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3 Reasons to Crack Open a Window to Prevent Colds and Flu

Open windows are beneficial

Opening a window has health benefits

Opening a window has health benefits

1 Immune systm boost

It is true that the simple things in life are free. Several news reports have been announcing that we are almost in the midst of peak flu season. This a time of year that wreaks havoc in many ways, including overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, missed time from work and extra money spent on doctors and medications. There are millions of people who annually obtain a flu shot as a preventative measure. The Centers for Disease Control report that during the period from 2009-2016 more than 59 percent of children and a little over 40 percent of adults received the influenza vaccine.

During the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, there was a skit where celebrities promoted getting inoculated against the flu. During this season, drug store shelves may be void of certain products because countless numbers of consumers are stocking up on pain medication, decongestants, and antihistamines, There are also people who will be loading up on vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Doctors are giving the usual reminders to wash hands, stay away from crowds, drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest. There is one simple thing, however, that can protect against germs and boost the immune system which anyone can do, but the medical community does not promote It. Opening windows a bit has been shown to be very beneficial in preventing colds and flu. The CDC is now saying it may help with COVID 19.

More children than adults receive flu shots


2. Fresh air in and stale air out

Fresh air is one of the tenants of holistic teachings and is even recommended by doctors to relieve stress. When you cannot go out of doors you can open or crack windows and obtain a double benefit. You allow fresh clean air inside of your home and at the same time, stale, germ filled air is released out of doors. According to Hort Science, people living in developed nations spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, and indoor air has been shown to be 12 percent more polluted than outdoor air. Opening windows also prevent n home mold and mildew.

You can open a window wide morning for a few moments or keep a small crack in a window or two at all times, in every season. Keeping your house airtight because of cold weather or when using air conditioning, decreases exposure to healthy microbes and good germs. If you use aerosol sprays and chemical cleaning products, opening a window will remove toxins from the air and prevent illness. Be sure to do this all year round. Dr.s Anthony FoucI and Sange Gupta said on CNN that it’s important to have fresh air because he brushed thrives in closed in spaces.

Open windows in your place of employment whenever possible. Studies indicate that this will prevent what is known as "Sick Building Syndrome." Proper ventilation and circulation of fresh air will decrease sick days and help employees focus better.

Colds and flu can be prevented

A small crac or fully open window can prevent sniffles and sneezes.

A small crac or fully open window can prevent sniffles and sneezes.

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3. Cleanse the lungs

There are individuals who are unable to go out of doors in order to obtain the benefits of fresh air. For these people, a window that is open or even cracked can make a big difference. When fresh air floods a house, it decreases the level of pollution, clears the lungs, boosts brain function and improves heart health as well as improving the immune system.

Opening a window costs nothing except a little effort and will save money that might be spent on the ER, an office visit, missed time from your job, or hospital stay. You will also save on the cost of over the counter medications, and or prescription drugs, The old adage of an ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure certainly applies in this situation, so go open those windows wide for a few moments then choose a few to leave cracks in on a regular basis. If you are having trouble deciding which rooms, to begin with, you might consider the kitchen or bathroom.

Opening windows and allowing stale air to exit is even beneficial for people who obtain their oxygen through a cannula tube. These individuals, just like everyone else, will receive fresh oxygen from the air that comes from out of doors. You don't have to be a statistic this cold and flu season because you can make one minor adjustment that will boost your immune system. Make the choice today to bring healthy, fresh air into your home, and reap the multiple benefits. Make sure you open car windows also.

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