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Will Possible Vaccines' Side Effects Be "Explained" As a New Variant?


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As far as I know, there is no higher health authority than the World Health Organization that could challenge their claims about this current, or any other pandemic. Anybody trying to debunk those claims is swiftly pronounced as a conspiracy theorist, no matter how science-based their arguments might be.

And there have been many, most with some impressive credentials, actually some being called "the top experts in field of virology that the world is listening to". Well, tough luck this time, their story may appear for a day or two on a You tube video, just to be promptly removed.

Some are talking about the insufficient testing that has been done on all of the available vaccines, explaining their concerns about possible side effects.

Now, let me take over here, by expressing some of my own thoughts -- even though, not in so many words, but still based on science.

Namely, we all know that there is something like a psycho-biological individuality of each one of us. In clinical terms it means that not every drug is suitable for every person. Let's say, some folks may be allergic to penicillin, others may have a too weak liver to tolerate many drugs. And so many times a damage happens without immediate symptoms.

In short, like your good doctor may tell you after handing you a prescription: "See you in a couple of weeks, so we can try something else if this doesn't work" Meaning, pretty much, that drug choice is very often a matter of experimentation on the part of the doctor.

Yes, in case of a trauma, whether a heart attack, a burst appendix, inflamed gall bladder, or an injury in car accident -- procedures are pretty much standard. But, just because some health issues may tolerate well "one-fit-all" principle, it cannot, or shouldn't, be generalized and covering anything imaginable on the long list of conditions and diseases.

Now, how does that translate to our scenario of taking some insufficiently studied vaccines, as if following the principle of "one-fit-all", and disregarding what I called here psycho-physical individuality.

And what thoughts does it leave us with?

Am I saying here that no one should have taken their chances with these vaccines?

Far from that.

In the first place, I have no credentials to suggest anything of that sort. And secondly, it's none of my business what others decide for themselves in any matter imaginable.

But, credentials or not, most of those vaccinated have no credentials either; so let's just have a little chat about this whole situation -- we, the lay-people.


It's Almost Like Ruling the World

Before I did my little research, I could already imagine how insanely rich the Big Pharma establishment is -- but I had a very sketchy idea about how incredibly influential it is as well.

Apparently, they have quite a say in the World Health Organization -- albeit nothing too official. And of course, the same could surely be said for the FDA, and the legislative authorities. They also finance medical schools, dictating their curriculum in which only symbolic, elective subjects refer to nutrition, whereas everything has to be about use of drugs.

You try to claim to have discovered a cure for cancer, which is a multi-billion dollar business, and you've got yourself into a deep mess with the authorities. It's been done, more than once, and it was practically cost free, natural, and yes -- ended up in the court as "practicing of illegal medicine", something sounding like that.

Also, some millions, if not billions of dollars are ending up in hospitals and doctors' hands for using their products on patients.

Like the below mentioned professor Leemon McHenry PhD. says somewhere in his video attached to this post -- "Doctor writes a prescription, and Pharma writes a check".

Actually, if you find the video to be too long for your taste, at least let me quote what's in the description of it -- to give you an idea about some, not so holy, aspects of the Pharma's operating.

(The video) is "guiding us to the fraudulent core of ghostwritten studies, captured legislations, revolving door regulating agencies, pay-to-play medical journals, and the "key-opinion leaders" who lend their academic credentials to giant corporations...for a price.

With every stage in the process seemingly structured for corruption, we can only wonder with Professor "who is looking out for scientific integrity".

So, how is all this relevant to our topic of vaccines and their safety? Does any of this mean that all people who have got vaccinated made a mistake?

Of course not. But, is there a possibility that vaccines may not be quite compatible with some people's psycho-physical individuality? Do you think this would be too much of a stretch of imagination for anyone with any credentials?

My answer is -- I honestly don't know, but I don't think that I am only one of only few who have their suspicions, just on a basis of simple logicalness, not some intended conspiracy theory to push around.

Besides, I am not a normative type of a person, and even if I was by a big percentage somehow convinced that vaccines are a big risk, I would not tell.

Also, some things in the whole racket are way beyond my comprehension. Like, for example, why vaccinated folks still have to wear masks -- they can't infect anyone, and no one can infect them. And if it ain't so, then why did they get vaccinated at all?

Well, you can tell I am not coming from a position of someone who is well into the "science" of it.

It's all at a level of a conversational speculation that starts with a "What if...", and will end up with it.


Could We Reach a Point of "Enough Is Enough"?

It seems like the Big Pharma is already hinting, through some indirect channels, about a possibility that vaccines might cause a mutation with a stronger than this Covid-19 virus.

If they are envisioning another year of lockdowns, masks, and the whole crappy package, my observation of the people's limits of available tolerance is telling me that they are playing with fire.

In my modest opinion, any attempt of this pandemic to take another round of the same thing would quickly turn it into a "mental pandemic" -- with unpredictable outcomes

Namely, the world's mood could easily escalate into one massive conspiracy theory, where anything is true except for what the health-and-political authorities are saying. I am not contending that an action similar to January 6th at Capitol could take place, but then again, it's hard to tell what happens when the world simply has enough.

For quite awhile, all across Europe, and here in Canada, we have been witnessing on the You tube this slow escalation of that mood, with thousands of people marching on streets and protesting the lockdowns -- already weekend after weekend.

When here in Canada they disobeyed the stay-home order for the first time, our Provincial boss publicly called them "a bunch of yahoos". That was supposed to make people worried, if not guilty, but guess what -- the next, and next, and every weekend, thousands came out again, not wearing masks, some with babies.

