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Yeast Infection Symptoms Treatment. How to Cure and Treat Yeast Infections at Home With Garlic. Naturally...

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Yeast infections



This article is not for the faint of heart, so if you are easily rattled or disgusted by natural remedies, you may want to close your browser now. If the thought of resetting your bodies yeast balance naturally makes you happy and excited, read on!

Every woman knows how horrifying a yeast infection can be, that constant irritation, feeling of disgust and being “unclean” is relentless, you want it to stop and you want it to stop RIGHT NOW! At some point in your life, you will most likely encounter this horrid ailment.

Should I use an OTC Medication? Call a Doctor? Or use Garlic?

If you’ve never had a yeast infection before, you should always go to your doctor first, so that they can confirm that is indeed what it is. Other problems (like bacterial, vaginosis and trichomoniasis) can cause vaginal symptoms that may seem like a yeast infection, this is why you sometimes need to see a doctor. Yeast infections are also very common during pregnancy. If you’ve had repeated infections (like 4 or more in a year) you should see a doctor, to make sure an illness or disease (like Diabetes, AIDS, or a weakened immune system) isn’t the cause.

Medications have come a long way to cure these nuisances quickly, but why pay for doctor visits and over the counter medications that sometimes don’t even work when the cure is in your kitchen?! It’s easy to just cure the yeast infection at home with GARLIC!

Most of the time diet and prescription antibiotics are the cause of yeast infections.

What are the most common symptoms?

You may have some, one, or all of these...

  • Itching
  • Soreness
  • Pain when urinating or having sex
  • White clumpy discharge that is usually odorless

Symptoms typically show up a week before your menstrual cycle

Why Garlic is the best cure!

  • It’s natural
  • It’s cheap
  • It works!
  • No over the counter side effects
  • You can privately treat yourself at home
  • Safe to use during pregnancy

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  • Amazing Garlic
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Why does it work?!

Garlic has special compounds that fight off and kill the fungus Candida Albicans when it is in overgrowth mode in your body.

The key compound in garlic is ajoene, an anti-fungal that has been shown to kill many fungal strains. Ajoene is formed from a compound named allicin and an enzyme named alliinase. When these two compounds come into contact (by chopping the garlic, crushing it or by other means), they form an antibacterial called allicin, which then combines to form ajoene. Although this has proven anti-fungal properties, the exact means by how this happens or works is unclear. As with most antifungals, scientists suspect that it works by disrupting the cell walls of the Candida yeast cells.

How to cure your yeast infection with Garlic

It’s actually really simple. Take a clove of fresh garlic, remove the papery shell cover and place it inside of your vagina at night. Do this for a few nights. If you have a severe infection, you should replace the Garlic morning and night until the infection has cleared. If you cut the garlic in half or make any slits or tears in the clove, it will work much stronger and can cause irritation and burning, it will not hurt you, but it may not be comfortable. I’ve done this, and I personally didn’t have any issues with irritation. Cutting the garlic or slicing it is good to do for a severe infection, it makes the garlic work faster. To me, any yeast infection is severe, my goal is to get rid of it as fast as possible.

Don’t worry about the garlic getting “lost” up there. It won’t. It can’t get past your cervix. The reason the treatment is done at nighttime is that there is a connection between the mouth and the vagina. The moment the garlic is placed in the vagina, the taste of the garlic travels up to the mouth. You may find you taste the garlic, so it’s best to do this treatment at night so you won’t notice. I know…it's weird and gross right? Another thing that is helpful is taking a Garlic Vitamin Supplement with this treatment. For a mild infection, this cure usually works within a day! You should also try to avoid refined sugar in any form when you are suffering from a yeast infection. Yeast loves sugar, so by removing it from the diet, you starve the yeast.

You’ll be back to having a happy vagina in no time!

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Suresh Chandra Sharma from Bikaner on December 14, 2019:

Use coconut oil + camphor ( original natural products not chemicals)

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1.100 GM. coconut oil .+ 5 GM. Camphor powder. Paste it n Keep it in glass pot well tight it.

Use:- w before bath you rub it on your all body including inner parts deep as u can gentally.

