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Coronavirus Sceptics: Why Are They so Anti-This and Anti-That?


What are they so against? They are not ALL conspiracy theorists, Or Covid-19 deniers. Just people with genuine concerns about the pandemic'.

I have been an unofficial legal, neutral, unofficial observer, photographer and reporter at the majority of London's anti-masks, anti-lockdown, and anti-vaccine protests, and have realised that not all the 'anti-lockdown' protesters are 'anti-maskers', and not all 'anti-maskers' are 'anti-vaccine, and so on. Each has their concerns why they are so sceptical and against things (so anti).



When Covid-19 first hit the headlines at the beginning of 2020, we were all petrified out of our wits. Fear and anxiety spread like wildfire as we listened to the daily briefings and advice from the government, media, and public health authorities. We became fearful of going out and touching things. Scrubbing our hands to an inch of their life — and constantly wiping and spraying everything with antibacterial wipes.

Because of the pandemic, there have been never-ending conversations, debates, and protests around the world (footage). A large number of protesters have been arrested for breaching Covid restrictions because the consensus is, they are totally against the governments' responses to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Because of the forever changing goalposts, rules, regulations, and the confusing, complicated, and conflicting advice, many do not believe that the virus is not as 'deadly' as the scientists and governments keep saying.

As for the 'anti brigade', these people come in all shapes and sizes. Of every walk of life, position, and profession. Yes, there has been a small percentage who are just anti-government and stand against anything and everything the government stands for, which is understandable, given the government's history of lying and cover-ups, as well as in the NHS. Most people describe the government's handling of the situation as the equivalent of 'killing a gnat with a sledgehammer', while others say they are not doing enough!


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Anti-Mask Hashtags; #Antimask #Anti-Masker #NoMoreMasks #freeyourface #Smile

The anti-maskers have lost faith in science and the government. They are sick and tired and confused about their forever changing advice and recommendations, and misleading health claims about wearing face coverings. Even scientists are rowing about how safe and effective they are with anti-maskers publically speaking out about their concerns at unnecessarily being forced to wear a face mask (be muzzled).

Wearing a facemask makes it harder to be heard clearly and harder to recognise people. More importantly, harder to breathe properly. In addition, masks cover one of the most expressive parts of the body (the smile).

This has made the deaf community and people with hearing problems become isolated because they use our lips to read/hear what's going on around them which is the equivalent of covering up our eyes and ears with a covering we can hardly see or hear through.


Many people don't want to breathe in unnecessary carbon dioxide particles from wearing a face mask that can cause 'Hypercapnia', a condition arising from too much carbon dioxide in the blood. Mild symptoms include a headache, shortness of breath, and dizziness. Severe symptoms include seizures, muscle twitching, loss of consciousness. In extreme cases, you could end up in a coma. Snopes, the fact-checking website says it 'mostly false. In little or no danger', which means there is some element of risk.

As for the scientific evidence concerning the effectiveness of wearing disposable facemasks compared to expensive ones, nothing can be scientific, because, if everyone were wearing a certified respirator, which is effective in filtering 99.7 percent of coronavirus particles, nothing would be conclusive. Why? Because we all wear them differently. Our heads and faces are different shapes. Even If they did fit everyone's faces, not everyone, will keep them clean or sanitised for each public outing — or following hygiene practices by cross-contaminating items each time they touch their mask to reposition or take off.

What works best against COVID-19, washing hands or wearing masks? Health experts say, "masks are not the most effective protection against the spread of the illness, and there are other better ways to protect yourself and others from contamination by social distancing and washing hands.



Anti-Lockdown hashtags: #lockdown #AntiLockdown #AntiLockDownProtest #NoMoreLockdown #NoNewNormal #freedom #NoNewNormal #scamdemic

Protesters who are against the lockdown, arbitrary arrests and suppression of protests are so passionate about their fight, they are willing to be arrested as they publicly voice their concern (footage) to protect their loved ones, livelihood and sanity.

