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How to Control Mosquitoes Naturally

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What are some natural strategies for dealing with mosquitos?

What are some natural strategies for dealing with mosquitos?

Natural Ways to Control Mosquitos

In one small US city where I used to live, there was a growing concern about spraying for mosquitoes. A study had been done that showed that many of the handicapped babies born in the town were to parents that happened to live along the canals that were regularity sprayed for mosquitoes. Pressure started to build against the city authorities by concerned parents, teachers, and doctors to stop the spraying.

The last thing I heard before moving was that city leaders were ignoring any evidence and continuing to spray. The best thing to do in that situation is to move away and live farther out in the country where spraying isn’t done and use natural remedies for mosquito prevention.

As West Nile and Zika virus become more rampant, the need for a natural mosquito control grows more urgent. Below are some easy methods to eradicate mosquitoes from your area without harmful sprays.

How to Control Mosquitos Naturally

  1. Remove standing water in any containers in the area. Empty and refill birdbaths every three days. Don’t forget to punch a hole in the bottom of tire swings. Search out these places and where the water can’t be drained or replaced add some cooking oil to the water. The oil prevents the mosquito larvae from getting air at the water surface, and they need air to live.
  2. Fill ponds with mosquito-eating fish. These small, guppy-like fish will keep your pond clear of larvae.
  3. Purchase bat houses to encourage bats in your area. A bat will eat a third of its weight in insects every night, including mosquitoes.
  4. Make a trap for the eggs and larvae. Set several buckets of water outside to entice the mosquitoes to lay their eggs in them. After four days, dump out the water on the yard or ground so the larvae will die, then refill the buckets and repeat this process. Set out several buckets of water because once a bucket gets too crowded, a mosquito may go somewhere else to lay her eggs. For some reason, the mosquitoes seem to like yellow buckets over white. Dark colors may be good, too. A strong note of caution: Don’t do this if you are the type to forget or procrastinate, or the larvae will mature, and then you'll have an even bigger problem. If you forget, you may contribute to someone’s illness by becoming a mosquito hatchery.
  5. Get your neighbors involved with these natural mosquito control methods. The more neighbors doing this, the wider the area that can become mosquito-free.

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Bob Craypoe from New Jersey on June 21, 2017:

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Good tips. With all of the diseases they carry these days, every little effort to control them is worth it.

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