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After Biden's address on the COVID surge, what's next other than free test kits and masks?

When will there be a 4th stimulus check? It could be in the works, but when will actually happen? Will Social Security recipients get that $200 a month increases that was first mentioned by the President over a year ago?

When will there be a 4th stimulus check? It could be in the works, but when will actually happen? Will Social Security recipients get that $200 a month increases that was first mentioned by the President over a year ago?

It's January 17th and COVID cases, specifically the omicron variant of COVID is still surging at a rapid rate. President Biden urged Americans to please wear and mask, and for those that still have not gotten vaccinated to do so. Soon free testing kits will be available beginning on January 19th via They will be limited to 4 test kits per household and there are no shipping costs.

Also, N95 masks that are made in the USA, will be available for Free with no shipping costs at a slightly later date, just a few days after January 19th. I believe U.S. households will be entitled to 3 masks per person.

Biden said approximately 15,000,000 Americans are getting tested on a daily basis. Of course, at that testing rate, there will be a surge. However, this omicron variant has made its presence in America that's for sure.

On January 16th there were 337,884 new COVID cases in the U.S, who is far and above the global leader with 65,814,876 COVID cases to sadly go with 849,976 deaths. Approximately 59% of the U.S. population has been fully vaccinated.

The nearest country case-wise is India with 37,380,253 (2nd) to go with 486,451 deaths (3rd). Brazil is 2nd in deaths with 620,830 and 3rd in cases with 22,927,203. With those alarming numbers, especially in the U.S. federal action, aid, stimulus is required ASAP. And I mean stimulus checks or money to the people.

As a result of these alarming numbers, there is a push to create an emergency COVID relief stimulus package that would include stimulus checks. This is in addition to the "Build Back Better" bill. This push was initiated by NY Congressman Jamaal Bowman of New York. Now President Biden is calling for more stimulus relief as is money for the people.

In addition, there's a push as well as a serious discussion to raise Social Security by $200 per month and or raise the minimum to $1,341 per month. that's more likely to happen at some point this year. Getting more stimulus $ to the people should happen soon and first.

If so, there's still a reasonably good chance stimulus checks come possibly come early this year. Possibly that is in January that's if they get added either in the "Build Back Better" bill or get added via a separate emergency/stand-alone COVID relief bill.

Of course, not everybody would get a check. Inflation in 2021 was 6.8% which is the biggest increase since the early 1980s. The US unemployment rate is 3.9% and likely will be higher in January due to the COVID surge.

With regards to "Build Back Better" Manchin said “I can’t move forward. I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation, I just can’t,” he told Fox network prior to the New Year.

Now discussions with Manchin have resumed. Manchin has a problem with the size of the bill which cost approximately $2 trillion, he wants the bill to cost no more than $1.75 trillion and specifically with the Child Tax Credit stimulus which ended December 15th. He wants different conditions; income restrictions and such and wants to help working families only.

First things first should be reducing or trying to contain/slowdown COVID in the U.S. One of these bills needs to get passed one that includes stimulus payments. The ways it's going, it looks like, it waits until January unless there's an agreement between both parties, specifically getting Manchin on board.

Since January 1st, 2021, I went from paying $1.97 a gallon to paying $3.29. The price seems to have stabilized but is still too high.

If there's is somehow a 4th stimulus check, consider it a belated Government holiday bonus. If it does happen, it would help raise Biden's low popularity numbers. Considering the way things are going, relief for the people needs to happen more so than being concerned about green energy which is important.


jameswritesbest (author) on August 14, 2020:

I do appreciate you taking the time to read my article and also for your most informative and detailed response. Be well & stay safe

CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on August 14, 2020:

You wrapped up the facts very clearly.

Looking at the mess from the outside, let me do some remarks on the US as a whole and the state of New York in particular.

It looks like the state of New York actually followed moreless the same restriction, distancing and lockdown measures that European countries have enacted. The result: Bending the curve, reducing the number of active cases. The relief is obvious. Daily deaths are small compared to Texas or Florida.

When NY peaked in daily new cases (somwhere around April 8th), the state had recorded 9.000 deaths. Today it is 32.000 deaths.

So even if you peak in new cases, the aftermath is horrible (3,5 times).

This is well within the range of what other countries on our planet registered, that had peaked and brought down fatalities.

You can do your own math and do this for the whole US. It will be a bit more complicated, because you have to subtract the states which are static (like NY) and do the multiplying.

My quick pick would be: US peaked on 20th of July. Death count 145.000. The states (today static) to be subtracted probably peaked combined beginning of May. (then 70.000 deaths).

My quick and dirty maths: 145.000 - 70.000 = 75.000.

Apply the multiplier 3,5 = 75.000 x 3,5 = 262.500

Add the already static states again: 262.500 + 70.000 = 332.500

Within a one year period after Covid19 outbreak the US will be very lucky if numbers are kept below 300.000.

Imho vaccination programs will not help enough. Here in Germany the early infected and recovered Covid-19 patients already lost their immunity (antibodies). Happened within 3 months. Hopefully vaccines do better than the virus itself did in creating immunity...

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