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Corona and the Dynamic Life Captured on Screen

Maruf speaks from his own experience. He loves to know about anything and express it through writing.


We are going through a strange era.

From the beginning of history, human civilization was born holding each other's hands. Today, they have to be separated from each other in order to survive. Admitting is a thorn in the side of social distance. At a time like this, when life comes to a standstill and loneliness is supposed to be a companion, then technology is bringing people together. Apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live, Google Hangouts have become an essential part of daily life today. Even within the four walls of one's own home, people today are able to do almost all the work of the previous life. Be it class, office, daily work of court, chat of friends or government meetings. That is why the concept of 'work from home' is growing today due to video conferencing.

The 'Zoom' app is a very popular app in this new world of video conferencing. Being a user friendly, Zoom app has quickly become a top app. Founded by Eric Yuan, the app first hit the market in 2011 but gained popularity in 2019. This app is currently one of the most used apps as it has many more features including multiple screen and device meetings, wireless screen sharing, calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. This app has been used in all institutional activities since the beginning of the Corona era. In March, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted about the cabinet meeting in a video conference on the Zoom app, and gradually the use of Zoom in government meetings in different countries began. In our country too, the Hon'ble Prime Minister now regularly discusses the overall situation in the country with other ministers through Zoom.

Starting from mere chats, institutional classes, office discussions, political meetings, live talk shows of the channels and government work in running the country today is being done through video conferencing. Even when relatives of people who have died in Corona around the world are being deprived of social services such as attending funerals due to social distance and government regulations, this zoom app meets the demands of seeing loved ones for the last time through e-video conferencing.

Despite its popularity, cyber security researchers have always questioned Zoom's personal privacy and security. Arvind Narayanan, a computer science professor at Princeton University, has called Zoom a 'privacy disaster' and a malware. From hacking users' personal information to screen sharing online, unwanted intrusions and video hijackings have been reported.

Questions have also been raised about how safe it is to use the zoom in cabinet meetings. In addition, the zoom authority accepted it as a PR move for marketing as it could not find the validity of the 'end to end encryption' claim of zoom to protect information from a third party. Despite its limitations, Eric Yuan has promised to redesign the app's security to keep up with the rising popularity of Zoom. He also mentioned that no new features should be introduced before ensuring maximum security for the users.

Other video conferencing apps like Zoom include Google Meet, Skype, Google Hangouts. However, along with Zoom, the Facebook feature called Messenger Room is gaining popularity recently. Where you can open a chat room and invite others to join a video conference. Especially due to the easy availability of Facebook, there is no need for a separate app like Zoom to open the room. The room can be opened through messenger. Even if you don't have a Facebook account, anyone can add to the messenger room. Although its privacy has also been questioned, the messenger room is becoming quite popular on a personal level.

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Another way to run an institutional activity online is through the Google Classroom. Which only applies to educational institutions. Especially in the case of school-college. Assignments, grading tasks can be done easily as Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail are integrated with Google Classroom. Like other apps, this app has been criticized for the privacy of student information.

Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, Instagram Video Call, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Snapchat and many other apps have been gaining popularity for many years for video and audio conferencing. The importance of these has now reached a new level in the time of coronation. The presence of these screens has become as essential as the rest of the necessities of daily life.

There was a time when the use of the words 'quarantine' and 'isolation' was almost non-existent in everyday life. It was a very normal thing in life to open one's nose and mouth and breathe in the open air. Hugging or shaking hands when seen was part of the social norm. Video conferencing was rare in his life, not a daily affair. But we are leaving that life behind and living in another world, in another life. 'Quarantine', 'Isolation', 'Mask', 'Sanitizer' and 'Video Conference' are the most widely used words here.

If you haven't seen your loved one for months, video calls are the only way to bring virtually everyone closer. Due to online classes, dust accumulates on school-college benches in this life. All decisions to run the country are also taken here through video conferencing. Even if you can't live with all the happiness, video conferencing is the only way to attend the funeral to say goodbye to your loved ones with all the sorrows in this life. This life is like a moving life on the screen.

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