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Corona-19 and a Self-Protective Aspect of Having Conspiracy Theories


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Obeying Physically -- But Not Mentally

For all those folks who can't wait to get to that "punch line" of a message of such a "controversial" post, here I go telling the central idea of it up front.

We got dragged into this whole medical racket so much that in a process we have learned a medical term or two. Like, "herd immunity" being one, basically saying that after the most of a society got immune, or immunized against a pathogen, the rest automatically "pick up" that immunity from them.

Nice theory, but while it is apparently based upon biology of transferring both, a sickness, but also its antidote -- how about seeing it as a purely psychological effect?

Namely, since immune system is very closely working with nervous system, with no new cases reported people's nervous system relaxes -- resulting with a powerful boost to their immune system.

An "unscientific conspiracy theory"? Let's see what is really to be called "unscientific" these days, when there are some big clashes going on between top authorities over a safety of Astra Zeneca vaccine. Not only doctors, but whole countries, are calling it unsafe and refusing to use it -- so are they also to be called "unscientific conspiracy theorists"?

Now, expanding a little on this phenomenon of the herd immunity, wouldn't it be logical that by not paying much attention to what we hear about covid-19, we would actually give that boost to our immunity?

As long as we are wearing masks, keeping social distances, and following a good personal hygiene routine -- what does it really matter how much we are "believing" in everything we hear coming from the authorities?

Think about it. These days we are seeing the opposite from herd immunity going on -- we see a "herd weakening" with a prolonged stress created by the health authorities via media.

Thus, if I choose to see "something fishy" about the whole thing, I am helping myself by not trusting any of it -- while still obeying the enforced regulations.

After all, what more would the authorities want from me?

Look, this is not the first time where I obey without trusting. These days I am doing my income tax return, and looking at how much taxes I had to pay from my pension, while some rich bastard got away with loopholes in the law -- I don't agree, but I pay.

Likewise, no one can tell me how to feel about this corona crap --as long as I am physically doing what I am expected. For one thing, we had some serious pandemics before -- SARS, swine flu, bird flu, probably others that I don't know about -- and never did we have to wear masks, with schools closed, small businesses disappearing almost overnight, and a general major slow down in economy.

I'll bet you, they have a good explanation for that, but I won't accept it, because at the onset of any of those past and very serious pandemics, it was impossible to tell how fast it would spread, how many people would get infected and die -- but no one cared to prevent it with these current measures of public protection.

Why now, why not then?

So, I am having my doubts, and in the next section I will make them sound like a "conspiracy theory" -- but not entirely "unscientific".

Nevertheless, my thinking that way is sparing me from believing in all the advertised alarming crap -- resulting with a good nourishment of my immunity.

I am 76 years young, and at the beginning of this pandemic, while masks were not yet enforced at public indoors, I was exposing myself to the crowds at busy malls, everywhere, and I didn't get infected.

Or did I? Am I just one of those "asymptomatic" cases? Well, take it the way you wish, but I believe that it's my "chronic" rosy disposition that keeps my immunity strong. And needless to say, I don't really make anything big out of all this pandemic hype.


This Parading With Masks

So, what's this deal with the masks? Those top scientists are telling us that masks are keeping us safe from the virus. Bullshit, I say, and that for the following reasons which shouldn't really be called "unscientific".

First of all, virus doesn't have to sneak into your organism thorough your mouth and nose, it can get in there through your eyes, your ears, those slightly sweating and open pores of your forehead, and your scalp. Yes, scalp too, because if we can get a scalp infection by some other microbe, then corona can sneak in as well.

Those virologists are really not bothering to remind us how sub-microscopic those viruses are, as they can only be identified under an electron microscope -- meaning that they can get into our body over, under, and on the side, of that mask we wear.

Second, as I come home from the outside, I am normally taking my mask off, and who said that viruses are only brought into stores by the people -- I am also people, and now I am bringing virus into my home. It's airborne, right? it's everywhere, so it's probably already waiting for me at home, and now I am only bringing to it some more of its buddies.

And then, looking at another crazy aspect of wearing that mask, those scientists are telling us how we are getting the same amount of oxygen with, as without a mask.

Another bullshit. Go back to school, doc. The sheer truth being that, with a mask in place, we inhale much of what we have exhaled, which includes a lot of CO2 and all those toxins constantly expelled through breathing. After wearing the same mask for some days, smell it.

Besides, it's to a somewhat smaller extent the same like when those panicky individuals are breathing into a paper bag -- it sedates them, with more CO2 than oxygen entering their brain.

So, if it's officially said that "those who, for some medical reasons should not wear mask, are spared from wearing it" -- what else does it tell you but something about its not being safe; however, without such and such medical condition you are O.K. to suffer its bad effects.

Again, whether you want to call it a "conspiracy theory" or not, it may help to minimize the impact of all those suggestive and harmful effects from daily reports hinting at our "constant danger". Hey, whatever that virus may be, if it's as "airborne" as they are saying it is -- most of us already had it and didn't know.


