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Releasing Past Hurts with Onyx

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Our past experiences can have a negative and far reaching affect on our present lives.

Our past experiences can have a negative and far reaching affect on our present lives.

Throughout our lives, the experiences we encounter can have a positive or negative effect on us. Positive experiences and results can help us grow as a person as well as bring joy to our daily life. These experiences can give us a great confidence boost as well as increase our self-esteem and contribute to feelings of overall emotional well-being. Although there are often lessons learnt from the negative, upsetting and even traumatic experiences in life, these may also have a lasting detrimental effect on a person. Experiences such as divorce, abusive relationships, unhappy family life, bereavement or relationship breakups can leave a person feeling deeply hurt, lost and unloved. This can be true even when these actions are in our best interests. For example, leaving a harmful family situation or relationship because we know it is in our best interests. It can be difficult at the time to make sense of what’s happening or to feel as if you have lost control of your life and everything is falling apart. This can be particularly true when one event leads to many others. Divorce, for example, is often followed by a series of big changes such as moving house, not seeing your children every day or losing friendships and family members. The effects of these experiences can linger long after and continue to hinder us from fully enjoying life. Common difficulties experienced include depression, anxiety, guilt and a lack of self-esteem, self-confidence or self-love.

It can be very difficult to move past difficult times in our lives.

It can be very difficult to move past difficult times in our lives.

Difficult or traumatic experiences can lead to problems in trusting other people, feeling afraid to form new relationships and generally holding us back in life. It can be very easy to believe that a problem was your fault even if it was not, or to believe hurtful but untrue things someone has told you about yourself, especially if this was done repeatedly over a long period. People may not fully understand what is causing life to feel so difficult or why they feel negatively towards themselves. They may believe that because the situation or experience is over they should happy and be enjoying life. Unfortunately, it can be very hard to move on from the past or just forget that these things happened even when this is what we consciously want. Alternatively, you may feel happy and relieved it is over but not realise that your experience is having a lasting impact on how you now live and interact with other people. Comments from friends and family saying that we should just forget past loves, stand up for ourselves or not let the past drag us down are generally well meant but they can add further heartache to a situation when we find this impossible.

Crystal healing is a safe and holistic therapy.

Crystal healing is a safe and holistic therapy.

Crystal healing is a simple and gentle therapy that can easily be incorporated into our daily lives. It does not require expensive equipment or large chunks of your time. In fact, in many instances, you can work with healing crystals as you go about your normal daily routine. Crystals can be worn in jewellery or carried in a pocket or bag so you can easily keep their healing vibrations nearby. Other common methods used in crystal healing include meditation, visualisation and combining the crystal healing abilities with Reiki. Crystal healing is a safe holistic treatment meaning that it works with all aspects of your being and seeks to restore the natural balance between these. It can be carried out safely at home and in many cases healing exercises require less than 30 minutes of your time. If you prefer you can also work with a trained and qualified crystal healer and this is often a good idea if the crystals needed are rare, expensive or otherwise difficult to work with. A crystal healer can also advise you on which crystals may be beneficial and is likely to have a collection of stones making it easy to change varieties if needed during your treatment.

Meditating with Crystals

The included meditation can be carried out as often as you wish but take care to listen to where your mind and body are guiding you. If you are finding it difficult to relive the memories or have several past issues that you would like to work with, take your time so you do become overwhelmed. If you are new to meditation or visualisations you may find that it is difficult to remain focused and stop your mind from wandering onto other things. These intruding thoughts will not cause any harm and are likely to decrease as you practice this new skill. The best approach is to acknowledge each thought, release it and then refocus your mind on continuing the visualization. If you dwell on the thoughts or become angry that they are breaking your focus you will remain distracted for longer and it will be harder to carry on with the meditation. If you feel refocusing is too difficult, it may be best to take a break and try again later. Remember that meditation and visualisation are skills that can take time to develop. Take care to create an environment that you feel relaxed within and avoid outside distractions. If you wish you can practice your visualisation skills outside of following the meditation. This can be done at any time you are in a quiet environment and will not be disturbed. Or feel able to tune out external stimuli and focus. One method of doing this is to sit or lay in a comfortable position and picture a scene of your choice in your mind. Once you can keep this image clear and focused in your mind you can begin to add more elements, for example, buildings, noises, smells and people. A further step following that would be to visualise interactions between these elements, for example, conversations or the people going about their daily lives. You can include yourself in your visualisations if you wish. Another way to approach this kind of practice is to play out a scenario, such as taking a walk in the wood or along a beach in your head. This is a similar process to guided meditation and some people find it is easier as thinking about how it will pan out helps to keep unrelated thoughts from intruding.

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Onyx is a useful crystal when working through emotional issues.

Onyx is a useful crystal when working through emotional issues.

Meditating with Onyx to Release Past Pain

Onyx is a balancing crystal that helps to bring strength in times of emotional stress. This crystal can help in releasing past hurts that are wearing you down from the inside or are playing on your mind. Constantly reliving an upsetting childhood experience or ruminating over what you could have done differently in a situation keeps your mind focusing on the past. This keeps the painful emotions and memories around you and can affect your ability to be present or enjoy your current reality. Onyx can help you look to the future and to realise that you are truly the master of your destiny. This crystal is often used to help alleviate worries, nervousness, tension and confusion. Regarded as a protective and soothing stone, onyx will help you to draw strength from your past experiences and overcome fear and worries.

Remember, if you find this exercise difficult it is fine to stop and try again at another time.

Sit in a quiet room holding your onyx crystal. Focus your attention on the crystal, turning it over in your hands and examine the surface. Visualise its calm soothing vibrations surrounding you. Close your eyes and bring the hurt you wish to heal into your mind. Concentrate on the situation, seeing anyone else who was present clearly in your mind's eye. Play out the situation and feel the emotions as you did at the time, just as if you were back in the moment.

Remember that if you find this exercise difficult it is fine to stop when needed and try again at another time. Now ask that the onyx crystal help you in releasing the feelings and hurts that occurred because of this experience. See the energy of the onyx surround your visualisation, absorb and collect the feelings and pain into a cloud or ball. Visualise this being carried far away from you and slowly dissipating into nothing leaving you light and free. You can repeat this several times in a row or just once but over multiple sittings. There is no right or wrong way to use this technique and you should follow what feels right for you. Slowly bring your awareness back to the room and when you feel ready open your eyes and continue your day.

As with all crystal healing, your crystal should now be thoroughly cleansed. Many people believe onyx can hold the memories of anyone who used it so this is especially important. Simple methods of cleansing include holding the crystal under running water or leaving it in the moonlight overnight.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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