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Cry Once a Week! Find out Why

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Sometimes there are good times and sometimes there are bad times in human life. Anyone can be seen crying during these two times. Many times people cry out of joy. Sometimes crying at a bad time becomes a constant companion of people. At that time, of course, if someone cries, it is seen to comfort others. But it is better to let her cry than to comfort her, experts say. It's a little surprising, but it's true.

In this regard, health experts say, a little crying is better for the body. So there is no need to stop crying, it is better to cry.

Why is crying good?

Health experts say that crying at least once a week is good for the body. The results came from a survey by a Japanese company. The study claims that crying reduces a person's stress. It keeps the human body and mind strong.

What is the science behind this?

In this regard, scientists say, crying can relieve problems such as dry eyes. It can also be protected from germs. Tears contain a substance called lysozyme, which kills most germs. As a result, the dirt that accumulates in the eyes from dust and smoke, cleans the tears.

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According to psychologists, people become much lighter mentally after crying. So cry at least once a week to stay healthy.


More benefits of crying

Sleep is good

A 2015 study in the United States found that crying increases the secretion of certain hormones in our body, which can lead to early and restful sleep.

Keeps the mind well

If the pain kept in the mind comes out through crying, then the mind becomes light. So psychologists say, if you are upset, do not stop yourself when you cry. Rather, studies have shown that those who can easily shed tears can cope better with depression.

Emotional therapy

Crying is like a cure. It relieves anxiety, relieves depression. Being able to cry emotionally is beneficial for mind and body for many reasons. It is harmful to hold back emotions for long periods of time. In this, various pressures accumulated in the mind. It also causes adverse reactions in the brain. And crying is needed to handle this situation.

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