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Corona Madness in Rhymes


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Observe This Photo -- It's Like an Illustration of Daily Fear Mongering Done by the Media

Observe This Photo -- It's Like an Illustration of Daily Fear Mongering Done by the Media

Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty.

-- Bertrand Russell


75 years ago a single radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds", about Martians attacking New Jersey, ably performed by Orson Welles, caused a massive public panic.

A question: what could health authorities cause by a prolonged propagation of a virus -- even if HYPOTHETICALLY the virus was of a moderate strength?

Months have been rolling one after another in this insane "human experiment", as some world's health authorities were allegedly announcing a plan back in 2018 to "test the world's readiness for a pandemic". From a strictly scientific viewpoint, it's hard to tell how really dangerous this virus is -- or how amplified is its deadliness by an enormous bombardment of the media's propagation.

Take it for another conspiracy theory, if you wish. But we may never know which of all popular conspiracy theories is the closest to the truth, while that ultimate truth has proven its ability to stay unknown with at least two historical cases -- assassination of J.F. Kennedy and 9/11. So, what is really killing us -- a bug, or a fear of it? Are there too many "baby boomers" posing a burden on governments' budget, along with too many homeless, unproductive, drugged, and otherwise "undesirable elements of societies"? Or is the whole hype created to bring an astronomical profit to producers of vaccines?

Or, is it just what they are saying it is -- a damn pandemic caused by a legit dangerous virus? One way or another, here I go with my satirizing us humans who certainly display enough fear to make possible the idea of a massive stress being the biggest culprit in all of it.

Dark Obsession with a Bug

Dying has never been popular as these days

the main theme on every single TV station

and although people die in other ways

corona dyers deserving all attention.

People in masks keeping virus away

avoiding each other with dark passion

like the Eleventh Commandment to obey

all socializing downsized to weird fashion.

Masses losing immunity due to fear

with media almost in a sadistic trance

all reports persistent in the highest gear

hardly giving anyone a surviving chance.

I am observing this pathetic charade

while nothing out of ordinary is going on

those frail always died and healthy stayed

it's not like the most of us will really be gone.

How little it's taking for us to go nuts

blinded by figures meaning a close call

if not sick of corona we're sick in our guts

not ready to prevail, much more ready to fall.

Each little sniffle scaring shits out of us

likely caused by fear -- nothing organic

but we're conditioned to worry and fuss

wallowing in agony of this crazy panic.

Let Us Scare This Bug Away with Anticipation of Yet Another Blooming Spring in Our Brave Hearts

Let Us Scare This Bug Away with Anticipation of Yet Another Blooming Spring in Our Brave Hearts

Of all liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.

-- Rudyard Kipling

Mind Hijacked by Fear

Many more people die each flu season

than this corona has killed globally so far

but for some crazy and mysterious reason

we couldn't be more concerned than we are.

Getting infected does not mean getting sick

with normal immunity we can host any bug

but our rational thinking is so easy to trick

and all we are praying for is a good drug.

We always need doctors to replace low morale

letting them fix whatever we've messed up

with no brave muscle within our skull

immunity succumbs to any crap.

More people get infected than they know

with no symptoms showing whatsoever

but if we're waiting for them to show

I wouldn't really call it very clever.

For, what we are anticipating is likely to come

dark prophecies have way to be fulfilled

inviting any trouble is pretty dumb

even if we don't end up killed.

Conquering little bug is piece of cake

once that we've conquered our fear

since all crap is of our own make

life missing laughter and cheer.

We're only as strong as we're in our heart

and it is not by praying that bugs go away

but all that we are showing is falling apart

merely listening to what Media has to say.

Come on, folks, no more scenarios of doom

season of everything comes and then goes

and spring will come with yet another bloom

bringing us a daisy and ever enchanting rose.

This is not a time to worry and mope

but to show off the metal of our will

with spirit filled with faith and hope

to look for a fun if not also a thrill.

So let's not watch all alarming news

our immune system will be pleased

as we remove all these crazy blues

away from all dead and deceased.

A very short video possibly telling a lot

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