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Cure Your Yeast Infection Safely While Trying To Conceive


How To Treat a Yeast Infection when you are Trying To Conceive

It's frustrating isn't it! You are doing your best to make a baby when all of a sudden you get another yeast infection (yuk).

Well don't panic - there are plenty of things you can do to help clear up your infection that won't affect your chances of falling pregnant, or damaging the baby in anyway and hopefully I'll be able to help you choose the right method for you.


Method #1 - Over-the-counter creams

It is considered safe to use one of the many over-the-counter creams or suppositories?

You can use these creams at nearly any time of your cycle, however to be extra safe, just skip those days that you are actively trying to conceive as the sperm has a hard time swimming through the cream (or swimming through the infection for that matter).

So it's fine either before or after the period that you are actively doing the baby dance.

EXCEPTION - While the cream's are fine, the oral medication such as Diflucan is not. Since it isn't approved during pregnancy, you should also avoid those medications that you have to swallow when ttc.


Method #2 - Yoghurt & Probiotics

Probably the safest and most natural method of clearing up your yeast infection is eating yoghurt that contains live probiotics and taking probiotic capsules that you get in the refridgerated section of your local health store.

The probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidus wage war on the unfriendly bacteria and are very effective at clearing up the excess yeast internally.

While they'll take a little bit longer than if you use a cream, because you know it's absolutely safe it's worth the few extra days.

Buying yoghurt is also a budget friendly way to save money on expensive pro-biotic supplements.


Method #3 - Aromatherapy

Essential oils have also been shown to be effective and safe.

One of the easiest ways to use them is to add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to some warm water and putting a tampon in the infused water before inserting it into your body.

The essential oils that are most effective at clearing thrush/yeast are:

German Chamomile
Tea Tree


Method #4 - Home Remedies from your Cupboard

Both vinegar or baking soda has been shown to be safe at clearing yeast infections. However the both work differently so shouldn't be used together.

You can either add them to a douch or in your bath.

Vinegar - restores the acid balance of your vagina to help it clear the infection on it's own. Make sure you choose a vinegar without sugar though. Apple cider vinegar works particular well.

Baking Soda - works the opposite to vinegar in that it makes the environment of your vagina alkaline thus killing the bad bacteria.

Both methods do take much longer to work though so you will need to be patient.

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bayareagreatthing from Bay Area California on April 27, 2010:

One of the best cures I have heard of is a yeast free/sugar free diet for 30 days. It also includes all fermented products such as vinegar and salad dressings, and anything with molds including tea, coffee, grapes and mushrooms. It really works well.

Lots of good information here :)

Jasmine on April 12, 2010:

Dear traceye, I always read material concerning yeast infection (I have three hubs of my own on this topic). As a person who has suffered a lot from this terrible problem, I learnt quite a lot. Do you know why German chamomile is different from other chamomile? It would be an interesting info. I must add though, vinegar is to be strictly avoided (when bathing or eating) as it works perfectly in favour of candida growth (the doctors say so and I was convinced from my own experience). Another advice, no sugars whatsoever!!!

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