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Evening Practices and Healthy Habits for Well Being

Sarah is a certified Hatha, Vinyasa, & Kundalini yoga teacher. She is an artist who believes in the importance of living a creative life.


Creating a Routine

Establishing a consistent evening routine can have many benefits. After a day full of activity, it’s helpful to have some practices or habits to help you quiet the mind and put down the stress of the day. Over time your mind and body will recognize these new habits and begin to relax into stillness faster. You may find it easier to fall asleep, that you experience less agitation and anxiety, and even create a pleasant quality of mindful serenity as you wind down and integrate your day. Start with small changes, perhaps incorporating one new habit and practicing it consistently.


Evening Brew

Having a calming cup of herbal tea or other non-caffeinated beverage can be a great way to quiet the mind before bed. Make this a mindfulness practice by tuning into all your senses. Choose your favorite teacup or mug, and prepare your evening drink with loving kindness. Notice the sound of boiling water, the scent of tea, and the taste as you drink it. Slow down your movements and pay attention to the sensations of the body. This activity can help bring an over-active mind to a more calm and quiet state.



Writing your thoughts down can be an excellent form of both release and self love. Create a safe writing space for yourself so that you feel free to write whatever is on your mind, even if you need a lock and key on your journal! This space is where you can get out any feelings or thoughts that may be bothering you. Perhaps a conversation or rude remark really rubbed you the wrong way. Instead of ruminating over it in your mind, write it down. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even sound good. It is the process itself that actually will help you work out or get out your feelings so that you have more peace of mind. You may even like to document a special part of your day, or something you can feel grateful about. Overtime, your journals may become personal treasures as you see how you‘ve transformed as a person over time.

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Clean One Small Space

The act of cleaning can be a very rewarding activity. Cleaning a small space could simply mean there are no dirty dishes left in the sink, or a quick run of the vacuum in the living room. This short task will leave you feeling accomplished as well as creating a cleaner and more vibrant energy for your living space. Our surroundings impact is on subtle levels, and keeping a space that you can feel good in is very importan. Tidy up the kitchen, and clear away any clutter where you eat. Put anything away that does not need your immediate attention. The next day, take a moment to notice and appreciate your efforts as you enter into the cleansed space.


Meal Prep for the Next Day

Prepping a meal for the next day is an act of love. Wether you are making lunches for the whole family, or just getting out your cereal box to make things easy for yourself, you will thank yourself the next day. You are setting up your future self for success. Perhaps you even make a special setting at the table in advance with your favorite coffee mug and a book of inspirational text on the table. Notice how it feels the next day when you see your efforts in effect.



Gentle movement in the evening can be a wonderful way to release stress from the day, open up space in the body, and allow you to more fully relax. You may choose to play some uplifting and tranquil music and dance, moving the body smoothly and gracefully. A yoga practice at home or taking class outside the home is another great option for moving the body and allowing it to release stress and stagnation. This can also be as simple and short as taking a leisurely walk around the block. Whether you sit in an office or are standing for long hours, most of us keep our body in the same position for long periods of time. It’s good to counter-balance this with gentle and nourishing movement. This is a another practices that cultivates self love and respect for the body. Listen to the needs of your body, and choose the movement that is right for you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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