.

The purpose of Vitamin C in the body is reason for it to be called the 3rd wall on the house of better health. Vitamin C metabolizes collagen -that protein which builds and rebuilds the body, and seven other enzymes necessary for the transport of essential fatty-acids (DHA/EPA). Plus, it is THE vitamin for healing wounds, repairing cellular walls, a potent antioxidant that breaks down plaque, calculus and neutralizes the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Evidence also shows it reverses tooth decay by neutralizing the bacteria, rebuilding dentin, strengthening the gum-tissue, reducing pockets.

The common issue with Vitamin C is absorption: the body needs fresh Vitamin C daily to perform its function, and tolerance: normal people can handle upwards of 6g per day. The effect of overdosing is usually diarrhea or a fizzy stomach.

For those with advanced PDD a good measure is 4-6g per day, spaced over 12 hours. as smaller doses of Vitamin C work better for absorption.

The best sources of Vitamin C come from Dark Green Vegetables, Potatoes, Kiwi and Strawberries.


Vitamin D ( D3 ) | 2-4mg p/day

The fourth and final wall to our house is Vitamin D. Above all, natural sunlight is best because it converts cholesterol into D3. Healing from within. As a bonus, it helps break down plaque around the heart and around teeth. Vitamin D is necessary to absorb Calcium and Phosphorus -the two primary items used to grow and repair bones, notably teeth. Studies suggest an intake of 2-4mg daily for optimal effectiveness. The number one source of Vitamin D is Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Per tablespoon, FCLO gives you 15mg of Vitamin D, plus -as said before- gives you 30mg Vitamin A and the Omega 3-6-9 Group.

Additional sources of D3 include Cow Butter -also high in vitamin A and a great source of B12. PS, Cow butter also contains vitamin K2, which is amazing in tooth regeneration. And although you might be "afraid" that butter causes high cholesterol, remember that sunlight converts cholesterol to DHA/EPA, as do the Omega group and the X Factor.


Protocol For Curing PDD

Ok, so let's sum it up.

PDD is a disease the demineralizes and destroys both gums and teeth. But, with the introduction and continued consumption of the Omega group we develop a foundation for our own bodies to neutralize the acid that causes PDD, regenerate lost bone and reverse the effects of it. To that foundation we add the 4 Walls: Vitamin A, B, C and D. (E & K2 can't hurt to add either). These 4 vitamins detoxify the mouth, break down plaque, metabolize DHA/EPA and are absorbed better, thus being carried quickly through the bloodstream by fats.

The Protocol

  • Sunshine, Fresh Air, Pure Water
  • Increase natural animal fats, including Lamb, Eggs, Arctic Fish (FCLO), Cow Butter, Cold Press Virgin Oil (Coconut or Olive). All contain high amounts of soluble fats aka the Omega group (fatty-acids).
  • Get your 4 Main Vitamins
  • Remove all unfermented/unsprouted grains, beans, starches (aka Phytic Acid foods) from your diet.
  • Low fat: nothing.

  1. Omega Group : 3-5 grams per day
  2. Vitamin A : 30 mg per day
  3. Vitamin C : 4 - 6 grams per day
  4. Vitamin D : 2 - 4 grams per day
  5. Vitamin B12 : 1 - 2 mg per day

The time-table for remineralization varies, depending on your consistent intake of the aforementioned. In my case, after just 14 days, have seen a vast improvement.

Your Own Toothpaste

Stop brushing your teeth... Wha-?! Yes, you read correctly. Most, myself included, have been duped by the myth of brushing our teeth. Firstly, a brush -especially a plastic bristle brush- reeks havoc on teeth. Apart from excessive vibration is abrasion causing the enamel to become scratched and thin. The thinner the enamel gets, the higher chance of acids seeping in and causing PPD.

Stop using Fluoride... The myth of lack of fluoride resulting in tooth decay has been debunked, just like the fat issue and heart disease. Fluoride actually promotes tooth decay when used over a period of time. If used once or twice, it can reduce the chances of decay, but used in a toothpaste continuously has the reverse effect. Coupled with Glycerin, a residue that coats the teeth, it forms a layer between the air and the enamel, trapping the acid underneath. Ergo, the bad bacteria eat freely.