Take a bath without using soaps.or use herbal soaps.l

Let me know whether you have any problems in your stomach like Acidity constipation after knowing it I tell you the treatment by herbs or garlic as directed by my forefathers. Thanx please inform me.

Rebecca (author) from USA on March 11, 2019:

not the most pleasant topic, but nature is amazing. Thanks for your comment Umesh

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on March 02, 2019:

Interesting and useful.

Trina on January 11, 2019:

Thank you this has been such a relief wow wish I New about this years ago. I used a tampon placed minced garlic I had thank god on the tip after opening a bit of The top of the cotton and slept with it. Walla just woke up and no pain feels much better wow all the years wasting money on that discussing cream. As for smell it’s as if I had a wonderful Italian meal lol love garlic anyhow now love it more thank you woman who share this information ☺️

Devin on December 10, 2018:

If i put minced garlic in a paper towel and put it inside of me. how long do i let it sit inside of me before i take it out?

Rebecca (author) from USA on December 02, 2018:

It can, but still beats antibiotics. Thanks for your comment

Rose on December 01, 2018:

Interesting, I guess one smells a but garlicky too?

Chell on March 10, 2018:

The clone of garlic in the vagina works wonders! To me it works better than the antibiotics!!!!

Tate on July 22, 2017:

Hi, I'm only 15 years old and I think I have a yeast infection or something. It's very common in my family to get yeast infections and I feel embarassed going to the doctor for this. Do you think my age will make a difference on the affects of the garlic? So far I've read really good things about this meathod but idk, I guess I'm a little scared that it might just make it worse?

Rebecca (author) from USA on January 11, 2017:

I think only if you take it orally, but I don't think that's the best route. Either way eating garlic has anti fungal and anti bacterial abilities that will help internally. :)

Stephanie on January 04, 2017:

Can i use garlic powder to treat a yeast infection

jonicri on April 09, 2016:

yes, garlic does work for yeast infections - BUT you need ALOT of it. I use the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse tablets that has garlic and other ingreidents that fight the yeast infection - I actually take them right when I feel a yeast infection coming on, and within one day its not there anymore (doesnt actually happen). No side effects like AZo or bad garlic breath :)

natalia on August 03, 2015:

kindly eplain what exactly do i insert? and when do i remove the garli? in the morning or?

Lala17 on February 04, 2015:

I always used yogurt, and it works very well. But I've had a yeast infection for about a week now. I tend to get yeast infections from either antibiotics(I am a very sickly person) or from cleaning myself too often (I wash myself every time I use the restroom, and my doctor said I'm washing away all the good bacteria leaving my vagina irritated, and most often leads to a yeast infection). Well I've been using these wipes, and here I am, with yet another infection. I looked up other remedies, and saw that garlic and yogurt were the best two natural remedies to use. I've never tried garlic, but I was thinking of mixing some garlic powder and water together and washing myself with it. Then I remembered I had minced garlic in my fridge, and thought that would be better than my original plan. I wrapped it up in a paper towel as well, and inserted in my vagina (nothing has ever went in my vagina other than my boyfriend, no tampons, never even fingered myself, so it's halfway in and half way out). The inside area around my clitoris and such were instantly relieved, and there is still a slight burning in my hole, but it's not painful, it feels better than the burn from the infection, and it's almost like applying blistex to chap lips. Garlic is yet another marvelous and naturally great thing for your body. I hope I see great results in the morning.

cutie84 on January 15, 2015:

Do minced garlic work and how do u use it

Rebecca (author) from USA on September 13, 2014:

Rebecca (author) from USA on September 13, 2014:

In my opinion, get garlic vitamin capsules and take them daily (unless you are having surgery (garlic is a natural blood thinner and should be stopped prior to surgeries), the capsules won't stink or give you bad breath and you can take them daily. Garlic is a wonderful antibiotic made by nature. :)

momof3 on September 13, 2014:

Drinking the garlic vs inserting which one is better?

ama on August 18, 2014:

I jst tried it and tink is wrkin bt i was itchin seriously bt when i inserted 2 pcs there d itchin and pains has gone down,i wil repeat for sum days to see tnx a lot on July 15, 2014:

