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Crystal Healing- What Do Different Colored Crystals Mean and What Properties Do They Possess?

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The Color of a Crystal is Directly Connected to That Crystal's Unique Healing Properties


The Energy Qualities of Crystals

All healing crystals possess energy, and that energy is either receptive or projective.

Receptive energy is magnetic, it is soothing, it promotes love and it attracts inner peace. Receptive crystals are most often used for trance, meditation and to enhance relaxation. They possess qualities that promote wisdom, loyalty, healthy relationships, prosperity and growth.

Projective stones, on the other hand, are extremely energized. They possess qualities that protect the body, spiritually, mentally and physically. They attract luck and success, and they promote courage and self-confidence.

As an avid believer in the healing power of crystals, I always wear this quartz pendant because of the healing properties this crystal possesses.

Do We Choose Crystals, or Do Crystals Choose Us?

Shopping for the ideal healing crystal isn't like shopping for shoes or electronics.

Unlike other material possessions, selecting a healing crystal is a spiritual process that involved thought, feelings and intuition.

If you think too much about which crystal is the right crystal, odds are that you will select one that isn't suited for you, because your logical brain will overpower your gut instincts.

Just remember that intuition should guide any purchase of a healing crystal, not color, size, shape, or price.

In many ways, we shouldn't even be picking out the perfect healing crystal - it should be choosing us.

Sometimes certain factors are important when it comes to choosing a certain crystal, and although I mentioned that our choices should not be guided by things like shape, size or color, these qualities all influence the healing properties each crystal possesses.

Only if you know that you need a certain type of crystal should any of these features guide your selection.

Even in these cases, still trust your intuition and select the crystal that draws you towards it.

This is why we don’t always choose our crystals – they choose us and, like it or not, it’s because we need the particular healing energy that a certain stone carries and wears proudly by its color.

In this part of my series on crystal healing, I will go in depth into what the color of a certain crystal means, and what properties certain colored crystals possess.


This book is my go-to resource for information on different crystals, the properties they possess, and how to use each crystal.

Crystals that are Red, Orange or Yellow (Light Crystals)

Red, orange and yellow crystals are the light crystals. These colors promote a positive, "light-hearted" outlook on life. The red, orange and yellow crystals are considered to be projective crystals, meaning that they are bright, strong and powerful

Examples of red crystals include the red tiger's eye, the ruby, red jasper, and garnet. The red stones are generally considered to be crystals of passion, attracting things like love, passion, strong will and courage.

Not only do these crystals help you mentally and emotionally, but they also possess qualities that boost the immune system and help with blood circulation, blood pressure and other blood related illnesses and diseases.

The red crystals are directly linked to your body's root chakra.

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Orange crystals are believed to be especially uplifting and encouraging. These crystals are strong attractors of joy, positivity and self confidence.

Orange is often a color associated with Vitamin C. Coincidentally, orange crystals are known to boost your body's immune system. They also can prevent kidney and bladder problems. Orange crystals are particularly helpful for those with mental illnesses, such as depression. This is because orange crystal can improve some of the negative side effects of common mental illnesses, like mood swings and low self-esteem.

Orange crystals include stones such as carnelian, calcite and sunstone. They are connected to your Sacral Chakra.

The last of the "light" crystals is yellow. These powerful crystals contain properties that can improve communication, concentration and creativity. Yellow crystals are thought of as crystals that stimulate the mind.

Yellow crystals include citrine, tiger's eye and calcite. These stones can help ward off and heal skin problems, as well as digestive issues.

The yellow crystals are connected the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Check Out this Video on the Healing Properties of Botswana Agate and How the Color Affects the Healing Properties of the Stone

These pocket angels come with me everywhere I go! They are each made from a different crystal, so the properties each angel possesses varies. As someone who is

Crystals that are Green, Purple or Blue (Dark Crystals)

The crystals that are green, purple or blue in color are considered to be the dark crystals. Dark crystals aren't negative or harmful, they are dark because they are considered to be receptive stones. Receptive stones are soothing and relaxing. They tend to be milder in power than the light crystals.

The first dark crystal I am going to cover is the green crystal. A few examples of this stonee include malachite, aventurine, moss agate and peridot. Green crystals are linked to our heart chakra.

Green crystals are powerful physical and mental healers. They work to keep your heart healthy and your respiratory system functioning properly. Mentally they help promote serenity, and work to ward off anxiety.

One shade darker than green crystals is blue. Blue crystals include the lapis lazuli, sodalite and kyanite, just to name a few.

Blue crystals are powerful healers, able to improve communication, intuition and luck. They are linked to both the throat and the third eye chakra.

The darkest of this type of crystal is the purple crystal, for example the amethyst, the sugilite and the lepidolite. Purple crystals are used to promote a harmonious life. Like the other dark crystals, these stones help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Purple crystals can be powerful when it comes to tuning into your psychic awareness, as well as your inner wisdom.

Physically, purple stones can help cure headaches and migraines, enhance your quality of sleep, and reduce the symptoms associated with asthma and allergies. These crystals are connected to the brow chakra.

This Meditation by Robyn Nola Utilizes the Power of Crystals and Colors to Enhance Meditation and Relaxation

Crystals that Come in Black or White (Receptive Crystals)

Black crystals and white crystals are not categorized as light or dark crystals, because these two "colors" are not part of the color spectrum at all.

Both black and white crystals are considered to be receptive types of stones.

Some examples of white crystals include the quartz, apophylite, moonstone and selenite. These spiritual crystals are used to help sharpen psychic abilities and enhance your intuition. White crystals are known to help people find their purpose in life.

White crystals and gemstones are connected with the crown chakra, as well as the sacral chakra.

Examples of black crystals include onxy, obsidian and jet. Contrary to what one might assume, these black crystals are powerful defenders against evil. Not only that, but they are also known to calm the nerves and help those who have experienced trauma in their life, either physically or mentally.

The black crystals are correlated with the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. This is why they also happen to help alleviate back pain.

Crystals Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Colors, Which All Impact the Healing Properties They Possess


Blended Crystals (Multi-Color, Multi-Purpose Crystals)

You may be browsing through crystals and gemstones when you happen to come across a particular stone that is a blend of different colors. Sometimes they can be a blend of all light, other times a blend of all dark, and it is also not uncommon to find crystals that blend the qualities of light and dark crystals.

These multi-colored crystals are also multi-purpose, which makes them particularly powerful. Some examples include tourmale, opal and some variety of quartz crystals.

These unique finds carry metaphysical properties that blend together elements from a plethora of types of crystals. They have an almost endless array of uses and are able to hold large quantities of energy.

© 2014 Kathleen Odenthal


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Fascinating stuff, Kathleen. I once was given a bag of various colored stones and had no idea what to do with them. I just looked for them, but can't find them. I hope that doesn't bring me bad karma!

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