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Continuous Bladder Irrigation - How to

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The purpose of continuous bladder irrigation is to keep the drainage tube open and flowing by continuously washing out sediment, urine, and blood clots from the bladder that might otherwise restrict urine flow, or it can be used to administer medications directly into the bladder. This must only be done with specific doctor's orders.

As with any other procedure, always use aseptic technique.

Instructions for Procedure

1. Assemble equipment.

  • Three way Foley catheter
  • GU irrigation tubing
  • Irrigation bags with appropriate ordered solution

2. Identify you patient with at least two patient identifiers, ie name, birth-date, medical record number, etc. Inform your patient and explain the procedure.

3. If a three way Foley catheter is not already in place, insert this now according to your facility's policy.

4. Don gloves. Spike the irrigation solution bag with one of the spikes on the GU irrigation tubing and prime the tubing. (Let the solution fill the tubing, removing all air.) If a medication is added to the solution, check the label placed by the licensed pharmacist against the doctor's orders to verify right patient, medication, strength, route, and time.

5. Connect the GU irrigation tubing to the irrigation port of the three way catheter.

6. Adjust the flow rate as ordered, or to maintain urine color as ordered by the physician. (CBI is used after a trans-urethral resection of the prostate [TURP] and the irrigation serves to remove blood and clots.)

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7. Assess the CBI a minimum of every two hours and as needed. Check that the irrigation is flowing correctly, that the patient is not bleeding excessively, and that the patient's bladder is not distended. Empty the drainage bag as needed, after proper hand-washing and donning gloves, and apply new irrigation bags as needed. Do not let the irrigation bags run dry.

Calculating Intake and Output

Intake is the amount of irrigation solution allowed into the bladder. Total output is the amount emptied from the collection bag. Urine output is the difference between the two. (Total output - intake = urine output.)

Can You Calculate Urine Output for CBI?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Total irrigation solution = 10,000 ml. Total output = 11,200 ml. What is the total urine output?
    • 120 ml
    • 1200 ml
    • 112 ml
    • 1000 ml

Answer Key

  1. 1200 ml

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