Thanku for every think becoz people r afraid of this deseas

pauline on May 21, 2014:

I think drinking it is e best too,u jus cut 1/2/3 cloves into small pieces n leave it for 10 to 15 mins then mix it w water n drink...u will definitely be treated.l do that everyday nw

shanicemccalla on April 22, 2014:

Going to try it

tessy on April 13, 2014:

Garlic work everywell 4 me I tink sliceing and drinking it is d best.

fazinagony on March 23, 2014:

I have tried garlic for 4 nights for a yeast infection but feel no better than the first day of treatment. I have tried whole and sliced garlic, I suffer from yeast Infection very often and am very tired of this horrible situation.

Swt Jannat on February 08, 2014:

Oh thx to u all I hv learnt more n more about Garlic

Rebecca (author) from USA on February 02, 2014:

Well...sick to say, but you just pull it out. It's not difficult to do, nor is it painful.

Emily on February 02, 2014:

How do you get the garlic out?

Rebecca (author) from USA on January 13, 2014:

Hi Mijf831,

I personally have not had an issue with the taste. But I'm betting it's different for everyone. I'd suggest trying the treatment at night if you're concerned, that way you'll sleep through it. :) Hope you feel better soon!

mjf831 on January 13, 2014:

So I have a yeast infection and I am going to try the garlic clove during the day. Is there a strong smell while it is inserted? Is the garlic taste that travels to your mouth really bad???

Rebecca (author) from USA on December 26, 2013:

Thanks for your comment Christina! So glad you are feeling better! We've all been there! But isn't it nice to feel better minus side effects from drugs or over the counter meds?! :)

Christina on December 25, 2013:

Okay, so I was extremely skeptical about the garlic up the hooha thing. And I had read a couple articles about how bad it burns and stings and the agony and all that. But, I went for it, because I couldn't take the alternative; sitting here on Christmas, in pure misery, waiting for my local pharmacy to open tomorrow. So, I had some jarred minced garlic in the fridge. I was worried that it being jarred and minced might make a difference too, but again, desperation and all that. So I wrapped a teaspoon in a paper towel and said "here we go". That was uncomfortable, but it wasn't painful. And then I took some of the garlic and oil on another paper towel and rubbed it on the super irritated part of my outer hooha. And Voila.....instant relief. No itching, no more burning....and I can breathe again. Thank you for all your comments because if I hadn't stumbled onto this site and read these, I would not have tried this, and I would still be in a personal female hell.

Rebecca (author) from USA on November 16, 2013:

Hi Claire, yes you can.

Claire on November 15, 2013:

I was wondering if you would be able to do this while on your period too?

Lynsey Hart from Lanarkshire on September 11, 2013:

Yup! Pretty much. National health service.

Rebecca (author) from USA on September 10, 2013:

I have to learn what NHS even is! durrr. Free medical?

Lynsey Hart from Lanarkshire on September 10, 2013:

Hahaha I'm so glad we have the NHS here! :-)

Rebecca (author) from USA on September 10, 2013:

LOL! No...I worried about that the time I had to try this. It's just nasty, but it beats a trip to the doc and OTC's! lol you crack me up.

Lynsey Hart from Lanarkshire on September 10, 2013:

Another gross subject that i HAD to click on. Ew!!! Am I the only one that would be concerned about reeking of garlic during my day to day activities! ?

Lucy on August 25, 2013:

The garlic works I'm a firm believer , what I do is I mashed the garlic than sqease the juice into my va gaga . My itchy start before and after menstruation

Rebecca (author) from USA on March 25, 2013:

it's a rather disgusting home treatment, but it really does work. I've never had BV, but if I did, I'd try it for that too! Thanks for your comment Elisha.

Elisha Jachetti on March 24, 2013:

I've also actually heard of doing this for bacterial vaginosis as well.

Janet Giessl from Georgia country on March 23, 2013:

I have heard of this before but I have never tried it out because I have an intolerance to garlic. But for those who don't have this it may be a good natural treatment. Very interesting!

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on March 22, 2013:

I had never heard of this, thanks for the great advice.

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