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Cure Plantar Warts with Oil of Thyme

Thyme and other herbs

Thyme and other herbs

There are endless cures for warts. My mother and grandmother “witched” them away. This is done by counting the warts and tying knots in a string—the same number of knots are there are warts—and burying the string. When the string rots away, the warts will be gone. (No peeking.) My mother got rid of my brother’s warts this way, and her mother got rid of her warts this way.

My mother’s method never worked for me, but maybe it’s because I never gave it a fair trial.

Plantar warts are warts on the soles of the feet. They are caused by direct contact with the human papilloma virus—the same virus that causes warts on all other parts of the body.

A plantar wart is recognizable by thick callus around it, and a large one may protrude a ways outward from the bottom of the foot. Over time, the wart grows deep into the skin.

Some of the conventional medical treatments for plantar warts include: topical or oral treatments, laser therapy, cryotherapy (freezing), acid treatments, or surgery to remove the wart.

You may well ask yourself how a natural application could remove a heavily callused wart that has grown deep into the skin. But I assure you it can.

As a matter of fact, removing my own plantar wart was my very first foray into actually practicing natural medicine—along about 1979. I had to practice on myself, since no one else would submit to my treatments—perhaps a good thing. Since it was my first experience with natural healing, I was absolutely shocked that it worked!

Oil of Thyme Cures Warts--Even Plantar Warts

Jeanne Rose’s Herbs and Things was a popular herbal during the 1970s, so, in my search for a cure for my own plantar warts, this book was my first resort. (Actually, it was my only resort, since this was the first herbal I ever owned.)

This book suggested oil of thyme for warts. Be sure to use oil of white thyme. Red thyme oil is an inferior product, and I don’t know if it works.

Oil of white thyme can be purchased from herbalists. If you have no nearby herb shop, it can be purchased online.

Oil of thyme destroys warts of all kinds. It can be used successfully on any wart, but there are many more readily available home remedies for commonplace warts. Plantar warts deserve the “industrial strength” method—which oil of thyme delivers.

My own plantar wart was on the heel of my foot and had grown very large and deep. I practically had high-heeled feet (or foot).

How To Use Oil of Thyme To Remove Plantar Warts

Oil of thyme will probably remove plantar warts just with a daily (or every other day) application to the wart, but it will work faster and better if you also use a pumice stone.

Here's what happens when oil of thyme is applied to a wart: The surface of the wart, where you applied the oil of thyme, dies. It basically turns into a layer of dead skin.

Many years ago, one of my daughters applied oil of thyme to a wart on her finger. Since she didn't like the smell, and didn't think her classmates at school would like it, she only did this on weekends. During this process, she got a regular volcano of dead skin on her finger, as the wart died. After the wart was gone, the little volcano of dead skin fell off, but it was unsightly during the process of wart killing.

It's a good idea to continuously pumice away the dead skin that accumulates while the wart is dying, and it probably helps this remedy work faster and better. It's easiest to do the pumicing part while bathing and apply the oil of thyme immediately after bathing and pumicing.

Here's the Procedure That Seems To Work Best

  • Apply the oil of thyme, undiluted, to the wart—giving special attention to the “warty” part in the middle of the heavily callused area around the wart. The oil of white thyme will cause the surface of the wart to die. In a day or two, you will notice that the wart is covered with dead skin. These are dead wart cells.
  • While bathing, rub away these dead wart cells with a pumice stone.
  • After bathing, re-apply oil of thyme to the wart.
  • Repeat this process until the wart is gone.
  • If you find that the oil of thyme is irritating, you can apply it less frequently. As little as twice a week will work, though perhaps more slowly.

Try to find a pumice stone or similar product that is really effective. (Most pumice stones don't really seem to "pumice" very well.)

One product that works well as a callus remover is the IPR3, which is available online, if you can’t find it in stores. The IPR3 is the most effective callus remover I’ve ever discovered, so it is well worth ordering.

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This process gradually kills the surface of the wart. By pumicing away the dead skin, a portion of the wart that was embedded deeper below the skin’s surface is exposed. You are gradually killing the wart, as ever-more-deeply embedded parts come to the surface.

Eventually, there will be no more wart left.

This is likely to take a month or two, depending on the size of the wart and your own persistence.

At the time I first tried this remedy, a friend of mine was undergoing surgical treatment for a plantar wart, and his treatment took at least as long to be effective, and was rather painful. Some of the other conventional treatments for plantar warts are not painful, but the oil of thyme application is also absolutely painless (except for a possible slight sting) and extremely effective.

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Sharon Vile (author) from Odessa, MO on September 16, 2014:

This is wonderful! If I'm understanding you right, you used the herbal form of thyme, pretty much as a tea. I did not know this would work. I have always used oil of thyme--which is a rather heavy-duty approach. Oil of thyme mixed (in small amounts) with lotion or a carrier oil will also cure scabies. But you have to go easy on the amount to avoid excessive stinging. (If you thought plantar warts were embarrassing, try scabies.)

je55icarabbit on September 15, 2014:

I have to back this up! Thyme is amazing. Although it's embarrassing to admit. I had plantar warts, really difficult to get rid of. I tried: everything. I tried the freeze away, I tried to acid, I tried that thing that looks like a nail polish applicator with the liquid in it. Then I read online about thyme and thought, why not, I have that in my kitchen. So I soaked my little piggies in hot water with thyme every night for a couple weeks. Very relaxing and guess what: no more warts. Pretty cool.

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