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U.S. COVID-19 cases surpass 13,000,000 and still no stimulus agreement. $ to the people needed ASAP


Thanksgiving is over and U.S. COVID-19 are still surging. On 11/26 alone there was an increase of 110,484 new cases bringing America's global leading total to 13,016,149. U.S. sadly leads the world in COVID-19 deaths as well with 266,966.

Congress is on holiday recess. When they return Monday (11/30) they need to act quickly to get the money to the people to save people from getting evicted, stay afloat and keep our fragile economy going. America can't afford to go into a recession while its being challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The day after Christmas millions of unemployed Americans benefits expire. An extension of those vital benefits are needed at both the state and federal level. Whether that federal assistance be $300/$450/$600 per week additional assistance. Then there's the need for a government spending bill to avoid a government shutdown.

The rapid rise in COVID-19 cases combined with Unemployment running out for millions of Americans the day after Christmas is our urgent reasons to either pass a stop-gap stimulus bill of a smaller than the Democrats $2.2 trillion or some reasonable size less, or use the $800 billion of unused funds from the first stimulus package (CARES Act).

That $800 billion is enough money. However, considering Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin moved those funds to another account. Lawmakers need to first authorize its use to cover $1,200 stimulus checks plus $500 for each dependent child, an extension of unemployment as well another round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) money.

I finally believe Democrats and Republicans are coming together now to get this done for the good of the country and to avoid a looming recession. Over 100 top Economists are urging congress to act now; get this money to the people and to the small businesses in need. It seems President elect Joe Biden is doing his part to encourage his fellow Democrats to ease their demands and be flexible and be willing to compromise to get a deal done.

In the interim, while we wait for the two vacancies developed to be available, we hope and pray these cases slow down and Americans in-need get the long overdue financial aid they need to get by to avoid eviction or simply get the financial assistance they need to get by.

The next nearest country in COVID-19 cases is India with 9,314,017 followed by Brazil with 6,204,220. Brazil is 2nd in deaths with 171,460 and India is 3rd with 135,796.

In the state I live in New York, we have 624,220 cases which now (5th) to go with 33,959 deaths (1st). In the county I live in Suffolk, we have 58,562 cases to go with 2,045 deaths. Globally we have 60,420,355 cases to go with 1,421,650 cases.

U.S. President elect Joe Biden will have his hands full dealing with the U.S. economy as well finding ways to prevent/slow-down the rapid rise in cases come January 21st, 2021 which is the day he gets sworn in.

Hopefully lawmakers come to their senses very soon and authorize the U.S. Treasury to use the unused funds from the CARES Act so that Americans and small businesses in need get help ASAP.

Word is Washington may bundle a bill to prevent a government shutdown while also addressing the stimulus checks, unemployment extension and PPP $. That makes sense to me and would buy both parties more affordable time to haggle over a 2nd bigger stimulus package post January 21st.


jameswritesbest (author) on August 14, 2020:

I do appreciate you taking the time to read my article and also for your most informative and detailed response. Be well & stay safe

CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on August 14, 2020:

You wrapped up the facts very clearly.

Looking at the mess from the outside, let me do some remarks on the US as a whole and the state of New York in particular.

It looks like the state of New York actually followed moreless the same restriction, distancing and lockdown measures that European countries have enacted. The result: Bending the curve, reducing the number of active cases. The relief is obvious. Daily deaths are small compared to Texas or Florida.

When NY peaked in daily new cases (somwhere around April 8th), the state had recorded 9.000 deaths. Today it is 32.000 deaths.


So even if you peak in new cases, the aftermath is horrible (3,5 times).

This is well within the range of what other countries on our planet registered, that had peaked and brought down fatalities.

You can do your own math and do this for the whole US. It will be a bit more complicated, because you have to subtract the states which are static (like NY) and do the multiplying.

My quick pick would be: US peaked on 20th of July. Death count 145.000. The states (today static) to be subtracted probably peaked combined beginning of May. (then 70.000 deaths).

My quick and dirty maths: 145.000 - 70.000 = 75.000.

Apply the multiplier 3,5 = 75.000 x 3,5 = 262.500

Add the already static states again: 262.500 + 70.000 = 332.500

Within a one year period after Covid19 outbreak the US will be very lucky if numbers are kept below 300.000.

Imho vaccination programs will not help enough. Here in Germany the early infected and recovered Covid-19 patients already lost their immunity (antibodies). Happened within 3 months. Hopefully vaccines do better than the virus itself did in creating immunity...