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A Virtual Vision Board

Manifestation of your dreams. The Vision Board is a tool widely being used to create a visual map of sorts. Where, when personalized, by adding specific photos, words, phrases, and special mantras will bring imagining your future to the forefront of your life. The daily ritual of paying attention, adding to, becoming inspired by, will, as many users enthusiastically claim, bring about a universal awareness that will correspond with your deepest desires. When the universe is made aware of your hopes and dreams, it will allow you to become aligned vibrationally with your spiritual destiny.

Basically, a vision board is a collection of photos, magazine pictures, quotations, inspirational mantras, and anything else you creatively imagine to add, in order to secure your place in the higher realm. A Vision Board is based on the Law of Attraction, which means, whatever thoughts, ideas, or situations that you most give attention to will eventually appear in your life.

Deciding to use a Vision Board will bring these manifestations to you at a level that is more "conscious" and therefore deliciously tangible. If you go by the notion, that our thoughts are immensely powerful and ultimately advantageous, then when used properly, a Vision Board makes a lot of sense. It's an inexpensive, creative and fun investment that with a little time, effort and thought can pay you back ten-fold.


  1. Base Board ~ You can use a large piece of white cardboard, poster board or even a notebook. Some tools of the trade will include, scissors, glue, magazines, your computer to print out inspirational phrases, and anything else you can think of. The resources of what you put on your board are endless. Personal creativity is key.
  2. Your Ideal Life ~ Deciding on how you would like your life to look like is very subject to what you truly value. Some may choose to place a mansion on their board, while another may place a tiny house by a lake as their perfect sanctuary. A photo of a certain make and color of a car, a picture of a romantic couple that screams "soul mates", a bank statement that is carefully whited out to project your desired income, an example of perfect well-being, the list is endless. You get the idea.
  3. It's in the Details ~ Be as descriptive as possible! Label each new addition to your board with your desired specifications. It's YOUR life after all, and no one deserves ultimate happiness more than you.
  4. Gratitude ~ Sprinkle throughout your board the things you are most grateful for. I find this to be one of the most recommended ideas from experienced Vision Board artists. To see this in written form is indescribably powerful and will promote emotional well-being.
  5. You've got to Feel it ~ Have you ever heard the phrase "you have to fake it 'till you make it". This sentiment is very true in the core essence of attraction. Looking at your board will invoke feelings of already having it all. Your perfect job, your perfect love or your perfect health. Imagining how it will feel to be further blessed will signal to the universe your thankfulness and appreciation.
  6. In Due Time ~ As our desires evolve and shift in priority, our board will be ever-changing. What this means is this, the Universe has an uncanny ability of figuring out when and what true desires come into our lives and are in our best interest. It will always be in "perfect" time. Some things will happen instantly and some wishes will "incubate" to insure they are sincere. (Maybe you really don't want that red Ferrari.)
  7. Opportunity Knocking ~ Seize the opportunities that will undoubtedly lead you on your most successful path. The Universe will begin with subtle whispers. Awareness in understanding the reality of "coincidences" (there really aren't any) will help you maneuver the terrain more logically.
  8. Faith ~ If for some reason, the Universe chooses not to grant everything on your board, it's all in the divine plan. The sense may be that there's something even better for you that the Universe deems worthy of your greatness. Patience is part of the process, and anything of real value is worth the wait.
  9. The New Age of Technology ~ With the advent of computers, there's no telling the limits that can be surpassed. Vision boards can be turned into screen savers, slide shows, home made you tube videos. Imagine what the future holds.

The Power of Intention ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


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Siftpejoife on March 08, 2013:

My spouse and i employed to acquire high on lifestyle but of late I've truly accumulated a opposition.

Patti Ann from Florida on October 07, 2009:

Excellent! I have been using a vision board for years - they really work!

my-success-guru from Upstate NY on April 05, 2009:

Hey summer10,

I just want to say GREAT job on this Vision Board Hub! It is vey informative and inspiring! Join my fan club so you can share your great success strategies with the world! I am giving you a BIG thumbs up on this Hub!

May You Be Blessed With

Health, Wealth and Happiness,

PS Soon you will be stepping over mountains!


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