A Conspiracy Theory to Ease the Pressure

Let's face it, folks, stress was already "crowned" as the No.1 killer long before this massive alarmism covered us like a dark cloud threatening with a tornado from month to month by now.

So, it's my "conspiracy theory" that people are falling sick from isolation, loneliness, financial uncertainties, and a disruption of their normal and health-promoting activities. So, even if the virus was not so lethal on its own, many have become its victims by a terribly weakened immunity -- or by any preexisting issue which just turned to its lethal version with help of the virus.

It's beyond me that heath authorities are failing to recognize the impact of what they have created with all this crazy war against a bug which would have already died long ago if people's immunity hadn't been weakened by this incessant fearmongering.

Again, stress kills, and most of the modern diseases are some over 90% caused by nothing but too much cortisol and adrenaline, and hyperactive sympathetic nervous system, and hyperacidity -- all caused by worry, by existential fear, by panic.

Being social beings by nature, and needing that warmth coming from the herd protection -- suddenly we fear each other as a possible source of our disease and death in a constant paranoia.

Should we "hate" the authorities for causing all this? Of course, not. Hate is just a flip side of fear in our survival instinct, so we are not achieving anything by hating.

Instead of hating, why not just refuse to give too much weight to what they are propagating -- while doing what they expect us to do. We have to do it, as simple as that. Remember my example with paying taxes.

Indeed, maybe in some other universe would we have the power to change the taxation laws. Unlike those in higher income bracket who get away with all kinds of tax breaks -- we depend on every dollar for our livelihood, and still have to pay relatively much more than they do.

So, there are things where we simply have to do what we have to do.

But having a conspiracy theory we are fencing ourselves from any of it, by not taking any of that too seriously.

Taking the authorities seriously and obeying their rules -- are two different things. We have to obey, but no one can force us to believe, since even scientists are not in a total agreement over anything -- nature of corona, tests being used, other fancy sounding biological details.

If vaccine certificate doesn't become a must for entering a plane, I won't take a vaccine at all. But if it does, I'll give it a year to prove itself safe, and then I'll take my chances, because I love travelling.

In that meantime, all this parading with the "new cases" doesn't impress me one bit. There are serious scientists like Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist who worked as a professor at medical school -- who clearly advices people to stay away from the media's advertising corona, because it's detrimental to our immunity.

So, at this point we are really in a position of cherry picking about who "sounds more scientific" to us. There is a mountain of evidence out there -- with this covid-19 adventure even adding to it -- that our mind is spread all through our body, and when we are feeling threatened, so does our big toe.

I have done enough -- at least enough for my own orientation -- of this research over the many years, as to believe that a good "conspiracy theory" means an act of reclaiming our mind back from the authorities' grip.

There is something like an individual, and a collective consciousness, and people have generally become oblivious to having their own minds, their own consciousness, own will. Even when they say that they are using their free will, they are just echoing someone else's will.

These situations with pandemics may be one of those where we should make that effort to separate what our intuition is telling us from what we hear on the news.

Then it goes without saying that we have to go pragmatic and obey what the authorities are forcing us to do -- but we can still liberate our minds with a cultivated peace by having a little "conspiracy theory".

Who knows, maybe that alone may save us more than that peace of mind.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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Val Karas (author) from Canada on March 17, 2021:

Devika -- It is not due to people's suspicious nature that they create conspiracy theories -- but because of their general distrust for what they are being fed by authorities. "Once a liar -- always a liar", so we intuitively look for some other possible explanation.

In this case, it's O.K. to accept that there IS a virus -- but in my mind it's not any stronger than flu bug which every year kills those with compromised immune system, whether old or young.

But all this hype with masks, isolation, and daily bombardment by media is counterproductive, and it raises suspicion in me. Why did the numbers of tested positive and dead RISE after people worldwide started wearing masks etc.? Wasn't that enough to order people to wear masks and keep distances?

After all, people die daily in bigger numbers from heart attacks and complications from diabetes, and we don't hear on our TV daily reminders "not to over eat, to stay away from sweets, and do a good stress management" -- with daily fresh numbers of people who have globally died from heart attacks and complications from diabetes.

So, my message here is simple -- do what they tell you to do, but don't scare yourself with what they keep reporting about covid-19.Even in these circumstances, find some joy, some humor, music, some normalcy -- and just wait for the whole crap to be over -- when, for any reason the authorities tell us that it's over.

Thank you for reading, and be well, my friend. Keep smiling, and keep your immune system strong.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 17, 2021:

Hi, this life has made us feel sad, depressed and isolated from anyone and everyone. I obey it but my life has changed a lot. Shopping is a nightmare for me wearing a mask. All these theories I hear of and don't believe is just madness. When I first heard of the COVID-19 I had no idea the world would be affected in such ways. Now job losses, and still good economies in some places. I had to close my tourist business and don't know what to do for myself here. So many theories and accusations about this virus that has caused disrespect and unfriendliness with some of the world issues. You make valuable points here. However, I remain positive, follow protocols, and where I live it is the best place for me.

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