During the lockdown, children and young adults being denied a basic human right to education. Those who have been educated are now being denied the right to work. I've witnessed hundreds of workers from the entertainment and events industry stage a silent protest (footage) to highlight the impact of the lockdown. And the hospitality industry banging their pots and pans outside Parliament to highlight the increasing job losses, and business closures, as further restrictions, look set to decimate businesses already on their knees after months of closure and left in limbo. While others continue to shout and scream from the proverbial rooftops

The lockdown has had a major impact on health and medical care. Hospital appointments for cancer treatments, hip, and knee replacements, and organ transplants have been either delayed, postponed, or cancelled as hospitals focus on the coronavirus. Deaths by suicides have increased 200% in the lockdown period.

Staff from the NHS have protested over the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.


The number of people dying from home has increased dramatically — not from Covid-19, but everything else! In the last six months of 2020, diabetes victims are up 86%. Prostate cancer up 43%. Breast cancer up 53%. Parkinson's 79% and bowel cancer 46%. People are afraid to seek medical help, in fear of catching the virus, or simply too concerned about being a burden on the NHS.

Births, marriages, and funerals have been affected by restrictions and crowd control (social distancing). Families and friends, forbidden to witness the birth of a pregnant relative. Families are unable to see the new addition to their family. Others denied the final touch of their loved one as they lay dying! Many elderly people who are so fearful of catching the virus have chosen to spend their last days being confined to their home with little or no human contact!

The lockdown is threatening the future of medical research. Charities suffering severe cuts, unable to organise fundraising events to help humanity progress. Unfortunately, the crisis is on its way to being a major setback in human development.

Being confined to our homes with little else to do, more people have resorted to alcohol, drugs and gambling which have all increased during the lockdown. There has been a huge increase in domestic violence against women and children who have no escape from their abusers during lockdown restrictions and/or quarantine.


The lockdown restrictions are taking their toll on people who are naturally social, touchy-feely and outgoing butterflies, just as much as hermits, reclusive's and loners. A leading oncologist said, "Covid-19 kills, but so does lockdown". Dr Adrian James, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists said, "The Covid-19 pandemic could be the biggest hit to mental health since the Second World War,"

And, as Covid-19 continues to crash the economy and workers and business owners facing financial ruin, I witnessed the exhausted, despairing and frustrating looks in the eyes of those who have taken to London's streets to protests against the lockdown. The 'events & entertainment' workers staged a silent protest. The hospitality workers banged their pots and pans in Parliament Square in protest against the lockdown rules.

Among hundreds of other professions who fundamentally oppose the lockdown restrictions. Businesses spent thousands of pounds, so customers could self-distance or isolate themselves where necessary. Placing plastic shields in place to protect everyone, all in line with the government's guidelines, but the government still shut them all down!

One protester said, "It is a greater evil to destroy the livelihood of millions of people to save relatively so few. If we don't end the lockdown, every sector of society has, and will continue to suffer".



Anti-Vaccine Hashtags: #Antivax Anti-Vaxxers #AntiVaccine

A percentage of this group are content in complying with the mandatory rules to wear face coverings in public and agree with the lockdown rules — the remainder is not for many reasons and has publicly spoken out at many anti-vaccine protests.

Scientists, doctors, and celebrities who have become key figures in the anti-vaccination movement (whom the media describes as conspiracy theorists) have stood on the steps of Trafalgar Square to expose what they believe. Including the former footballer, David Ike, and Piers Corbyn, brother of labour politician, Jeremy Corbyn

First and foremost, people are concerned about a vaccine rushed through parliament, similar to the 'miracle drug', Thalidomide, prescribed in the 1950s to treat pregnant women caused malformations in newborn babies that the NHS tried to cover up.

Many anti-vaccine sceptics claim that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is behind it all to implant 'trackable microchips 'in everyone to 'control' the people. These rumours came about after Bill Gates said he wants to use the microchip "to help control the virus by allowing it to track and trace people." 'Snopes', the fact-checking website says it's false. What they failed to mention is true. The 'microchip' is a 'quantum dot' / 'nano-particle. How does it work? When a person is vaccinated, they will implant a dye that is invisible to the naked eye.

