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Covid and Election Year: Protecting Yourself in 2020

In the age of extremes, we need to evaluate the most important issues about life and safety. Are you really safe? Lets become pro-active!

Curse or Cure?

Curse or Cure?

2020 - Diversity of Troubles

Many issues are interwoven into 2020 political landscape. And while election violence stands in the forefront, Covid-19 related concerns are a close second, revealing there are important issues facing us as individuals. It's upon us all to re-think who we are as a people and to find the answers together. Sadly, the antidotes only mask the real culprit of a largely engineered calamity which finds many of us confused with the shifting horizon. It makes us reach deep to the question of our survival and welfare. How do we go on if we can't stay safe and healthy within our community and home?

People don't realize the price we are paying for having to wear masks several hours a day. We are creating health problems including asthma, symptoms of emphysema and other diseases due to blocking the free flow of oxygen in and out of our lungs. Oxygen is needed in our bloodstream and it processes through our lungs while carbon dioxide and other toxins need to continually flow out of our body through our mouth and nostrils. How stupid are we to think we can restrict the natural airflow in and out of our lungs for extended periods and stay healthy? - The pharmaceutical companies and the medical service companies must love our gullibility! Our immune systems are being compromised by constant use of masks, and for sure don't worry about dying from covid19 , you're gonna die first from lack of oxygen, or from accumulated toxins and slow asphyxiation!

1) Physical Safety

I'm calling on state and local police forces to protect United States Citizens from the violent attacks by Antifa and BLM! These groups contain thugs and violent gang members and are disrupting peaceful protests in our capital and other cities! Any violence needs to be stopped and these gangsters arrested!

2) The Basic Need to Breathe Fresh Air.

God gave us the air to breathe. Why would you let someone take it away from you? What would they do, tell you to cover up your nostrils and mouth? Do you understand that's the technique of choking life out of a person? Is the mask restricting life crucial oxygen flow to your brain? Are you slowly suffocating? Try spanking yourself to make yourself breathe! Tear away the blockage! Take a deep breath before you die! Did you know that extended oxygen deprivation causes brain damage? Are you intentionally causing yourself this harm or is someone holding a thick cloth over your face by force? What level of smart are you? Please as an individual think about this and understand that the people telling you to do this are not practicing this slow deprivation of oxygen themselves. They are experimenting on you. There are valid time tested statistics that you will die if you restrict the process of inhale-exhale called "breathing". The carbon dioxide must escape and release. Fresh oxygen must enter. Got it? This is a basic sustaining element of life. It's not negotiable. Wear a mask in as short a duration as possible. Yank it off and breathe as soon as you detect clean air. Seriously? Yes, Seriously!

3) Health and Welfare: Are Masks Necessary?

Look at the Different Angles

Some Humorous Anecdotes:

-Wear a mask and help promote rapid build up of plague, germs and WHO agenda! sign up here - _________

-Collect buggers, trap saliva , mucus, phlegm, snot, germs , stop the free flow of air into and out of your lungs. Yes. Yes! -sign up here____________

Now be more serious about this;

Yes, people are becoming affected by this Corona-Virus: But how can people die from Covid 19 if they are given hydro-chloroquine, and remdesivor cocktail? Tell me? Our president used it and it saved his life! I believe he used a common sense rule, of "God helps those who help themselves!".

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Masks stop your lungs from expelling spent air naturally to remove carbon dioxide and other toxins. Think about it! "Open airways is a medical necessity, and closed airways is a medical emergency". Please use your senses, exercise your right to free air, and call for airway restrictions to be lifted. Your life may be at stake. I stand on good ground in saying this. *According to the Medical Journal, airway restriction is proven to starve your body/lungs of oxygen. Sometimes though, we must protect ourselves from airborne toxins and wearing a mask makes sense. Also, God is in charge of the atmosphere, and we dare not mess with that. It's a good plan that he made. We like to keep our air clean that we breathe.

But most importantly, OUR BLOOD MUST BE OXYGENATED CONTINUALLY. By good faith practice in hygiene, we can overcome every virus. Start messing with airflow, and you make yourself a possible victim. They shouldn't have genetically invented the Corona/Covid/SARS, strains. These are the culprits at large and should be charged with genetic homicide . This is my opinion and I base it 99% on my understanding of the Bible basis of life, "God breathed into man and he became a living soul." Also I base it on our 2nd amendment rights and on the law and the Constitution of the United States. In light of all of this, today and forever, all opportunists, politicians and global conspirators need to quit trying to divide our people and our land with their agenda's. We are a free people and still the liberators of the world, and unless we bow to communism, it shall stay so!

Honest doctor's would tell you to only wear a mask in the most dire circumstances, for the shortest duration possible; to wear them only in close quarters to either protect from the inhaling of contaminants, or in the presence of vulnerable patients for their protection. It's like this, any mask application should be: use and remove, use and remove, use and remove, got it? HAVE YOU REALLY got this? Open your airways, and as most of us aren't stupid, but maybe you're confused over this? Let me help you: Oxygenate your brain and your individual responsibility and right to live, and hopefully you won't get it wrong!

NEW SLOGAN: Breathe Deep and Breathe Free! It's the only way to stay alive and healthy. Open the windows. Allow the air to exchange. Encourage healthy breathing! Stay alive! Your lungs need air!! Have you got this, American, French, Israeli, Dutchman, German, African, Hispanic, Canadian and all other peoples of the world?

News Flash: The lungs need approx. .80 % oxygen to function. Are you sure you are getting that? Check it out and challenge me!

Have you considered how much oxygen is being starved from your lungs by wearing a thick cloth mask over your mouth and nostrils? Are you prepared for medical costs, damages to your immune system by air blockage? By reduced lung function and reduced oxygen intake? Really? Have you considered you may be creating lung loss and function for later in you life? How many hours a day can your air/oxygen be restricted and you stay healthy, do you know? Really?

Question: could you be creating late life asthma and other serious ailments by restricting your airflow several hours daily? Do you have medical trials or tests to prove your assertions? Do you know there are warnings for those wearing masks in mines, and other environmental hazard areas, not just from the hazard itself but also from oxygen restriction and long-term airway obstruction? Think about it! If necessary make those life critical changes now. Be pro-active but do it while you continue to breathe responsibly to preserve your own health!

Normal: A normal ABG oxygen level for healthy lungs falls between 80 and 100 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg)

source; Healthline

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Oscar Jones

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