While this could be characterized as a significant public event -- there was no mention of it anywhere on our TV news. Clearly, the authorities are getting concerned about spreading of this "pissed-off-virus", and didn't want to give it any publicity. By the way, so much for "freedom of speech", and the media's slogan "public has the right to know" -- which brings to mind the long arm of the authorities.

I must say, there are times when that satirist in me is questioning if those health authorities and their friends in the Big Pharma ever had history within the frame of their entire education -- otherwise they would know what happens when masses of ordinary people just can't take it anymore, and even death looks better than submissiveness.

Supposing that they had read in history books about the power of those kings who successfully suppressed the movement of some illiterate people, they keep forgetting how in these present times they are dealing with educated masses that can't be either fooled, or intellectually intimidated indefinitely.

Trumpeting about new and new strains of this virus they are even embarrassing themselves, because this, and any other pathogen will never leave, and they know it, and no vaccine can kill it in the air-- while our natural immunity can deal with them all, like it has been doing it for eons.

Yes, many have died from this virus, and by now it's already pretty much a worn out story about all those who are genetically predisposed to diseases with just a push, even from a mild bug, to turn fatal. Also those whose immune system got too weak due to their unhealthy life style -- young or old. As well as those already having a heavy diagnosis which is keeping their immune system busy or already exhausted; including those old and fragile.

But, as I have been repeating it, along with experts in psycho-neuro-immunology, a massive number have died because this prolonged stress of the pandemic shut their immunity down. Stress kills, but authorities -- mysteriously -- don't seem to know that wearing masks, social isolation, and financial uncertainties, plus much advertised danger from an invisible enemy, is all detrimental to health.

Then that satirist in me is laughing at their incompetence, as they are talking about "science", while leaving out that important part of science where it connects nervous system with immune and adrenal systems, notably stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which are proven to suppress immunity.

However, people have survived through much tougher times of some horrible personal and public hygiene. With no doctors, no drugs no vaccines.

So how many more vaccines are people supposed to get? And how safe will they be for everybody's particular psycho-biological individuality. And if -- God forbid -- people keep dying despite, or even because of, vaccines -- what will they say then?

Will it be the story that "the new virus is a superbug for which the received vaccine is not a match" -- rather than admit that something in those vaccines was not compatible with people's psycho-physical individuality?

And will they try to impose some even stricter measures? Of course, with new vaccines while keeping their well proven selling strategy of scaring the shits out of everyone?

Well, who knows really, it all remains to be seen, but I wanted to talk about this matter, just for those who might have had similar thoughts. Again, I have nothing discouraging to say to those folks who got themselves vaccinated. It might as well work for them like a charm.

And maybe -- just maybe -- once that those super-greedy Big Pharma billionaires amass "enough" money, all this will just stop abruptly like it started. Yes, we may be hearing on our TV some victorious speeches by our proud leaders, congratulating everyone for sacrifices they endured, announcing that it's again to become "life as usual"

O.K. another confession being due here -- after saying these last lines, I am having problems with quieting down that satirist in me.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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Val Karas (author) from Canada on June 08, 2021:

DreamerMeg -- Every so often the authorities are showing their true colors, making you wonder why all that parading with "freedoms, democracy, human rights, transparency...etc".

With those vaccine passports that are being announced, they are coercing people into getting vaccinated -- while "officially" telling you "it's your free choice".

That's one part that hurts, indeed, when they take us for morons who can't see an idiotic manipulation at work. Really, why all that sweet talk around election times, if they are resorting to that obvious low coercion.

Hey, there are places where you get yourself one whole burger (!) if you come to get vaccinated -- now, in my eyes that's the next step in treating the masses like some village idiots who need that kind of motivation.

Well, as for people's choice in the matter -- to each their own, I have no criticism to offer. We have to respect everyone's decision, it's THEIR body, THEIR business.

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on June 08, 2021:

The reaction from governments has been totally OTT, ridiculous! I certainly hope people are getting totally fed up with this. They should allow free speech and debate: it has been shut down. They should NOT coerce people into taking a jab - it's NOT a vaccination. It is supposed to be illegal to force people to get medical procedures without their informed consent, yet I see people being pushed in that direction! They currently give numbers of people who die within 28 days of a positive test. They should also provide numbers of those who die within 28 days of a jab.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on June 05, 2021:

John -- I'm happy for you, buddy, that you live in such a safe environment. I must admit, I am concerned about "their" story about planning to vaccinate little kids.

The paranoia has reached its extremes with all this fearmongering, Something is telling me that I already had some cousin of corona family in the past, because in those first months, before all regulations were enforced, I was mingling around large groups of people -- and I simply must have been "visited" by this crappy critter.

To this day, even though I wear mask, and keep distances (feeling ridiculous), I am not taking any of this seriously.

Yes, people die, and I feel sorry for them, but twice as many people die each year from heart attacks and cancers, and no one, except for devastated families, seems to make it publicly significant. How sad.

My satirist in me sometimes sees the whole "human condition" as too complex in its craziness to be bothered.

Let's just live this life, each with our own developed capacity for happiness and health. Can't feel sad enough to fix anything out there, if sadness was supposed to make a difference.

Thanks for reading, my friend. Thanks for the nice comment too.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on June 05, 2021:

You provide much food for thought here, as always, Val. My father always said, “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half you see.” I am quickly learning those words had more wisdom than I previously gave him credit for.

Fortunately I am in a state and country that is relatively fortunate “touch wood” as far as the virus is concerned. I have the luxury of waiting and seeing what unfolds as far as the vaccines and side effects is concerned. The main concern here is with one of the vaccines being linked to blood clots, so they decided only over 50s can have it. Apparently under 50s are at greater risk, but they never say why that is. Maybe it is really that over 50s are more expendable and they don’t want to waste their supply of that vaccine.

Anyway, thanks for this interesting article. Oh, and let the satirist free.

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