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15 Crystals for Protection in Every Part of Your Life

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Using crystals for protection of one's physical body, mental health, and energy field has been a practice long held by many people. As we experience more things outside our control and seek for a way to become more in tune with the natural world, it's perhaps no wonder that more and more people turn to protection crystals and crystal healing in general. Not only are crystals and stones beautiful to behold, they enhance the energies around and within us, making stones for protection powerful allies in our quest for good health and a good life.


Stones for Protection

There are healing crystals and crystals for manifestation, grounding crystals and stones we just like to look at. These 15 protection crystals are well-known for absorbing or deflecting negative energies and harmful vibrations. They generally work in this area while some of them, such as onyx, are particularly well-suited for specific types of protection. If you're looking for a way to enhance the protection around your mind, body, and spirit, look no further than these crystals of protection.


Amethyst is one of the most powerful protection stones available. It's said to form a protective shield around anyone who holds or wears amethyst, surrounding that person with a protective violet light that can ward off negative energies and psychic attacks. In feng shui, amethyst is often placed near the front door to protect the home and household from the negative energies of anyone who enters.


Smoky Quartz

Another powerful stone of protection, smoky quartz is a derivative of clear quartz and can be found in many hues. This crystal protects against EMF and protects one's aura from negative vibrations. It's even said to transmute negative energies into more positive ones.


Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite may be less well known than other protection crystals, but it's one of the most powerful ones. Kyanite can conduct healing work within its barrier of protection. Those who work with this stone can use it to protect themselves from psychic attacks and vampiric energies.



Labradorite is an excellent stone of protection and magic. It protects us from the dark and darkness and has the ability to amplify our inner magic. Labradorite can activate the Rainbow Body, keeping our chakras open and our vibrations high. It's a prized protection crystal among energy workers and shamans.



Onyx is one of the most powerful protection stones because of it's ability to absorb negative energies and harmful vibrations. It lends a strong defense against those energies and helps those who feel as if they are being drained of their personal energies. The power of onyx creates confidence in those who carry it, and it's recommended that people who are traveling to new places carry a piece of black onyx with them to protect mind, body, and spirit as well as imbue a sense of adventure and open mind in the traveler.


Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian is a great grounding stone and is included in this list because of it's protection of our mental abilities. This protection stone is often used to battle procrastination and "day dreaming". It balances the mind, thereby protecting us from a lack of focus.



We often think of rubies as gemstones worn in jewelry. And they are this; however, rubies are also very powerful stones. Ruby is known as the Nobility Stone and will bring out one's confidence and zest for life. It can be used to protect against our own negative thoughts and energies as the high vibrations of this stone eliminate feelings of despair and anxiety.


Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a stone of protection often carried into negotiations or when dealing with difficult situations. This crystal protects against clouded and rushed judgements and enhances mental clarity. It helps one overcome fatigue and discouragement, and it allows the wearer to see all sides of a disagreement and find a harmonious resolution.



Infinite has the power to cleanse the aura and put up a protective shield to block anything negative from attaching to you. It raises vibrational energies and protects against lack of energy and fatigue. This stone is also associated with abundance and is used to ease into new life beginnings.



Selenite is one of the most powerful protection crystals and is revered by energy workers, shamans, and alternative medicine practitioners for its ability to cleanse auras, energy fields, and other stones. Selenite is often used to create a grid in our meditation spaces or placed in the four corners of our homes to protect them. One belief surrounding selenite for thousands of years is that nothing evil can enter a space protected by selenite.


Blue Calcite

Blue calcite offers strong protection for our auras and offers strong transmutation qualities. When carried, this stone can absorb all energies directed towards the wearer and filter out the negative energy. Blue calcite also enhances creative energies and life dreams.



Rhyolite appears to first have been used nearly 12,000 years ago in the Pennsylvania area of the United States. Native people discovered this stone and created weapons with it, thus giving rhyolite it's first protective uses. Formed from volcanic processes, rhyolite protects us from remaining stagnant and aids in our growth, particularly in aligning the chakras and experiencing growth by removing blockages.



Mookaite teaches us to live in the present moment. As such, it aids in protecting against anxiety, fear, depression, and loneliness. Mookaite can also provide a protective shield against outside influences, particularly those with negative or harmful energies. It's bright colors remind us of the beauty all around us.


Red Quartz

Red quartz embodies pure protection. It aids in keeping the "fire" burning brightly in our house and thereby protects against negative vibrations. Red quartz offers protection for our auras as well our emotional bodies. As we meditate and grow with red quartz, it's protective qualities and shields grow as well.



We often think of garnet as a semi-precious gemstone today; however, it has a long history as a prized crystal. It was used long ago for protection from lack of energy and fatigue. During the Middle Ages, artisans carved lions into garnet, and travelers carried these for protection. Garnet can provide a protective shield, extract negative energies, and transmute those energies into ones that can benefit the wearer.


Final Thoughts on Crystals for Protection

Protection crystals have been used for thousands of years in a variety of functions. Though the most common use we find in stones of protection is for blocking negative and harmful energies, many of these stones can also protect other areas of our physical, auric, and emotional bodies. And if you don't believe all this metaphysical stuff? Well, crystals are still beautiful to look and make gorgeous jewelry. So keep a tiger eye bracelet nearby or wear a ruby pendant. It'll look great and may offer a little protection.

Crystal for Protection

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