Why? According to a study published in the Science Translational Medicine, the quantum dot/dye is "to avoid the risk of clerical errors and provide quick and easy access to medical records, especially in 3rd world countries where information is hard to store. Gets lost through conflicts or wars within those countries".


Since 2014, thousands of people from Sweden have had microchips inserted into their hands, which is used to store medical details, as well as make life easier. Similar to 'contactless payments cards. The downside. The RFID and NFC technology make your personal info more vulnerable to hackers and malware.

Anti-vaxxers fear the vaccine chip is to control people. They say, "the government will know exactly where you have been with the help of 5G mobile phone networks. He concluded, "if you have to 'self-isolate' or on a 'curfew' or under lockdown travel restrictions, they can use that information to know where you've been and penalise you", which can be a form of control.

A poll has revealed. more than a third of Britons have said they are 'unlikely to take a Covid-19 vaccine'. Up to 60% of US health workers are refusing to get COVID-19 vaccines in fear of 'side effects and feel like they're being treated as guinea pigs". Others are worried that a vaccine that usually takes decades to be approved has been approved and rolled out so quickly.

Pork derived gelatin has been used to ensure vaccines remain safe and effective during storage and transport which has led Muslims and Hindus to refuse the vaccine in fear it contains meat and alcohol which is against their religious beliefs.

Some people are worried the vaccine consists of chemicals that promote infertility. This relates to a 1989 study into anti-fertility vaccines which appears to refer directly to a 1989 study into anti-fertility vaccines that is totally unrelated to COVID-19 trials and has been described as 'misleading'.

Tests on NHS staff and patients have produced wrong results. No test is 100% accurate as there will always be some people who test positive when they do not have the disease or test negative when they do. And while some countries exaggerate their Covid-19 cases (for whatever reasons), others are under exaggerating their figures.

The British Journal reads, "things aren’t perfect in British medicine. We still see shocking cover-ups, scapegoating and the appalling treatment of whistleblowers in the NHS, but the profession is moving in the right direction, shaped by the expectation of transparency and accountability for all".


87,000 Dutch health workers in the Netherlands don't want to be vaccinated, saying 'we're not guinea pigs'. 50 per cent of US front line workers declined to be vaccinated, and 49% of US hospital staff don't want to be vaccinated.

Furthermore, people are worried that all vaccines weaken the immune system and destroy the DNA. Others say they are harmful because they all contain mercury and aluminium which the scientists say, "is usually not harmful in small doses". The medical journal, 'The Lancet' said, "more research and studies were needed to be more conclusive"

Most would rather go down the 'herd immunity' road. Dr. Chris van Tulleken said, "we followed public health workers who have had Covid-19 virus and studies suggest it offers the same protection as having the vaccine".

The increasing consensus among immunologists; "the vaccine will not be 100% effective for everyone, so we will have to live with Covid-19". A leading pathologist said "98 % of people will actually recover from Covid-19. Others worry that a vaccine that is 95% effective and safe is not worth taking that 5% risk for?

In a candid video, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be "tried as war criminals". His video on YouTube was removed by YT!


There are still a number of people who fully support the vaccine, the wearing of face coverings, and being locked down. Some people would 'weld their doors shut' if they could — even if it means being locked up forever until the vaccine is rolled out to everyone. Even then, there are no 100% guarantees about its long-term effectiveness or how safe it is for all ages, races, and health conditions, compared to actually catching Covid-19.


The pandemic has caused the highest number of deaths in the UK since World War II. The good news: we will see the end of the coronavirus pandemic, the same as we witnessed the end of wars, which caused so much destruction and claimed the lives of far too many people.

We emerged victoriously, and the UK managed to overcome record levels of unemployment, homelessness, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder — bankrupt for two decades. Our unique survival experiences have given us the tools to handle those challenges when we reach the end of this pandemic.

Until we can all get back to normal (no new normal), our lives are on hold as were left sitting in the dark, similar to the blackout during the war, and only time and history will see if the government's handling of the pandemic has been what's best for the UK, and for everyone's best interest, regardless of their status.

As well as justifying the beliefs and actions of all those people who were, and have been arrested for being so anti.

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