Cleaning Your Teeth

First, when cleaning teeth, BE GENTLE!

Next, use a natural toothpaste. Here's my recipe:

  • 1 Part Baking Soda
  • 1 Part Fresh Ground Strawberry, Kiwi, Indian or Chinese Gooseberry
  • 2 Part Virgin, Cold Press Coconut Oil

Blend the items until smooth, and either with a cotton swap or finger, apply a generous amount of the paste to both teeth and gums. Gently massage in a circular motion for about a minute. Remember to get behind those teeth. This should not be a rigorous process. Take your time. Afterward, simply rinse with pure water. If you need to floss, rub the string with coconut oil, as needed, to remove food particles between teeth.

Why use strawberries and Coconut Oil? Simple: strawberries have natural acids or astringent and are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin K and E. Again, Vitamin C being THE vitamin for halting tooth decay.

The use of virgin Coconut oil is two-fold. First, as an oil, is natural and thick, so it can easily get between teeth and below the gum-line to capture and remove impurities. Second, it is packed with Omega 3-6-9. Essentially you are directly applying these fatty-acids to the teeth save through food or supplemental consumption.

You can also do what is called Oil Pulling, which is essentially replacing mouthwash with a tablespoon of virgin oil and swishing for about 10-15 minutes. However, those with more severe PDD, whose teeth are very loose, simply use the cleaning method above, until your teeth are stronger.

Using the combo of Baking Soda & Vitamin C directly on the teeth quickly dissolves the "hard black stuff" or calculus above and below the gum line. This is huge, because in order for your gums to grow back quickly, teeth to tighten again, the calculus needs to go. It is hardened plaque, aka calculus, that stops the flow of essential minerals, vitamins and fatty-acids from the gum into the teeth. When that layer builds, it forms those pockets. As the plaque "melts" you will notice it change color to a light brownish-rust, then *poof* disappear. The oil pulling or using virgin coconut oil also does this. And instead of leaving behind a coating, like glycerin, it leaves a protective layer of Omega 3-6-9 AND immediately freshens your breath (aka stops halitosis).

The Cost Of Reversing PPD

One final note to touch on is the cost involved with curing PDD.

Cost Of Comfort

By far, comfort is an essential part of why we want to heal ourselves naturally. From research, the many who have suffered the pain of PDD coupled with mechanical approaches to dental procedures does nothing else but cause discomfort. We must ask ourselves a question: is doing the above protocol, and sucking up the weird tastes/textures horribly uncomfortable in comparison to the traditional medical approach and discomfort on can expect by having surgeries and mechanical implants, etc?

Cost Of Greenbacks

Dollar for dollar, there is no doubt a simple root canal, filling, extraction cost four digits. Add to that other items like dental implants, bridges, etc. Now we are talking five-digit figures. Many health insurance plans do not cover the cost of these high-end procedures. Compare this to the cost of the protocol mentioned -about $40-60 USD per month (FCLO and Virgin Coconut Oil) being the most costly. Factor in the natural foods and it really is just pennies per ounce...

Cost Of Time

Ten whole minutes every day spending on your teeth is a drop in the bucket, compared to the months -literally months- of pain and suffering you can expect from having procedures done through a medical professional. According to the specialist I was referred to, the time-line was no less than 6-8 months.


Susie Lehto from Minnesota on February 18, 2016:

A lot of information that I will be sharing with friends that might be interested. Excellent article.

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Thank you James. Excellent hub, lots of information, well presented.

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Great info, and very much in line with my own research. Good job, Charles!

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Wow, what a lot of useful information. I am reminded to take fish oil and great point of sunshine and fresh air.

Kiss andTales on December 04, 2014:

Great hub. You have touch on the importance of how the sun and vitamins heal the body ,and in this case the mouth. A reality that knowledge is power. When you use it. This will be helpful to all in the since that the things you list will also heal other things if you make a practice daily.

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