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Cure Ringworm with Easy Home Remedies

Black walnut in its green husk

Black walnut in its green husk

Like athlete’s foot, ringworm is a fungal skin infection caused by Tinea.


The “granny” remedy (handed down from my granny, as a matter of fact) for ringworm is iodine.

Get a bottle of tincture of iodine and, using the glass applicator, draw a line of iodine around the perimeter of the ringworm. Since ringworm gradually grows outward in an
ever-widening circle, and the iodine stops its outward spread, the ringworm dies out. I have never known this method to fail.


I learned about black walnut hull tincture for ringworm from a woman whose community had used it extensively for a severe ringworm outbreak. They also used it extensively for a community-wide impetigo outbreak.

Black walnut tincture treated both conditions successfully. To use it, simply apply to the ringworm. It stains the skin.

Black walnut hull tincture is a valuable preparation to keep on hand to apply to ringworm, eczema, or impetigo.

How to make black walnut hull tincture

For the water-based version: Gather a few black walnuts that have fallen from the tree. (You may want to use gloves to avoid staining your hands.) The nuts will be encased in a thick green outer husk. Choose nuts whose husks have as much green as possible. Husks that have turned black are useless.

At home (preferably wearing plastic gloves), cut away the husks from the nuts, put the husks in a saucepan, and add water to cover. Heat to boiling, turn off heat, cover tightly, and let stand for 24 hours. Strain and bottle. This preparation will keep for at least a year at room temperature, without preservatives, but you may wish to keep it refrigerated.

I have known people who have made a very effective water-based tincture by simply soaking the hulls in water for 24 hours.

For the alcohol-based version: Gather green black walnuts that have fallen from the tree. Do not use husks that have turned black. To make the alcohol-based version, put the walnut husks in a jar and add grain alcohol (vodka or Everclear) to cover. Cover the jar tightly and let it stand for two days. Strain off the tincture, add equal parts water, and bottle. This version will keep indefinitely at room temperature.


One of my friends had a five-year-old daughter who had ringworm. She took her daughter to a natural practitioner, and he prescribed Nutribiotic (available at health-food stores)—one capsule three times a day. He also prescribed cod-liver oil supplements. According to the child’s mom, “That stuff is wonderful! It really did the job!”

Nutribiotic is essentially grapefruit-seed extract. It works naturally, but has a powerful antibiotic effect.

You too can cure ringworm at home, just the way your grandmother did--or, if you prefer, with a little help from the health-food store.

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Sharon Vile (author) from Odessa, MO on December 12, 2014:

I have heard of using tea tree oil to treat ringworm. It sounds like an excellent natural option.

Amanda on December 06, 2014:

Treatment of ringworm with tea tree oil is a good option.You can also use anti fungal cream and soap for its treatment

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